The Heroes Behind Legionfarm’s Play With A PRO Service


Whether you’re a happy Legionfarm customer or just thinking about trying out a session with a pro, it’s time for you to meet those who work day and night to make that in-game time of yours the one to remember. Here they are, Earth’s Mightiest heroes of professional gaming. Let’s get acquainted!

Like that Chappelle's Show meme says, “Modern problems require modern solutions.” Truth be told, we couldn’t put it better. The game industry is growing by leaps, turning into one of the most demanded segments on the entertainment market. While some of us see games purely as a way to have fun, more and more people are starting to use their passion to build careers. Legionfarm can help with both.

Some of you, our dearest readers, are already familiar with who we are and what we stand for. For those newly arrived, let us take a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Legionfarm—an innovative carry and coaching service that allows gamers to team up with pros and have a whole new gaming experience by playing side by side with them. With us, everyone has a great opportunity to improve their gaming skills, level up faster, find good and reliable teammates or get that achievement they’ve been tiptoeing around for so long. Operating in 40+ countries worldwide, we’ve been on the market for quite some time now and were already covered by Forbes and TechCrunch. But you know what? All of that would have been impossible without two pivotal things: our team and our clients.

The Legionfarm team is a group of high-tier professionals, a well-oiled machine where everyone does their part to provide the best experience possible for our clients—gamers, just like us, who want to hone their skills or just treat themselves to a nice team-up with pro players. Speaking of our pro players, they are the best of the best. There would have been no Legionfarm without them. Avid gamers from a very young age, they are esports champions and leaderboards stars, working every day to teach and coach hundreds of players to help them reach top-notch performance and achieve unbelievable heights.

Today, ladies and gents, you get to meet the true warriors of the gaming front, fearless and unstoppable. So, who are they, the legends behind high ranks and incredible win rates?


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes of Professional Gaming

What makes a professional gamer? Thousands of hours spent in the game? The most profound knowledge of the lore? Or esports tournaments victories? Being a pro requires lots of things, but we can tell you for sure that all our expert players fall into this category without any doubt.

Did you know that a Top1 Call of Duty Warzone player is one of our pros? He goes by the name of Legendary117S and has the best Warzone score in the world, not to mention having the #1 kill rank. ForPantheon is dropping back just the tiniest bit, placing second in the world with his killscore. N8ify, Say_Please, Balteon, and Error have also earned their rightful places among the most experienced and high-performing Warzone players we work with.

Apex Legends pros are not falling behind either. Poachy, Cy, Haze, and Slayyyers are all renowned Apex Legends Global Series finalists. Slayyyers ranked #1 Predator on PS4 and won Astro tournaments twice. PostKill is a true tournament enthusiast, having taken part in more than thirty competitions this year alone. He placed at GLL Community Cups, Realm: Summit Series, PGL Showdown, and ALGS Autumn Circuit. And let’s not forget our buddy HisWattson who’s #25 Season 4 Predator on PC!

What about best-rated coaches? We take quality control very seriously and keep tabs on every pro player’s session performance to make sure our clients are happy with the service. Here are our absolute A-graders on this front:

  • Krusor
  • PrinceRaso
  • KRulLThug
  • Say_Please
  • stedzera
  • twitch_inf4nitiz
  • Suedzz
  • gigxr
  • fmatovelle1
  • Proxic
  • Renato
  • Madison
  • Cloudlight
  • Zorteip

Our weekly champs who managed to ace the highest number of orders are

  • forpantheon
  • IIII-Magic-IlII
  • Madison
  • Krusor
  • robsGOD

And who’s so badass that gamers come back to play with them again and again? Krusor, BEKONX, and N8ify are, with a total of eight returning players each!

All these guys shine brighter than anyone else when it comes to Apex Legends and Call of Duty, but we have a lot more other gaming directions and high-tier professionals to deliver on impeccable win rates and mind-blowing kill scores. And the numbers keep growing. For the past few years, hundreds of pro gamers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the Philippines, Peru, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, and many other countries around the world have joined our platform, and you can book a session to play with any of them right now!

Change your Experience

Step Up Your Game with Legionfarm

If you are looking for a way to improve, if you are stuck and can’t progress or you can’t find the right teammates, visit, and the brightest stars of professional gaming will be queuing to help you. If you feel like becoming a pro player yourself, join our team, and we’ll create a better gaming environment together.

So what about you, guys? Have you ever tried out a coaching session? Have you played with any of our pros? Or maybe you’re rising cybersports stars yourselves? Share your stories and speak your mind in the comments! And if you wanna know more about our pro players, don’t hesitate to say a word, and we’ll come back with a series of articles about our bravest warriors of in-game battles.

That’ll be it for today, guys. Stay safe and see you all in the next one!

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