What does Apex Legends Season 4 hold for us?


Apex Legends Season 4 is finally here

Hey there, Apex fans! How’s it going, huh? We’ve waited a really long time for a new season to be released, and now, ladies and gents, this torture of waiting has finally come to its end. Meet the fourth chapter of our favorite game – Assimilation. As is usually the case, S4 is bursting at the seams with newly-added features. Here in this article, your humble friends from Legionfarm will dwell on all those Apex Legends news and bring you up to speed on everything regarding the newly-released content. What have we got here, pals? We’ve got a truckload of goodies: a new hero, new weapons, new customization options, lots of extra additions, and, of course, an exclusive Apex Legends battle pass.

Are you ready to explore the newest season? Let’s not dawdle around then, we’d better buckle up and go.


Apex Legends Assimilation and what it brings us

What is a season without a new Legend? The Apex Legends new character is massively hyped – not without a reason, though. Some see him as hugely overpowered, others can’t wait to test him in action. For what it’s worth, meet Revenant – a synthetic nightmare, as he’s repeatedly called in the game. Once a human, now Revenant is a cold-blooded killer who knows no remorse and seeks revenge on those who turned him into a soulless abomination. The discussion about how to play Revenant is worth a standalone article, but we’ll try to cut it short and give you only the essential basics.

So, what makes our new Legend so dangerous?

Some players are already convinced that Revenant is quite imbalanced due to his outstanding abilities. One more argument in favor of this opinion is the “Low Profile” talent that characterized the strongest and, in some way, the most OP heroes in Apex. This talent is inherent in small and agile Legends. Hitting them is not a piece of cake, and that’s why they take a bit more (+5%) damage than other heroes. Whether or not it can be considered imbalanced is a really good question, but nevertheless, Revenant has other impressive talents which we’re about to dwell upon.

A cybernetic killing machine, Revenant possesses a very useful Stalker ability. It enables him to move faster while crouched and also climb up the walls relatively higher than other characters. His tactical prowess and primacy are reflected in a so-called Silence talent – he can throw a special device that deals 10 damage and blocks the enemy’s abilities for 10 sec. Having been killed and revived dozens of times, Revenant can be called a true master of death and it shows in his Ultimate. He can summon a dark totem protecting him and all the allies from being killed or knocked out. The totem can be destroyed by the enemy, so it’s better to keep an eye on it. Moreover, it has a limited range: if you move out of this range, the immunity from death ceases to have its effect, so if you’re killed or knocked out, you will no longer respawn in front of the totem. Luckily, this range is marked by a special blue line, so it’s kinda hard to miss.

As for Season 4 Rewards in Apex Legends, the new Battle Pass is a key source. We are promised a set of legendary items never seen before and more features to personalize your experience to the fullest. Besides a solid addition to your collection of legendary weapons and skins, we’ve got a plethora of new music, banner, loading screen, skydive emote options – all in all, over a hundred of exclusive additions. This luxury is more than affordable and costs only 950 coins in the in-game currency that can be purchased by 10 bucks (around 8 pounds).


Other Apex Legends Patch notes worth mentioning

We’ve got a new badass Legend, but what is a season without a new thing to shoot from? Meet the Sentinel – Apex Legends new sniper gun that’s definitely making its way to the meta. A four rounds mag, around 60 body dmg and 130 head dmg. It’s not a fast-firing gun for sure, but if you manage to land your shot, it’ll definitely hurt your target as hell. One more Sentinel’s distinctive feature is the ability to become “charged” by consuming Shield Batteries. Once charged, it enters a so-called armor-piercing state and is capable of taking down any armor your enemy has with a hundred dmg points to the standard shield. Moreover, Sentinel is a high-velocity gun. It means its bullets reach the target faster which makes long-range shooting a lot easier.

As for the main and the most noticeable parts of the added content, that’s pretty much all, but of course, the changes don’t stop here. That’s why we’ve come up with a short Apex Legends guide on other things that have made their way to S4.

  • The map. Yes, the map’s undergone some changes. The Fuel Depot location has been replaced by the Planet Harvester – a massive construction with a long net of narrow rooms and corridors and a huge scary-looking lava rift underneath. Good news – if you happen to fall into that rift, you’re not gonna die. You’ll end up simply damaged a bit and thrown back out by the airflow. The rift, by the way, can be found not only in the Harvester. It’s made its way to the Capitol City, which, in turn, has lost a few of its own locations. However, a new one has been added – the Survey Camp where you can locate guaranteed weapons.
  • Ranked mode. By the looks of it, the ranked mode has been split up into two phases. The first one takes place on the World’s Edge map from February, 4 to March, 23. The other phase starts the next day, on March, 24, and is held on the legendary location from Season 1 – Kings Canyon.
  • Tiers. There’s a new tier for you to work for but actually, it’s new in name only. Technically, it’s the same old 10,000 RP but now it goes by the name of Master. The Predator tier is not going anywhere, it’s simply being moved a bit forward, so to say, and now granted only to top 500 Apex players.

Among other noticeable moments, we can point out a bunch of balance and bug fix-ups, the removal of some items, and weapon class changes.

Some of the changes will take time to get used to but all in all, Season 4 is shaping up to be pretty cool. To enjoy it even more, we are happy to offer you our exclusive Apex Legends Play like a Pro service. For more details on how it works, read the passage below.


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Season 4 is already here, so let’s get the party started!

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