Top 10 Tips to Become a Better Warzone Team Player


It’s not a secret that Warzone is a difficult game in which to find victory. There are so many other players, systems, areas, and techniques to master, and you can still get hit hard by the luck of the draw. With these 10 tips, you can become the battle royale player you’ve always wanted to be.

Maximize Your Personal Skills in Call of Duty

There is so much going on in Warzone that it’s easy to just get lost in the rush of the experience. Because of that, we’ve asked our pro players to tell us what they think the #1 thing casual players should know and we’ve compiled the best responses into this list. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 tips to learn how to win in Warzone.

1) Pay attention to sound cues

The best competitive players in CoD Warzone are in quality headsets, and there’s a reason for that. In a frenetic gaming experience like the kind that Warzone offers, you need to be able to hear, absorb, and act on the sounds that you and other players are making in the game. The in-game map may lie to you, but the sounds of gunfire, footsteps, magazines being dropped, and grenades going off are some of the best information you can receive as a player, but only if you act on it.

2) Research the best Warzone loadouts

There are a lot of guides out there that will tell you that X gun is better than Y gun, or that you shouldn’t drop without Z in your equipment slot. While sometimes the meta does dictate that there are a couple of standout options which are statistically better, none of the weapons in this game are packing less-lethal ammo. Do your own research, but figure out which guns, equipment, and perks you like to use and then just practice that loadout until you know them. A player who practices everyday with his favorite loadout is going to be better than the average player who just hops between whatever some guide says is meta each week.

3) Maintain good crosshair placement

This may sound like a no-brainer, but so many players don’t think about where they’re aiming in a first-person shooter. One trip to Youtube and Twitch tells you a lot about the average casual player. They’ve got their eyes on the ground looking for loot, or their gun aimed low to avoid friendly fire. Trigger discipline trumps aiming at the ground anyday, because you can’t support your friend in a fight if they’re already down while you are pulling your rifle up to shoot. That’s why one of the most overlooked CoD Warzone tips is to watch your crosshair placement. Keep your rifle aimed at center mass, towards the upper chest of your opponents, at all times. Any lower and it’s your head, not theirs, that gets blown off.


Vital Team Play Tips and Tricks in Call of Duty Warzone

It’s no secret that a Warzone game was considered an area full of soft targets from players coming over from other battle royale titles when Season 1 first launched. A lot of players are coming from other CoD multiplayer titles, which makes them easy kills for competitive teams coming over from games like PUBG and even Fortnite, who are already used to not just hunting up the perfect weapons, attachments, and other gear, but also playing together as a team in a large, open map. So, here are some simple Warzone pro tips to help you catch up.

4) Actively communicate with your team

This may seem simple, but there’s a reason why it’s in any Call of Duty Warzone guide you read online. Again, get that quality headset and use it to actively, considerately communicate with your team. Inform your team where you’re going and what you’re doing. Learn to make proper callouts when you’re under fire. But most importantly, when you communicate, be succinct and train your teammates to be succinct. To succeed, you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you.

5) Cooperate with your teammates

Again, this seems like a no-brainer, but teams that work together win. Support each other. Stick with each other. Suppress enemy locations, cover your friends when they’re in the open, and get people up the moment it’s safe. Don’t go off doing your own thing just because you feel confident you can get a kill, or secure better loot. If you’re not there for your team but the enemy is ready to fight with their team, that’s how you lose.


CoD Warzone Team Tactics

6) Distract your enemies

Creating a diversion is an essential part of CoD Warzone strategy. When you’re going into a place where there’s a high likelihood that you and your team will get engaged in a firefight, you should have someone in a vehicle, or with a machine gun, or explosives use audio or visual cues to serve as a distraction to draw out your opponents while your teammates move in. Then, the moment your team engages, you move in with them. It’s much better than just making a noisy entrance and discovering your enemies’ locations after they’ve begun firing on you from a secure location.

7) Outmaneuver your opponents

This is one of the most important tips to win Warzone. You should always be looking for an opportunity to outmaneuver other teams. Are you on a secure floor but someone’s trying to push your staircase? Hop out of an upper floor and get behind them. Getting engaged from a superior position? Get covering fire and flank their position. More importantly, learn when to expect these kinds of attacks and always watch your back. Try to predict your opponent’s tactics and never get comfortable in one spot for too long.

8) Sacrifice your killstreaks for your friends

Yes, it feels good to land a glorious cruise missile on a frustrating opponent or airstrike your way out of a bind, but it feels even better when a friend saves you with their killstreak. To really win the hearts of your team and make sure they’re always eager to fight by your side, be the kind of teammate who’s willing to use their killstreaks primarily to help their team, with the thought of how cool the clip would look on Youtube coming after.

9) Don’t be afraid to split up

Yes, this seems contradictory with some of the advice given earlier, but good teams can learn to split up and still work together. It’s once you begin to master pinching, flanking, covering, suppressing, and sacrifice, you’ll realize you’ve been splitting up all along. The vital part is that you split up while still working together to achieve your common goals, instead of losing your head chasing a kill or loot you thought was more important than your team. You have to achieve that perfect split, where you’re far enough away from each other that you aren’t vulnerable to all dying in a single well-executed attack, but close enough to aid each other when the bullets start flying.


The Best Warzone Tips from Legionfarm Pro Players

Finally, we come to the final tip that we have to offer for the day. It’s an important one that can help you go from a casual player to a competitive warrior that anyone would be eager to have on their team.

10) Learn from people who are better than you

The truth with any competitive game is that you can’t get better without learning from players who are more skilled than you. It’s true of Warzone just as much as it is of chess. There may be entire layers of the game that you’re missing or certain factors that are holding you back from reaching your potential that you can’t even grasp yourself until someone shows you the ropes. You can keep doing things the wrong way a thousand times and never even notice, or you can have someone instruct you in the right way once and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever played the game the other way before.

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