The Hawkmoon Questline Walkthrough & Tips


There are so many great guns available in Destiny 2 that it gets hard to decide which one you should try to unlock next. We are here to help you make this decision. Today, we’ll discuss Hawkmoon, the famous Exotic hand cannon that’s been introduced back in the days of the first Destiny.

One of Our Favorite Destiny 2 Weapons Is Back

Exotics have always been the most wanted guns in the game, or at least some of them, but this is not the only reason why you should read our guide on how to get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 weapon. Such an HC is perfect for all kinds of purposes: PvE, PvP, raids, as well as many other tasks. If you want to finally get the Destiny 2 ranks that match your talent, then this guide is for you. Learn more about one of the best guns from the Destiny 2 exotics category and how to get it fast and easily in just a few hours.


The Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Hand Cannon: A Few Details First

For a long time, Hawkmoon has remained exclusive for PS users. All Destiny 2 forums were filled with complaints about how unfair it is to give an advantage to PlayStation players when everyone who loves Destiny deserves to enjoy this hand cannon as well. Following the community’s feedback, Bungie has finally decided to provide all players with an opportunity to get Hawkmoon and added the hand cannon to the game right after the start of the new season.

You can follow two paths if you want to unlock this weapon: you either do it yourself or use Destiny 2 LFG services to find a pro player that will help you obtain this rare goodie. Both are solid ways, so take your time to think about what’s best for you.

Is this weapon really worth a try? At the moment, it is one of the Destiny 2 best weapons due to a few characteristics that make it stand out so much. Hawkmoon comes with an exotic perk, which gives the hand cannon a buff that makes it an ultimate boss killer. When you fire the final bullet, your hand cannon will consume the buff, resulting in massive damage output. Quite impressive, right?

It might not be a must-have for everyone, but if you are interested in unique guns capable of dealing incredible damage, you should look into it for sure.


Get Hawkmoon in 10 Steps

If you have decided not to use Destiny 2 weapons carry services to unlock this gun, you should complete the quest that will take a few hours at least. Here is a quick follow-up on all ten steps you need to take in order to obtain this fantastic weapon:

Visit the Spider’s Lair

Your quests start here. The game will not give you any details on what you will be searching for next, but we want to spare you the wasted time and confusion. Your task will be to collect the feathers that are spread around the map.

Look for the feathers

There will be five feathers in total. Here is a quick guide on how to find all of them:


Find the Crow

You will encounter the Crow in the Tangled Shore, who is supposed to give you your next assignment. If you think that this is the only mission you will be working on, think again. You better prepare to run a lot of errands for the Crow, but they’re mostly fun and not really hard to handle.

Go to the Sludge to start working on the new task

The Taken will attack you, so you will have to always be ready to fight back. Finally, you will reach the weapon’s effigy. You’ll have to deliver it to the Crow to continue the quest.

Obtain 50 orbs

To do that, you will have to complete Lost Sector runs for as long as needed to get all 50 orbs. Every orb is obtained through the Masterworked gun kills, so after you do this, pick it up, and proceed to the next step.

Visit the Crow’s safehouse again

Speak to him again and share a few details about your wanderings. You will be given the next task along with the coordinates that will help you reach the target.

Follow the coordinates and pick up feathers on your way

By doing so, you will get to an empty building, where you will find an open door. Talk to the bird to see what you have to do next. While walking, you should pay closer attention to the surroundings: keep an eye out for feathers. In one of the last rooms, you will encounter the final boss, who will drop the fifth feather. Pick it up and return to the starting point.

Chat with the Crow

If you think you are already tired, wait for more! The Crow will assign you the next task—the one that you will definitely find the most challenging step in the whole questline.

Eliminate enemies in Gambit or Crucible

It seems like it will take forever, so if you want to get done with this task fast, you will have to stock up on the finest weapons and choose the right loadout. Who should you kill: other players or Champions? It all depends on the kind of play you are used to. If you are more into PvP, then you should focus on Guardians. If PvE sounds more alluring, then go ahead and take down those Champs.

Get your Hawkmoon

Once you get done with the kills, return to the Sludge. Right there, you will find the bird at the same place where you left it. After having a quick chat, you should get to the boss room and take down all the enemies you encounter. In the last room, you will finally get to the desired hand cannon. Grab it and use it to kill the final boss. And here you go, the quest is completed!

Destiny 2 Beyond Light did not only introduce many new guns into the game but also brought back a couple of oldies that we all had missed. Hawkmoon will do a good job as Destiny 2 PvP meta, so grab it while it is still available! And in case you would like to learn more about the ways to get such rare exotics as Hawkmoon faster and easier, we’ve got a method you might enjoy down below.


All Exotics will Be Yours with Destiny 2 LFG Services

Here at Legionfarm, you can find another way to get done with the quest and unlock Hawkmoon without putting so much effort into the challenge. Let’s agree that it’s not often easy to complete exotic questlines since those often involve many redundant and repetitive actions that usually turn out to be a crashing bore. And if you feel like you don’t want to do any of these tasks, we get it entirely.

With our LFG Destiny 2 services, you will never have to worry about such quests again. After a couple of Play with Pro sessions, you will learn how to complete quest assignments so fast that there won’t be time for boredom or things that might distress you. Instead, you will become a player who is capable of obtaining any kind of loot and armor in the amount of time you’ve set for yourself.

Of course, this is only up to you to decide whether or not to play with pros via Destiny 2 carry services. However, if you choose to opt for that, you will see how much your playstyle will change. There will still be some hurdles left on your path, but those will not seem like a disaster to you anymore. When you play with the pros, you learn first-hand. This is enough to become a much better player not only in solo gaming but also as a squad member.

At, you will find everything you need to know about our team finder and coaching services. Team up with our pros now to open many new opportunities in the world of gaming!

So, how’s Beyond Light going for you, Guardian? Have you already obtained some of its finest armor pieces and secret loot? Share more details about your progression in the comments and come back for more detailed guides on exotics and raids. Stay safe!

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