Understanding CoD’s New League Mode


A new competitive mode has been released for Cold War, with strict rules and a commitment to competitive integrity. Despite the competitive design of the mode, good hardcore gameplay, and an intricate ranking system with many divisions, it’s getting a mixed review from pros. Read more about it here!

An Intro to Call of Duty League Play

Many titles are receiving big updates this month, and Call of Duty Cold War is joining the pack with the introduction of CoD Cold War League Play. In LP, you’ll play 4v4 comp matches just like esports athletes do. If you want to know how to get better at Call of Duty, in order to do well and earn the rewards that come with victory, you’re in the right place. We’ve asked our Legionfarm PROs to help us make sense of the latest Call of Duty update and share some of their best CoD Cold War tips so you can perform their best in the new CoD title. First, let’s get into how LP works.


Call of Duty Cold War LP Loadouts

If you haven’t seen CoD pro matches before, then some rules may come as a shock to you. Some of the best guns in Call of Duty will be banned from your loadouts. Because, let’s face it, the typical CoD game is far from balanced, but they’re a lot of fun. For a better experience, some of the weapons, attachments, and perks that forsake skill in place of fun are gone, in hopes of distilling League matches into a purely tactical competitive gameplay experience.

So, what’s allowed? What’s banned? What do the pros at your favorite source for Call of Duty news and carry services think? Well, all machine guns and Tac Rifles are removed, as well as all shotties and launchers. Laser sighting aids and dual-wielding are also removed, as well as stimshots and decoys. All suppressors are also removed, meaning radar lights up like a Christmas tree whenever a firefight gets underway. This means that you’ll likely be packing an assault rifle, SMG, or sniper rifle into battle if you want to be competitive over a variety of engagement ranges. And trust us, with these game modes, range can be important.

The best ARs in the mode at the moment are the AK-47, XM4, and the KRIG-6. The Tundra is the best sniper by far, and the AK74u is the only SMG seeing play, so don’t pack anything else. For secondaries, the 1911 has good damage and precision and the Diamatti’s three-round burst can easily finish off a foe in CQB.

What about the rest of your kit? Semtex is by far the best lethal now, due its quick detonation time. Smokes currently act almost like a one-way smoke, disabling your opponents’ aim assist, but your sticky targeting is still effective. Stuns and flashes are seeing play, too, for quick kills; these are even more effective in modes without respawns.

On the Field Upgrade and scorestreak front, Gearhead and Trophy System are currently the most valued among our PROs. This is a vital combination to hold hardpoints and keep you from getting wrecked by enemy explosives. Ninja is also great to have a silent flanker on the team.

What’s our PRO verdict? CoD Black Ops Cold War gameplay is not in prime shape, but the LP matches themselves are fun and fast-paced. While, for our money, Modern Warfare 2019 is still the prime CoD multiplayer experience, we’re having a good time in LP and hope that our advice on the best CoD loadouts helps you perform well in the ladder.


How CoD Black Ops Cold War LP Ranking Works

So, now you know all about Cold War guns in LP. How do the leagues themselves actually work? Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of confusion about that. The released information and the ranking results experienced by real players and pros don’t seem to align, leaving many questions unanswered as to exactly how Treyarch’s algorithm works. With many pro players not even making it into the top brackets, it seems like playtime—not actual skill—is one of the biggest factors in making it to the top of the Call of Duty tier list for LP.

LP is separated into multiple rankings, ranging from Competitors to Masters, in the bottom 50% and top 2% of players, respectively. You get into these ranks after playing five placement matches. After that, you can level up your rankings by performing well in the weekday and weekend League Events. Win as many matches as you can to climb the ladder and outperform the other players in your league. Reaching top positions in your league will level you up from bronze to diamond rankings within and earn you medals and callings cards as rewards.

As of now, it doesn’t seem like there is any way to make it out of the division you’re placed in, nor any other rewards for performing well, but Treyarch has made it clear that the mode is still being tweaked and they’re open to constructive community feedback.


Does Black Ops Cold War LP Have a Future?

So, now that we’ve had a rundown of the mode and its features, does LP have a future? Is this a chance for the CoD esports scene to grow, now that esports has become such a large entertainment medium?

Well, Treyarch’s interactions with the community and their commitment to the series are very promising. However, they also need to be given free rein to develop these modes and ranking systems in ways that are easy to comprehend, not just for players, but also for viewers. As it stands now, most other competitive games have simple elo ladder systems, where your number goes up or down based on wins or losses, and maybe you get new shiny badges alongside your username along the way. There’s no need for cryptic algorithms deciding placement, short of maybe using playtime as a way to weed out smurfs and cheaters in the upper brackets, but user authentication and giving the anti-cheat systems some teeth would do a far better job at that without alienating players.

In our opinion, LP does make some good decisions, but some gameplay tweaks to emphasize objectives and simplify rankings would be good steps to make the mode more fun and viewer-friendly. Maybe then we could actually see the mode gain players and an audience, instead of sitting near the bottom of Youtube and Twitch. If Treyarch continues in the direction they’re going now, though, CoD could have a good year with Cold War.


Play CoD Cold War with Pros

So, now you know pretty much all you need to hop into LP. Need to unlock some of the best CoD Cold War weapons? Or maybe you just need some good teammates? Not to worry, as Legionfarm is here! With our Play with Pro Call of Duty LFG service, we can carry you to your goals and let you fight side-by-side with pro players on your team. You’ll be winning even the toughest matches with our friendly pros, who will even provide coaching along the way, to help you grow in skill.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article will help you wrap your head around this new mode. If you’re ready to get placed in the upper divisions, head to legionfarm.com today and we can help you with your placement matches, or help you climb the ladder!

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