The Return of Trials of Osiris and Deep Stone Crypt Weapons Overview


Our favorite Trials are about to come back, and in the meantime, all players are working hard to unlock the new weapons from the latest raid. As you can see, a lot is going on in the community, and we’re ready to fill you in on all of that right here. Find more details and news in our guide!

Destiny Welcomes Back the Old Challenges

One of the main reasons why everyone was so excited about Beyond Light is, of course, Destiny 2 weapons. Let’s agree that this is often the reason why many players keep logging into the game every day. All these weapons are downright awesome, and what makes them even better are the Destiny 2 raids that sometimes make us do unbelievable things to get the desired rewards.

Beyond Light has brought us two important things: the Deep Stone Crypt raid and the return of Trials of Osiris. Today, we are going to take a look at these in-game elements and discuss weapons that can be obtained by overcoming the obstacles that both activities have prepared for us. Find all the latest news down below, and remember to check out our other guides as well to reach the Destiny 2 max level and unlock all the finest weapons. So, guys, let us roll!


Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid: Deep Stone Crypt Weapons That Are Worth Your Attention

Have you already tried playing the newest raid? All the Destiny 2 best weapons that drop from the DSC are just fabulous! Here are our top 5 picks that you should definitely check out:


You can earn this one by defeating the boss in the last raid encounter. It’s a machine gun that is undoubtedly going to become one of the most popular weapon choices of this year. Another way to obtain it is just to find it in one of the loot chests.


This is the only Kinetic shotgun, and it can become your favorite one if you learn how to use it properly. Combined with Thresh, it can give you a considerable advantage in a fight since you will be gaining Super energy for every kill you make.

Eyes of Tomorrow

This is one of the finest Destiny 2 exotics introduced in Beyond Light, and it can also be obtained by beating the raid encounters. You get only one chance to get this rocket launcher per week, and you can do it with just one character. And even though it is one of the rarest drops, it is worth getting since it can make you an unbeatable player in any fight.


With this legendary sniper rifle, your foes will not be able to escape your sight. It belongs to the class of Aggressive Sniper Rifles, and, what is more, Succession is also a Kinetic weapon. Another great thing about this gun is that it comes with a bunch of fantastic perks that it can be equipped with, making it quite hard to take down.


You can get this scout rifle just at the beginning of the raid. It will be the only place where you can find this weapon if you play the DSC for the first time.

If you put Destiny 2 stasis abilities and all these new weapons together, you will create an incredible combination of two powerful forces that will help you step up the game and improve your chances of beating every enemy without dying even once. The selection of weapons in Beyond Light is truly wide, so you should not miss the opportunity to stock up on the nicest Destiny 2 2020 guns while they are still available!


Destiny 2 News on the Adept Weapons

We have all been looking forward to Trials of Orsis to go live again, but fate decreed otherwise. The ToS mode has been delayed due to an unknown issue, and to spice it up with even more bad news, Bungie has informed us that there is no exact date for its release.

While we are waiting for the Trials return, let’s talk about the rewards that we will get for completing them. Adept weapons are also coming back, but not everyone will get a chance to enjoy these perfect guns. Adepts are not your regular weapons: unlike the ones we are used to, Adept guns are the masterworked versions of our favs that also come with a couple of mods and bonuses that can boost your overall performance a great deal.

As good as it sounds, Adept weapons are not going to be easy to obtain. You might even decide to use Destiny 2 raids carry services to get done with those. To unlock Adept weapons, you should have the Flawless Passage 100% nailed. Yes, it should be flawless! After you are done with this part, you’ll have to proceed to open the Flawless chest, the one that’s located at Mercury’s Lighthouse. And no, you will not get a reward after that step. You will have to win seven matches in a row, and even one loss will lead to immediate disqualification.

The gun you will get depends on the week: every 7 seven days, the reward will change. As much as we all would like to get this weapon, you shouldn’t stress out about ToS too much: there are many tips on Destiny 2 forums that will help you get through Flawless Trials, and instead of being nervous and wasting too much time on all these challenges, you can study the guides instead. And remember that there are many other great Destiny 2 exotic weapons and gear that you can loot from in-game activities, so there is no point in struggling to get only these.

But what should you do if you still wanna own at least a couple of Adept weapons? Well, we know a solution you might like. Let’s talk it over in the next section of our guide.


Unlock The Rarest Adept and DSC Weapons with Destiny 2 LFG Services

To get all the best weapons in Destiny 2 and fantastic gear, take care of every solo Prophecy dungeon run, and get done with every raid in the game, players have to do something more than just gear up from head to toes. If you are looking for a way to unlock these Adept weapons, getting assistance from Destiny 2 carries would be the right decision. Our coaching and carry services at Legionfarm will help you do that and a lot more: from completing any Destiny 2 dungeon to obtaining Adept guns, you will be able to handle any kind of tasks like a professional player.

And even if this still doesn’t sound like a good deal to you, here is what we offer: just in a couple of coaching sessions, our play with pro service will show you all the basics of Destiny 2 as well as the most successful tactics that will lead to countless wins and better rewards. Are you ready to make a change in your playstyle and equip yourself with a few new Adept weapons? Go to to start working with our reliable experts and let the new chapter of your D2 experience begin.

Are you also impatiently waiting for the return of Trials of Osiris? Have you already picked the gun you would like to win? Share your ideas with us in the comments, and come back for more guides and tips!

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