What Does the Future Hold for Destiny 2?


The year is over, so now is the best time to discuss future changes and updates. What will the next season in D2 look like? Will there be any major changes? All of that, as well as many other questions, is going to be discussed in our blog today. Enjoy more details on Season 13 and the future of Destiny 2 right here!

Destiny 2: All Theories, Guesses, and Confirmed Announcements Are Here

The end of a year is a perfect time to discuss all the Destiny 2 news and try to guess what will happen next. This year held many ups and downs that devs had to go through. We finally received a new expansion that turned out to be a bit different from what we expected, as well as a few significant updates and comebacks. 2020, no doubt, was a year of big changes.

As much as we liked and hated 2020, it’s come to an end, and now, we should start thinking about what’s going to happen next. How will Destiny 2 classes change? Is there going to be another Destiny 2 DLC? When will Season 13 be out? All of these questions keep popping out, so now is the time to answer at least some of them, and that’s what we’re going to do in our blog today.

How Many Things Are Going to Change after Beyond Light?

We wouldn’t call Beyond Light a massive screw-up; however, this is what many players believe it is. This new expansion brought many new challenges, locations, and a good story, along with some bad decisions Bungie made regarding old content.

In the next few years, things are going to go in a different direction. Bungie announced many updates, and this is a good sign meaning that the devs are working hard to provide players with the gaming experience they deserve. This is a great time to remember why we love Destiny 2: it’s always been a game created for players who value quality over quantity. And even though Beyond Light was not a 100% success, it still resulted in many positive changes.

So what can we say for sure right now? After Beyond Light, a lot of content will either come back or be gone for good. What devs decided to do is to make sure that every season brings new emotions, fresh Destiny 2 Exotics, and engaging gameplay that would appeal to all players. Something great is coming to the game, and we are all here for it!


The Freshest Destiny 2 News on the New Content in 2021

Year 4 in D2 has given us tons of new content like Stasis and Europa and taken some of the old stuff away. What should we wait for in the next seasons? How will the Destiny 2 roadmap change? This is all the information we’ve got so far:

New Nightfall-only, Exotic Kiosk, and playlist weapons

Different playlists and Nightfall challenges that often require Destiny 2 max Light levelare definitely missing a couple of fresh rewards. It won’t be this way for much longer: in the next seasons, all these activities will be updated and receive many new Legendary and Exotic weapons and other rewards.

Such Destiny 2 best weapons as Whisper of the Worm, Felwinter’s Lie, and Outbreak Perfected will now be a part of Exotic Kiosk, and a few new guns (as well as the old ones like the Palindrome) will be added to the loot pool of the Grandmaster Nightfall challenge.

Vault of Glass in coming in 2021

Vault of Glass is something veterans should remember—this is the raid that used to be a treasure trove of great perks, Destiny 2 meta guns, and other goodies that were easy to get but couldn’t be found anywhere else. The raid is likely to come back to the game, but we still don’t know when it will happen.

Transmog is confirmed

Now, you will be able to customize your armor in any way you want. Destiny 2 transmog is another feature that the game lacked, and it is finally going to be introduced to D2.

Season 13 will bring a lot of new content

Tons of fresh stuff, actually. First of all, we are getting two Cosmodromes strikes, which is already a lot since D2 never got more than one strike per season. Moreover, many new exotics will become available for farming in the Lost sectors. And the cherry on top is cross-save and crossplay that will be coming to D2 in the next season.

The next season is a beacon of hope for many players who are waiting for better gameplay and a richer loot pool to come. Still, you should remember that you are often the one who’ll make the change, so instead of just quietly waiting for it to happen, share your feedback, work on your playstyle, and encourage others to do the same! And if you wonder what kind of ways there are to become a stronger player, we’ve got a few recommendations for you.


Do You Need to Use Destiny 2 LFG Services to Find a Team?

This is a good question for 2021. Do you need a team for playing Destiny 2 or solo queuing is a better option? Let’s talk about that real quick.

Destiny 2 is a place for everyone, no matter what kind of player you are. There are tons of activities that you can do either on your own or with your friends. If you enjoy this kind of experience, that’s completely fine. But if you are a player who is willing to get to higher ranks and take part in the most complicated activities, you should consider assembling your own Fireteam.

There are many reasons why this is so important, so we are going to cover only a couple of them today. Having your own team is always a guarantee that your teammates will hear you out and understand your decisions. Every time you go into a battle, you know what you need to do and how. That’s not what’s going to happen if you do it solo.

You should keep in mind the countless opportunities that will be offered to you after you assemble your Fireteam. This means you will get to experience such activities as Leviathan Raid, Crucible matches, as well as many others, to the full extent. Isn’t it what an ambitious player like you wants?

Okay, we’ve figured out why you need a Fireteam. What should you do if you still don’t have it? That’s not a problem since LFG services will help you find a squad that would be just a perfect match for you. So if you still haven’t done that, this will be your homework for Destiny 2 next season!


Beat Those Destiny 2 Raids with Our Pros By Your Side

Finding a good team is not the only thing you have to take into consideration. Many other tasks should be taken care of before the next season, and you better do that now.

Legionfarm is one of the places where you can find the right assistance with your tasks. Our coaching & carry services work with players of all levels whose main goal is to simply become better at Destiny 2.

After a few Play with a Pro sessions, you will feel how your skills have drastically improved and changed. Getting those Destiny 2 rewards and exotics won’t seem like a complicated task anymore. Instead, you will learn how to take on any challenge in Destiny 2 while performing well in both PvP and PvE arenas.

While Destiny 2 carry services may not be the perfect solution for everyone, coaching services are one of the most effective ways to farm those rewards and beat those strikes while exploring the world of Destiny 2 from a different perspective. This is why everyone could benefit from Legionfarm Destiny 2 services: we will provide you with personalized training during which you’ll gain all the important skills and knowledge that will let you roam around Europa and other locations knowing that there are no unbeatable obstacles left for you to handle.

Visit us here at legionfarm.com to find out more about our services and offers. Join Legionfarm today to start your journey to success without the slightest hesitation!

So, Guardians, do you enjoy Year 4 in Destiny 2? What have you learned and completed in 2020? Tell us about your experience with Destiny 2 and Beyond Light in the comments, and check out our next guides on D2 next week. Stay safe, and see you all soon!

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