The Holo-Bash Event Overview


Santa is out for another month, which means the sweet-tooths all around the world need to be kept busy. And what better way to wait for Santa’s arrival if not by fighting over a holiday locomotive? In this piece you’ll discover what makes this LTM so fun and engaging, so don’t miss out on all the exclusive info!

Commence Your Train-ing In Apex Legends

We’re currently in week 5 of the seventh season, and guess what, ladies and gentlemen Apex predators? It’s the holiday season! This means that we’ve got a returning event called the Holo-Day Bash Event. How to play Apex Legends when the holiday dinner is getting cold? We don’t know; grab the plate and run back to your PC or console, maybe? And hope that your map doesn’t catch you in the process. Oh, and don’t trip; otherwise, you’re going to ruin your dinner and your favorite Santa shirt. But enough of that! You’re here for the details, ain’t you?

You may have already seen the trailer the devs released some time ago, but if not, here’s what you’re going to see in the game as soon as you boot it up. After a few splash screens and the usual intro video collection, you’ll get to the main menu. You’ll notice right away that the background is changed a bit. Before, it was in the style of the new map, but now it’s more in the Christmas-spirit style. It’s snowing, the Christmas tree in the back left side, a cozy wooden cabin is also at the back, the snowman’s there. Everything hints at the best time of the year. God knows we all deserve a good holiday this year. The rest of the menu has been left pretty much unchanged. Those of you hardcore gamers who are always searching for how to get better at Apex Legends probably won’t enjoy the event. It’s pretty casual, and you won’t get your rank up by playing it. Also, to those 3 concerned people (yeah, we know who you are) – with Apex Legends crossplay, you’re enabled not to worry. Yes, you can now play with your friends no matter which platform they’re on.


Apex Legends Event Mayhem!

Now, as far as the Apex battle pass goes, there’s nothing new there. It’s the start of week 5, which means there are 8 more weekly challenges to go. We have stuff like dealing 500 damage with P2020 (good luck with that), but the remaining 7 tasks are nothing special. One could probably do them in a day or so.However, if you look at the main menu’s right side, where we have our daily challenges list and our pass level, we can see an additional third tab appeared. That tab is dedicated to the new event. It’s named the Event challenges. Do you know what the best thing about those is? You can do them in any mode! You don’t have to play the event map (which is just the World’s Edge but with a few cool additions).Here’s the list:


If you click on the Prize tracker, you’ll see what kinds of rewards are waiting for you at the end of the line. There’s nothing special, really. We have a bunch of XP boosts, we have some quips, banner badges, the three holiday stat trackers for Mirage – he’s the face of the show, as always. We also get a few new skins, one’s for Bloodhound, called Solstice, and the other one is for Horizon, called Absolute Zero. Now, they’re not top of the Apex Legends tier list, but many fans main them, so they will be happy. That new skin for Horizon sure looks cool. The last thing that’s left to describe is how the Apex game has changed for this event. For that, we’d have to go out there to play a match of “Winter Express.” No, bloodthirsty players, not for the Apex ranks. For fun!


Happy Little Apex Legends Patch Notes

Didn’t we say that the event is just on the same map but with a few thematic throw-ins? Sikes fooled ya! This is actually a totally different game mode, not a BR at all! For this one, you’re going to want to use our Apex lfg because if you don’t know what to do there and how to do it, you’re going to lose.

Okay, here’s the gist of it. The mode wraps around the Christmas decorated train that goes around the World’s Edge. You know it. There are only three squads – only three – so 9 people in total. On the character select screen, you’ll be given your loadout. That’s right, each legend comes with their own combination of gear that you’ll be using throughout the match, and while you’re choosing your character, you get to look at it. For instance, Revenant comes with a Volt + Charge Rifle with some mods.Moreover, while you’re waiting for a respawn, you CAN select a different legend! All the syringes and shield batteries are unlimited, and you have those by default. On top of that, the time it takes to apply those is increased considerably. It’s not instant, but it’s far more rapid than usual. You start the match by being on one of those carriers hovering in the air you might remember from the King’s Canyon. So your squad stands there checking out each other’s Apex Legends skins and just chilling. Once the timer is up, Mirage (the host of the event) will announce that the train is moving. The three squads then jump off the carrier, land on the train or near it, and start fighting.

Now, if you die, it’s not the end of the game for you. Because in order to win, you need to be the last squad on the train for 3 rounds. At the start of each new round, you respawn. That means no Apex Legends ranked rewards here. And one other thing – dead enemies don’t drop their boxes, but they do drop some loot, but it’s only ammo. You can’t change your weapons, and you don’t need to replenish your syringes since you’ve got an unlimited number of those.


Apex And The Choo-Choo Train

Now, we don’t know if this is the Fan Favorite LTM, but with all the music, holiday decorations, and Mirage being Mirage, this is certainly a way to blow off some steam and just have good old little fun. Plenty of new rewards will make you return for more, but the weird thing is, you still need to have some sort of knowledge and experience to win.

If you think that fighting two other squads instead of 19 other squads is easier, forget about it. The action doesn’t stop for a second. You’ll be wishing to catch your breath, but there’s not a dull moment, and we mean it, so you might want to consider hiring a professional Apex coach.

Our coaching is the best one on the market because we don’t just play BR. We know everything about these LTMs, which means you got a chance to win here on the first try! Seriously, consider the alternatives. If you play with randoms, who have god-knows-what Apex Legends rating, do you know what they’ll be doing? Jumping right into the fray from the moment they spawn in. We can tell you right now – this is not the winning tactic. You need to be aware of all the Apex Legends tips, and you will if you order our play with pro service. Play Apex with Legionfarm, and not only you’ll finish the event reward track in no time, but also you’ll be able to carry your own team of friends or randoms after you’re done playing with us. So, at the end of the day, the lesson is simple – don’t dive into something unknown on your own, do that with our Apex Legends coaching or an Apex Olympus carry (if you crave those ranks) from in your pocket. Happy holidays!

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