What New Is Coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light?


As Bungie’s incredible space-based FPS franchise Destiny gears up for yet another expansion on November 10, we the players are still trying to work out what exactly is in store for us. Of course, if we didn’t have Covid-19 to contend with, we would have had the expansion over a month ago, but what can you do? We know that several things are making their departure in favor of newer, fresher content, but said content, for the most part, is still a mystery even though we are merely a fortnight from release.

That’s not to say that we know nothing though. In fact, we arguably know more about this update ahead of release than we ever have before. Thanks to interviews with developers, revelations from Bungie employees while on live streams and all other information that is purposely being drip-fed by the developer, we have a pretty good idea of what we are getting into this time around. So we thought it would be a good idea to run through it for you guys. Here is everything we know about Destiny 2 Beyond Light so far.


Firstly, let’s begin with the narrative and the setting for this new expansion. The proceedings will be taking place on the icy moon of Europa, a moon that orbits the planet Jupiter. This planet will play host to a new dark empire that will rise from below the frozen tundra led by none other than Eramis, the Shipstealer. This story will have you fight against this darkness alongside the Exo-stranger, a character not seen since the days of the original Destiny title to correct the timeline and stop a second collapse from occurring. From what we can tell, this expansion promises to have some intense moments, some incredible twists and turns and a surprising amount of fanfare for players of the original game in the series.


As mentioned, this empire below the crust of Europa is a force to be reckoned with thanks to their ability to harness the elemental power of darkness. Thankfully though, you the player will also have the ability to get your hands dirty with this new power. The darkness will offer a brand new customization tree which promises to be much more comprehensive than the other elemental powers present at the moment. This power will be known as Stasis and promises to have a bone-chilling effect on all those who have the misfortune of coming into contact with it.

We actually had some insight as to how this power would look in action. In a recent interview with streamer Dr Lupo, less director for this project Luke Smith revealed that this power would have a sort of ‘Freeze and shatter effect” while also confirming that the elemental power’s skill tree would offer much more variety, meaning player stuck in a playstyle for the past few years may finally have a viable option to change things up and make the grind a little less taxing and a lot more fun.


Sure we all love the story, the characters, the rich lore and the gameplay of Destiny 2. However, few would argue that the most important aspect of this game is the loot. There are few better feelings than getting an ultra-rare drop or picking up a new exotic item for your collection. So you’ll be glad to know that a whole new batch of items is set to come with the new expansion. Admittedly, there hasn’t been too much confirmation of items from Bungie as of yet, but we do know a few things.

Firstly, we know that if players purchase the Deluxe Edition of this game or higher value editions, they will receive ‘No Time To Explain’. This is an exotic grade returning pulse rifle that looks like it can do some real damage.

Then, in addition to this, we have also received confirmation from Luke Smith once again, that Hawkmoon, the weapon with unpredictable damage output values from the Original Destiny title, is set to return. However, he also said that Hawkmoon will not be the same gun that caused much frustration back then. The ‘Luck in the Chamber’ effect will be changed to offer a new type of effect for players wielding this weapon. It is yet to be seen if this weapon will provide the same unreliable yet potentially life-saving firepower as before, but we reckon it will still be worth grabbing for your collection.


This new expansion for Destiny 2 promises not only to offer brand new quests, strikes, raids and narrative. It also aims to offer a lot of fanfare for the players who loved the original title as well. This nostalgic fanfare comes through the inclusion of the DCV or Destiny Content Vault. This vault is where all retired content goes when the time comes for a new asset to take center stage. However, thanks to the vault, nothing is ever truly gone from the series, but rather on hiatus. You can check out our full DCV breakdown here (Raids, Exotics & Catalysts), here (Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons) and here.

This is exemplified by the return of two much-loved locations in the upcoming expansion. The old Russian Cosmodrome on planet Earth will be coming out of the vault much to the joy of long time players of the series. Plus, we will also be heading back to Venus as the Vault of Glass raid is making its way back on the scene. It’s an exciting change that will appeal to all those players missing their favorite maps and missions from before Destiny 2.

Then speaking of raids, the Beyond Light expansion will be bringing its own exciting raid to the series in the form of The Deep Stone Crypt. This raid will see you travel well below the frozen exterior of Europa and into the heart of Jupiter’s moon in search of the dark perils that lay within. We can only assume we will find some less than friendly inhabitants, a giant ultra looking to spoil your fun and a whole batch of loot waiting for you to put your name on it.


Another notable inclusion coming with the new expansion is the dynamic weather system. While some areas in the past would have rain, clear skies or overcast environments, Europa will have a naturally changing landscape with a variety of weather patterns depending on your location and the time of day. When you visit the icy moon, you’ll be tested with blustering snowstorms adding to the hostile feeling of the area, plus, offering a visual effect that may require a thermal scope to fight effectively.

While this may seem like it could have a massive effect on how you play, Bungie has stated that this weather system will not bring drastic changes to the overall gameplay, with most changes being purely cosmetic. Nonetheless, the change is a welcome one and really promises to add to the level of immersion that the player will feel.

So that’s everything we know that is coming to Destiny 2 thanks to the Beyond Light update. What do you think about the new offerings? What else are you hoping to see when this releases on the 10th of November? Are you excited to see what Europa has to offer?

Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you need to get your character ready for the upcoming action be sure to let our professional players help you get up to speed. Check out our offers on our website and be prepared for Beyond Light!

Thank you for reading Legionfarm and stay tuned for more Destiny 2 news!

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