Update on the Warzone’s Sneaky New Season


Haven’t we waited long enough already? The devs even took away the old battle pass, leaving us with nothing but promises. If you want to know exactly what to expect from the next big thing in Warzone, then this is the article for you! Let’s talk about everything that’s coming to the game sooner than we think.

Not Much Time Left to Wait For the Next Big Thing in Warzone

How’s everybody doing today? Welcome back to the brand-new blog post. Today we’ll be jumping into what’s going to happen in Season 7 of Warzone. We’ll be going over some DLC maps, Call of Duty weapons, and other stuff that will be added to the game soon. You see, we have a plethora of content to go over. This isn’t the kind of piece where we tell you how to win Warzone matches; it’s not a guide. However, if you’re looking for something like this, you still might find some helpful info to use to your advantage next time you’ll dive off that plane.

So guys, let’s not dawdle around and get right into it!

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch the game is that the Season Pass is gone. Literally, we’re kind of in a lull in terms of content to unlock here. That’s all because we’re getting this new integration with Cold War coming up on December 16. With that said, right now, there aren’t even any timed challenges to go over. When all Warzone bunker locations have been visited dozens of times, the Warzone game might feel stale. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about it as of now. This is just how it’s supposed to be. But whatever’s coming is going to be worth the wait, that’s for sure! The prerequisites for it were laid down in the patch dated December 8, and we’re gonna dive into the details in a sec.


Call of Duty Warzone Had a Pre-Patch, And It’s Enormous!

That patch was massive. It provided some quality of life updates that will help us pass into the Warzone integration, which, of course, very much impacts Modern Warfare as well. Those of you unaware should know that the ranking system is going to change quite a bit. For those that just play the MP component of Modern Warfare, the ranking will change to simulate the one from Warzone and Cold War. So, every single thing you do will be 100% integrated with all three CoD games. Meaning, no matter what you play, your rank will be the same.

For Legionfarm Warzone is one of the most popular games where our services are in increased demand. By providing high-quality Warzone coaching, we have managed to help many gamers improve their win rate a great deal. Where we’re getting at with this is that if you prefer the battle royale out of these three titles, it’ll still be easy for you to rank up in other games too. So, you aren’t missing out on anything. You won’t ever be behind in any of those three CoD parts. So, while you play with pros in BR, your rank keeps going up on MW and Cold War as well!

You unlock bunkers in Warzone, get your XP for that, which means you also get XP for the other two games. It’s nice to progress in three different games by playing just one, isn’t it? You just grab the current best Warzone loadout, go out there and earn your XP! It’s that simple. Or at least it will be once your progression bars in Warzone CoD and the others are merged.


Galvanizing Stuff Coming to Call of Duty

We all realize that as good as the merging thing might sound, we’re all more excited about the actual content for the new season. While we’re still waiting for the trailer to drop, all we can do is look at whatever has been datamined. With that in mind, let’s take a glance at what DLC weapons will be coming to us in the next season.

We have at least two guns right now that are actually in the game’s files. The first is the Scorpion SMG. It’s a high fire rate gun that has all the potential to become one of the new best weapons in Warzone. For the second one, it looks like we’re getting a new LMG. We don’t exactly know the name for it, and there’s not too much gameplay of it found on the Internet, but we’ll keep looking and let you guys know as soon as we find out, so stay tuned.

To other Call of Duty news, the devs kind of confirmed Soap Mctavish to be the next new operator. Whether or not there’s going to be more operators, we don’t know. What we do know is that they’re adding quite a lot of new maps! It’s super exciting to see actual plans for updating the game throughout the entirety of the following year. One of the maps that we do have in the game files is apparently a new Gunfight map called Kill House. Now, many of us, of course, are eager to know if there’s going to be a new map for Warzone Call of Duty. But for now, we can’t confirm nor deny the information about that.


The New Era Is Coming To CoD Warzone

There are also leaks about the new Airbase map for Modern Warfare. Overall, the MW maps haven’t been all that bad so far. Frankly, the biggest part of in-game locations is very welcomed. There’s actually been some chatter about around 19 more Modern Warfare maps ready to drop. We can’t say for sure, but it looks like they all already have names and a couple of details released, so 2021 is shaping up to be a good year for CoD fans. And don’t think that the Gunfight is receiving only one new map. Hell no, there are like a dozen titles for this mode’s new locations. Probably not all of them will come out in 2021, but at least we know they’re in the works!

With all of that exciting news, how can we be patient enough to wait for December 16? The history around CoD Warzone bunker locations is tightly connected to the recently released game. However, now we’re way past the hidden messages and secrets, as the long-awaited merge of the two games is finally happening. For us, it means a lot more content and a lot more fun. See for yourself – with the new weapons, we’ll be definitely grinding out for the Damascus camo for each of the newly arrived. Camo challenges are a love/hate thing for most of us, but thanks to our impeccable Warzone carry service, you can get that out of your way pretty fast. What else? Your level will be one and the same for all games, which is excellent! Maybe you’ll even be able to use the same loadout in different games. Who knows? Wouldn’t that be cool? What’s more, Warzone Realism battle royale may be coming back too. Let’s just wait and see; there’s not that much time left anyway. For now, we can just offer you our professional service called “Play with Pro,” from Legionfarm.com where, as the name suggests, you can hire a top-tier player to have some jolly time in the game.

We hope this article got you more excited for the upcoming big event that will span across two franchises. Now, tell us, what do you want the most out of that event? Use the comment section down below to leave your thoughts. Stay strong guys, it’s not long until the big date. We’ll see you in the new era soon!

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