Things to Look For in the Division 2 TU12


The game is soon to receive another big update and it’s going to bring a lot of new items that look pretty OP on paper. So, let’s have a look at what exactly is coming out in the near future and try to guess what kind of Agents all of these items are meant for?

Things to Look For in the Upcoming The Division 2 Title Update

During the very recent state of the play, we've got some crazy Division 2 news about fresh out of oven exotics, high-end weapons and gear and even a new brand set coming to the game very soon! We'd be talking about Division 2 how to get exotics if the information about that was provided, but now let’s just look into what makes all of the new gear so unique and why you definitely want to get your hands on each of the items we're about to list here. The Division 2 exotic weapons are already pretty diverse, but there's always something that's missing. Let's see if the following guns will fill the hole for you.

Let’s start with the Capacitor. It's a pretty good-looking bull-pup Exotic Assault Rifle with an SMG size with an ACOG slapped on it. It comes with the AR DMG and armor DMG as core attributes. The unique talent it's got is called Capacitance. What it does is the following: as you shoot enemies, it gives you 1% to Skill damage, which can be stacked all the way up to 50%, which is crazy. If you have a skill build that has 6 skill tier, it means you could have 30% extra weapon DMG from the get-go. The reason being that Capacitance also increases the weapon DMG by 5% for each skill tier. We can tell right away that it's going to be a fan-favorite. A lot of people will be running this with skill builds. This weapon is rewarded for surviving 100 floors of the Summit with 5 challenges completed in them.


The New Trend in Division 2 Builds

Our next exotic is the badass-looking Shotgun called the Scorpio. It's a SIX12 all modular shotgun that, in real life, can be used in multiple configurations. It operates with 12-gauge, 6 shots interchangeable removable cylinders. It's dual-action only – every time you pull the trigger, it cycles the gun. In the game, the gun's core attributes are shotgun DMG and armor DMG, with an additional being crit DMG. The talent called Septic Shock seems pretty OP. Shooting this gun will have a similar effect to a scorpion sting in a manner of the word. The shot is going to administer venom, which is bad for your enemies as it is.

Additionally, each consecutive shot will add to the stack of venom at the same time, inflicting more and more severe debuffs. Note, we're not talking about one gradually increasing debuff. We're talking about multiple different debuffs. As was mentioned by the devs, the debuffs for PvP will be different from those that were implemented for the PvE. It is not yet revealed how to get his particular weapon, so let's move on to the next one.

If all you want to know is how to get gear sets Division 2 devs have so kindly added recently, we're going to get to them very soon. But the next item on the list is actually an exotic holster. The number of possibilities you can do with this tells us that many fans will be using it. It seems as if for this patch, the devs are focusing on skill builds. It's been a while since we've had a skill build patch. The upcoming Division 2 gear sets seem to encourage gamers who aren't into skill-focused builds to try them out. There are such Division 2 best skills that can make all the difference in the gunfight. But enough of that, let's get back to the topic at hand.


More Division 2 Exotics With Crazy Talents

The holster called "Waveform" increases your skill tier by one and, on top of that, adds to Skill DMG and Haste. But the talent on it is what makes this item. Merely speaking, for over 10 seconds, this holster adds 30% to one of your skills. After the 10 seconds mark, the stack transfers to your other skill, and the counter refreshes.

The next item the developers showed us was the high-end DMR coming to title Update 12. It's called Scalpel. A fitting name, as you will soon learn. Its talent is also dedicated to the skill builds. It's got MDR and headshot damage and plus the DMG to enemies that aren't behind the cover. The best thing is its talent, called Future Perfection. Each kill gives you +1 to skill tier for the next 19 seconds. And it will stack up to +3. But that's not all. At tier 6, the kill with this weapon gives you Overcharge (which comes with its own list of additional perks) with a 90 seconds cooldown. All of this makes this particular DMR an excellent choice for a secondary slot weapon, which will help you to get ready for any kind of Division LFG activity.

Being a part of the Division named gear pool, we have yet another AR called the Test Subject. It's a curious little gun with AR, Health, and Armor DMG bonuses and a talent that was only featured on one other gun before – the Harmony. With Perfectly in Sync, upon hitting (not killing) an enemy, you're getting a bonus to skill damage. Using a skill on an enemy grants weapon DMG. If both are true, you get those bonuses in a double capacity. How's that for talent? Not too shabby, eh? Not too shabby at all, even by the Division 2 exotic weapons standards.


When Division 2 Weapons Alone Aren't Enough to Make the Patch

But we're far from being done. As the fans are returning to Division 2 forums to discuss the upcoming content, we're continuing our list. The Battery Pack backpack with the Perfectly Calculated talent (seems like the word "perfect" is the favorite one among the devs for this update) is the first piece. If you kill enemies while staying behind the cover, it will reduce the skill cooldowns down by 15%. This is one of the pieces of the new set called Express International. The next piece is for the chest slot, and it's called the Caesar's Guard. Its talent grants a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on the skill if you kill an enemy with skill.

And then we get our new gear set dropping TU12. You guys know, with the new season 4, we'll have these new brand sets. The one that's been revealed recently is called Rigor. The backpack's talent is going to reset the skill cooldown if you cancel that skill. Canceling is when you stop using the skill before it finishes or when you start to aim it, and then instead of activating it, you just do some other thing that cancels the aiming. That right there alone is pretty insane, but with 4+ pieces equipped, you're going to get another talent. When interacting with the deployable skill, like a turret, for instance, it’s going to increase the damage by 20%. Now, for those of you that don't know, interaction can mean several things. Deploying counts as interaction, then changing the target for the skill and healing it are also interactions. So say you deploy the turret somewhere on the Division 2 map, you'll get a bonus. Then you'll make it change the target. That's another 20% added to the damage. And on it goes. As if this wasn't enough, the chest piece from the same set increases the DMG buff all the way up to 50%!

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