The Iron Banner mode overview


What is Iron Banner in Destiny 2 and why is it so controversial

This is a timed Destiny 2 PvP event which lasts a week. According to the official website, the event becomes accessible at a weekly reset and ends at the next reset. Some requirements must be met by those who want to engage in the IB, they go as follows:

  • Reach Level 20
  • Finish the Red War Campaign
  • Talk to Lord Saladin in Tower Courtyard.

Having expansions is not needed for this event, meaning everyone who has a base game can join. Rewards are offered to players for increasing reputation. Use Iron Banner Tokens to do so. Similar to normal Destiny 2 Crucible mode, gamers gain extra tokens for victories. Additionally, various bounty tasks prepared for IB that let players obtain supplementary tokens. Among exclusive awards, players are offered to get Iron Banner Emblems. The main difference that really separates Destiny 2 Iron Banner from other PvP modes is the fact that Power level actually matters in IB. It means that Guardians with higher Power level will be dealing extra damage than those with lower Power level. What’s also different to this mode - Destiny 2 Iron Banner rewards got a ceiling of the max Power level of those who don’t have Forsaken expansion. You can save the tokens until the next IB event. There is a bug when Lord Saladin doesn’t show up at his place. To fix this, get back to the orbit and re-launch the Tower location. The game mode itself is a version of Control, where players need to secure and protect several zones. In general, IB is not the most popular event among those who play the game, and it’s not because of the fact that Power level matters. Many gamers claim that the mode is broken. There are a lot of technical issues and bugs that make this mode unplayable. Although, conceptually it is a fine gameplay mode.


Destiny 2 Iron banner gear is awesome

Now, what would make players want to enjoy this IB mode? Emblems are great, but there is a bigger motivation. For 20 tokens players can get an engram which is essentially a loot box with a random chance of receiving a piece of armor or a weapon. Weapons change every event, but the armor stays the same for the whole season. What’s more, the weekly Bounty can also reward you with a part of the armor set. Let’s talk about what Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons you could get. In Year 1 there was the Gunnora's Axe. This Season of Opulence’s shotgun is a pretty impressive weapon. It belongs to a somewhat unique archetype of weapons – precision shotguns. The slug round it shoots creates a predictable vertical recoil pattern. Its stats are also very impressive. Several perks for this gun intend to make a precision type weapon that is great for headshots. So, you could say this is a pretty unique weapon. In Forsaken you got a bunch of themed weapons, including a Grenade Launcher, a Scout Rifle, a Sniper rifle, a Pulse Rifle, and an SMG. They all share a similar visual style and stat-wise some of them are masterpieces whilst the others are just mediocre. Destiny 2 Iron Banner armor sets are gorgeous looking. Hunters get Iron Truage Casque helmet with improved Resilience perk. The Truage set also includes gauntlets, chest armor, and leg armor. Titans and Warlocks also got the Truage set. Of course, one can receive more gear for increasing the Iron Banner reputation level.


Destiny 2 Iron banner schedule and some build advice

The IB event, it usually starts after a Tuesday reset. It will be announced via official news sources when to expect the return of IB. One thing that’s nice about this mode is that it lasts one week. It’s not a lot if you don’t like it, but it gives you enough time to grind bounties for rewards. Now, taking into consideration the fact that Power levels do matter here, time to talk about some effective builds. The times change so, some loadouts might be not as effective as they were. Some players prefer to rock with the Antiope-D SMG. The 600rpm, 20-26 damage on headshots depending on the perk being active or not, makes this gun have the fastest ttk stat. It’s much faster than most guns even in other categories. The only downside to Antiope-D is its range that’s obviously not unlimited. But, once you get a hang of it, there’ll be no stopping you. The reason why you would use and SMG is because of the nature of this game mode. No matter what Destiny 2 PvP build you have, you will need to get in the zone and engage in close-quarters combat. And this gun does excel in this kind of situation. There are still maps in the IB with long open distances. Therefore, everyone can benefit from equipping a scout rifle. A good Destiny 2 Warlock pvp build should have a Conspirator. It is a fantastic damage archetype that can kill people with ease. While this gun is not the best in its class, it is, however, a full-auto mid-range weapon with really good stats. Fully-automatic means that you will outgun any other scout rifle in terms of ttk. Again, this is a very important quality in the IB. Conspirator's motto – hit hard and hit fast. Perfect for this mode. Destiny 2 titan PvP build can be built around the exotic chest armor called Crest of Alpha Lupi. It provides a huge advantage for you and your team. Its perk creates one more Orb of Light from Supers and a Healing Pulse when you use a Barricade ability. You can add to your loadout pieces of armor that make the use of kinetic weapons better. Look for faster reloading speeds and others. Also, you could go with perks that enhance your Solar abilities. Use Sunbreaker’s fusion grenades to bring the heat and Towering Barricade for increased protection after Healing Pulse has been activated. Pick the rest of the abilities that better suit your playstyle.


New Iron Banner seasonal reward and quests

Some Reddit users suggested using Tractor Cannon for CQB in a Destiny 2 hunter PvP build. As we said before, firefights tend to get chaotic, so you must have a decent weapon for close distances. You can go with any sub-class you want, but Gunslinger with its 6-shot Super and Arcsstrider are particularly good. We briefly mentioned the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 7. Among the new features is the fact that each armor piece will receive a correspondent quest, upon completing which you will get the piece of armor. Once this is unlocked, you’ll be able to re-acquire it via a random drop in engrams or as a match reward. These quests involve tasks that will make the player use all types of weapons from shotguns to sniper rifles. Those who don’t like to use sniper rifles in a Crucible match are still forced to do so in order to get a certain armor piece. There is also a mod slot for Season of Opulence mods. Yay! Grizzled Wolf is the emblem that can be bought for 300 tokens or purchasing 15 engrams. If you missed the weapons from previous seasons you can still get them through the engrams or through finishing matches. Ornaments obtained in previous seasons can also be used to with the new armor. This concludes our overview of the IB event, hopefully, you found it informative. For more blog posts and offers, stay tuned on

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