Weapon Changes in Beyond Light: What Should We Be Ready For?


What’s Happening Now in Destiny 2?

Greetings to every Guardian who is reading this article! Have you already heard the news? Destiny 2 is not only about to get a massive expansion but is also preparing something big for you in terms of weapons. Today, we will talk about all the recently-announced changes and updates as well as how they can influence your gaming experience. And if you wonder how to get Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, we’ve got a few details about the Destiny 2 LFG and coaching services that might help you achieve not just the goals you’ve set for yourself but many more unimaginable things as well. Are you eager to dive into those weapon changes and find out what you can achieve with Destiny 2 weapons carry services and coaching? Well, then let’s get started on our guide!


How Did Destiny 2 Weapons Change?

Just in a few weeks, we will be finally exploring Europa and everything it has prepared for us. To be ready for that, you will need to gear up and make sure you’ve got yourself Destiny 2 best weapons. And with all these changes made during the last week, it might not be so easy to do that. Let’s figure out what we’re looking at, so it would be easier for us to choose the best loadout to play with:

Hand cannons

Oh boy, there is just too much to talk about! Let's start with aggressive hand cannons. After the massive update, players got a chance to use a custom tuning stats feature.

A few Lightweight hand cannons got a whole revamp (these include Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl) and were moved to the Adaptive category. Precision hand cannons got a magazine that is scaled up by 37%. This affects their rate of fire, but the damage will stay the same.

Auto rifles

The Adaptive archetype got buffed, and now it deals less damage (14.25). Other Auto archetypes might be changed a little as well but later.

Scout rifles

Scouts are now easier to use and can be a good choice for more players. AA (Aim Assist) is 15% wider after the update, and in general, everyone using scouts can easily adjust them without making the rifle dominant.

This was only a review of all the biggest changes, but trust us, there is a lot more. If you want to start playing like a pro with those guns, you’ll need to check out some Destiny 2 carry offers. And now, let’s get into the second part of our discussion and take a look at power weapons and their updates.


Destiny 2 Power Weapons Updates

One thing that distinguishes power weapons from other Destiny 2 best PvP weapons is the rare ammo that these guns can fire. Because of that, power weapons can deal the highest damage in Destiny 2. No wonder why they are always the first in line to get an update: there is always a lot of work required to make each gun from this category close to being perfect. Here is a quick overview of the major changes made to this class:

Sniper rifles

The AA has been altered to make all sniper rifles a little less easy to use. Because of that, lower-zoom scopes will get a bigger reduction in the AA cone angle, while the higher-zoom scones are going to have a minor boost.

Rocket launchers

Since reserves are very low in the game, it’s soon going to change. This time, the reserves were increased by 1-2 rockets, and the situation might get better during the next season.

To find more details on all the changes, especially if you are looking for more info on a particular weapon, visit Bungie’s site to read about all the updates on the arsenal, including Destiny 2 exotic weapons. But if you want to learn more about Destiny 2 exotics and their current and newly-added features, we’ve got an idea for you on how you can do that. Let’s talk more about that in the next passage.


How to Unlock All the Best Weapons in Destiny 2?

Everybody wants to collect all the best Destiny 2 exotics, but the truth is that it is not something everyone will do. But we are 100% sure that you belong to the category of players who can conquer any heights. Where there is the will, there is a way, right? And with our assistance, you will be able to prove that to anyone, including yourself.

Let’s get back to our questions: how can a Destiny 2 play with Pro service help you unlock all these weapons? Legionfarm is a place where all players can find solutions to all kinds of problems, including the matter of unlocking a variety of weapons. If you always wanted to level up, learn to play with all subclasses and gear up like an ace, our specialists know how to help.

Here at legionfarm.com, we don’t chase incredible stats in the Destiny 2 tracker that will vanish in a few days. With our play with Pro service, all players, no matter the level, will finally learn all the best strategies and tactics that will later provide them with the nicest gear and the most powerful weapons. And with the launch of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, this knowledge will be useful more than ever. Join us now, and soon, you will be truly astounded by the results!

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