Top 5 Tactics and 5 Best Guns for Close-Quarters Combat in Warzone


For all those CoD enthusiasts, we continue our series of guides where we talk about the best Warzone strategies. In this episode of “Warzone Pro Tips 101” we will tell you everything you need to know about winning tactics in close-quarters combats. No more chit-chat; let’s get right into the guide!

LFcarry’s Guide on Close-Quarters Strategies in Call of Duty

How to win Warzone matches without having to go through all that pressure and stress? This is not as hard as it seems, especially if you do a couple of things to ease the process of getting those sweet wins. CoD Warzone isn’t the game that will go easy on you; it requires skill and dedication, but nothing is impossible, right? In today’s guide, you will learn all there’s to know about close-quarter tactics to master any Warzone maps or modes and be effective at any range. Are you ready to start playing like a pro? If your answer is affirmative, then dive in and enjoy the read!


Top 5 Call of Duty Warzone CQC Tactics You Need to Start Using Right Now

You came here for the best CoD Warzone tips, and we are ready to deliver. Without further ado, here’s the list of things you should do and pay attention to in order to win the Warzone game close-range encounters:

Listen to what’s happening around you

You should always try to be one step ahead of your opponent. To do that, you will need to not only be careful at all times but also keep your eyes and ears peeled. This is how you’ll identify your enemies when they are not even aware that you are somewhere near them. This way, your enemy will be caught off guard while you will have a perfect plan for your further actions.

Try jump challenges

“I came here to learn how to fight and not how to jump!” you might be thinking right now. Well, you are right, so give us a minute to explain a bit what’s going on. Jump challenges are all about using such moves as jumps, spins, or turns to emerge victorious in the face-to-face encounter. The rules are simple enough: use this tactic whenever the other player is running at you or is trying to aim at you.

Remember that every move you make matters

Relocating, trying different angles, using the location for your own benefit and many other nuances can often determine the outcome of your encounter with an enemy. Being quick is crucial, but being careful is even more critical.

Gear up

Having a weapon that excels in close-quarters firefights is a good idea, but this is not the only thing you should have to take down an enemy up close. Get some grenades and equip your gun with a few suitable perks, and you’ll see how much easier it will be to eliminate your opponent.

Play with pros

Joining a match with a pro player will be a completely different experience for you. Our pros, for instance, are very friendly and always glad to help. They’ll share their vast in-game knowledge and let you in on so many tips that your playstyle will never be the same again.

The abovementioned tactics will work out even better for you if you choose proper weapons for your combats. Warzone meta changes every season, but there are some ultimate classics that you can pick for your next CQC loadout. Enjoy the best weapons for close-range encounters in our next top 5’s list!


Best 5 CoD Warzone Weapons for Close Quarter Combat

Having a properly chosen weapon gets you much closer to a win than you imagine. What are the deadliest weapons for close ranges? Take a look at these bad boys down here to find the right one for your next battle:


MP5 is one of the most popular weapons for close ranges. It is often called the best SMG in Warzone, and there is a good reason for it. It has well-balanced stats and a high damage rate. There are two variations of this weapon and a truckload of attachments to experiment with, so there will be enough options to choose from. Combined with your new Warzone tactics, MP5 will become your best friend in any match.

Origin 12

At first glance, it seems like this gun is of no use at all, but you will have to trust the process in this case. Thanks to the big fire rate, the damage will stack up, making this shotgun one of the best close-quarters weapons that offer incredible stats and guaranteed domination in a battle.

Kilo 141

It’s steady and reliable, so if you were looking for a multi-purpose assault rifle, you have just found one. It’s suitable for different ranges, which makes Kilo 141 a pretty universal gun. And even though it’s not ranked as the top one among assault rifles, it is still a viable option as both a close- and middle-range gun.


This weapon is capable of firing so blisteringly fast that it would be impossible for your enemies to take you down if you know how to shoot right with this bad boy. Getting your hands on MP7 should definitely be on your to-do list if you want to prevail in close-range fights and get yourself a versatile weapon for other loadouts as well.


This AR isn’t exactly a perfect weapon for close ranges, but it can still be a good pick for killing enemies fast. This beast won’t let you down, and if you want to max out its performance, grab a few perks and attachments such as Double Time or Tracker.

Although this Call of Duty Warzone guide doesn’t include all essential tips, it will be enough for an excellent way to start honing your CQC skills. If you would like to do something else in order to improve your playstyle, there is an opportunity to do so. Let's continue our discussion in the next section, shall we?


Get Even More Warzone Tips from Our Pro Players

While CoD Warzone forums keep talking about Season 1 and MS update, you better focus on honing your skills and building the right tactic. If you are searching for your own CoD Warzone strategy for different encounters and still have no idea what kind of playstyle works for you, no worries. Here at Legionfarm, our pro players are ready to assist you. Our Warzone LFG & carry service works with real CoD professionals who will not only share the best tips and tricks on close-quarters combat but also show you how it’s done in your Play with Pro session.

As you can see, Warzone gives you tons of opportunities to secure those wins, but only if you play smart and know your way around. If you want to level up and improve your playstyle, well, it’s all up to you. All that has to be done is just one message sent to our pro players at, and soon, you will be playing Warzone on a whole different level. If that’s the kind of experience you are looking for, you are welcome at Legionfarm. Our coaching service works around the clock, so let us know whenever you are ready for the new chapter in your gaming life to begin.

We hope you’re feeling more confident right now than you did before reading our guide. Thanks for stopping by, and remember to come back for more Warzone tips and guides soon. Take care, and see you soon!

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