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Escape from Tarkov released a secretly awesome patch

The latest patch, even though without a wipe, brought a lot of new stuff. So without further ado, let's dive straight into it. First off, Compass has been added to the game. To buy it, you need to go to Yeager level 1. It's going to cost you 164,185 rubles. When you're in a raid, all you have to do is press the U key, and the Compass will be brought up. If you left-click on your gun to shoot, it'll quickly put the Compass away and then take a shot. It's about a second-long delay, or you could right-click, which will put the Compass away, and you'll go in ADS. It's an excellent addition, especially for squads, and most people will end up using it for navigation by making good use of the azimuth info.

And now, let's move on to other Escape from Tarkov patch notes. There are two new Escape from Tarkov skills and the recently-activated one that's kind of been in the game this whole time. Hideout management skill that decreases the amount of juice from fuel and generator and increases bonuses from things like the air filter is now officially in the game. A skill that increases the item crafting speed in your home base has been added. It's a very simple-to-understand skill. Every time you craft an item, the level up goes by about 2-2.5 skill points depending on the item. The final new skill, Prone Movement, presumably reduces the volume of sounds your character makes when they move prone. Those of you new players wondering how to play Escape from Tarkov like a pro ā€“ your task just got way more complicated. As if it wasn't complicated enough already. Although there's a little thing called EFT lfg, but we'll talk about it later.


Tarkov has undertaken a lot of maintenance

Heavy bleeds are now in the game, and they are pretty straightforward. If you have a light bleed, you'll lose health at a slower rate, but with the heavy bleed, you will lose it faster. Of course, the only way to see it working is to test it on your enemies (or friends). It is somewhat a unique feeling knowing that your opponent died from wounds inflicted by you. It's one thing when your target dies after you shot them and a totally different thing when your target had to struggle, feeding on the false sense of hope that they will make it. Wow, that took a dark turn. Anyway, two new meds are being added to the game. One is a single-use tourniquet, and the other is a three-use tourniquet available at levels 1 and 3 of the Therapist. Otherwise, you can use Salewas and Grizzlys that will heal the heavy bleeds, but they will take 90 of their capacity. Heavy bleeding also leaves a blood trail.

Two new helmets were added to the game, one being the ballistic Galvion Calman with four slots. It's a class 4 headgear with a detachable face shield, the chin protector, and even the top plate. So you can actually turn the whole thing into a mask if you really want to. Then there's also the black Altyn helmet variant that is slightly better than its green counterpart. The new armor is called Korund, and it is a class 5 body armor with 45 durability, and it works very well! The only problem with it is when it gets damaged. Even when just nicked, it loses a lot of durability. But when you do repair it, it's restored to almost its original durability cap. These items can be tested on the Escape from Tarkov customs map either offline or online if you're feeling lucky. See how it's going to improve your EFT stats and let's move on to other Escape from Tarkov news.


Tarkov patch notes are endless

There are three new backpacks, but we wonā€™t be giving you the complete info about them. Basically, there are two military-grade ones with somewhat interesting cell compositions, and there's one civil grade tourist backpack. But do you know what else you can bring to the Customs map Tarkov released first? There are three new guns! Firstly, there's the RFB Rifle ā€“ a semi-automatic MDR with a bull-pup mechanism. It sounds amazing! It's a heap of fun to use. You can put specific suppressors and muzzles on it and make it sound even more beastly. Secondly, we have the KS-23 Shotgun, the low level firearm. Its ammo sells very quickly (wonder why?). The gun itself isn't expensive, but it does pack a punch. You just hit people in the thorax and pretty much destroy them ā€“ something you can learn how to do through EFT coaching. There are also very cool flash slugs for this shottie. When you shoot them, it just kind of lights up the screen. It doesn't do any damage because no projectile comes out of the barrel, so you can't shoot anyone with it. Thirdly, the new M45A1 Pistol, which can only be found in the raid at the moment, not specifically on the EFT customs map.

As for mods, there is actually a hip of them added, and it's kind of pointless going over all of them. The only mod that stands out in that list, though, is the Vepr Hunter suppressor that is on trade. New streamer items have been added, among other new equipment, which is now also required for the Collector quest from Ragman for the Kappa container. There is new clothing from USEC and Bear. And we know you've been waiting for this for a long time, probably since the game first came out. They finally added drinkable kvass called (and we're not trolling you) "Norvinskiy Yadreniy." It restores energy by +15 and hydration by +65. Just like in real life!


This is the best time to play EFT

It's about time we got to the QoL changes, which is where this patch has gone through the roof with being as epic as it is. Let's talk about the mag loading. Suppose you have a mag in your rig or backpack or whatever, and you want to load that mag with ammunition before you go out. In that case, you can now literally right-click on it, select the "load mag" option, and it will grab any spare ammo you have in your stash whether you keep it in the ammo box or somewhere in the rig and load it. Plus, you get to choose what kind of ammo you want to load your mag with. The new sorting feature is there, but it's still a bit buggy, so as useful as it might be, use it at your own risk. There's now real-time added information when you modify a gun. So, say when you modify an AK by putting a suppressor on or off it, you will actually see how much recoil is reduced or added in the info section on the bottom left of the screen.

In a raid, there are situations where you need to drop your backpack. Now you can do so simply by double-tapping Z (by default) and do a quick throwing backpack animation. Also, you can no longer heal and reload your mag at the same time. It was hardly an exploit, but you should be able to do these actions simultaneously, and now you can't. Another QoL change is when you're dragging an item, it now highlights a container where you can put this very item. All these little things are going to speed up the time you spend in the lobby managing your crap, working on Optimization. When you leave the game, if your generator is on, you will get a prompt asking if you want to turn it off before leaving or if you want it to keep working while you're not in the game. Another very cool QoL change is when you go into the squad screen with your teammates, you will now see them in the lobby. All 5 of them will fit in there, allowing you to examine what each of your teammates is wearing, what kind of gear they're bringing, and all that. Also, you can transfer leadership or kick people from your squad.

When you're getting shot or taking any other kind of damage, now the body parts UI appears on the screen's top-left corner. It's the same UI element you see when you open the inventory to heal. It only appears to show the changes to the body parts and disappears shortly after that, so it doesn't stay on the screen forever. Moreover, when your mag is empty, and you don't have another one, pressing R to reload will cause your char to take off that empty mag off your gun. Pressing R after that will cause your char to chamber a single round into the weapon, provided you still have ammo on you.

Additionally, you can now hit Ctrl+R, which will make your char take out the round from the chamber. We're not sure about its practical uses, but this action always has this sick animation for each of the guns in the game. On top of that, there are new Voices of bosses, or rather new voice lines. And that is not even all that's been changed or added in this patch. There are still some minor points that we didn't go over, but we already have quite an extensive overview. Which means this is the time to mention what Legionfarm can offer you in this game.

We know that EFT is a challenging game in which you die a lot, and you lose the things you own with each death. This is why we're offering you our EFT play with pro service that will allow you to get better at the game and learn to not only survive but also bring back a hefty reward to your base. This Play with Pro service available at legionfarm.com could be the very thing you needed all this time. Especially now, when we're getting closer to the holiday seasons when you can expect a lot of discounts, this is the best time to try it out.

That's all from us, keep your generators running, and we'll see you out there!

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