The End of Sunsetting and the Beginning of A New Era in Destiny 2


It’s time to say goodbye to the infamous Sunsetting! Players don’t have to worry about their favorite weapons being rendered useless anymore. Bungie also revealed that there are many other significant updates on their way to the game, and we are excited to share all of them with you today in our guide.

That Destiny 2 Update We’ve All Been Looking Forward To

The last seasons in Destiny 2 introduced many controversial changes, one of which was sunsetting. There is only a handle of players that actually thought that this feature was useful. Sunsetting resulted in many Destiny 2 exotics becoming ineffective and almost impossible to use in most raids and activities. As dramatic as this sounds, sunsetting wasn’t all bad. Still, we are happy that it’s gone for good, and players won’t have to worry about losing some of the Destiny 2 best weapons ever again. In today's blog article, we’ll tell you a bit more about the recent news and what kind of impact they might have on the game. Enjoy your read and remember to come back for more useful guides!


The Latest Destiny 2 News on Sunsetting and Its Removal

It’s official: Destiny 2 weapons sunsetting is no more. We’ve all feared for our favorite guns and gear during the past few seasons since you never knew what titles would be sunset next. Now we are happy to announce that sunsetting is about to be forgotten and left in the past, and you will never have to worry about putting your faves in a box ever again.

Since the launch of Beyond Light and the Destiny 2 Stasis powers introduction, the game has been reshaped and redesigned a few times. And even though most changes were positive, the new Infusion cap system wasn’t welcomed much. Despite most of the weapons not being completely useless, it was hard for them to compete with new titles in PvP matches and PvE activities. As a result, Destiny 2 meta lost lots of its fantastic titles that were favored by many.

In the most recent update, Bungie has stated no intention of keeping the sunsetting system live. While most of the already sunset weapons won’t be capped up, luckily no other guns will have to go through this anymore.

Everyone keeps asking the same questions: Will the community’s favorites return to the game in their full glory? Are any activities coming back? That’s unlikely. However, there are many other things to be thrilled about: Season of the Chosen introduced a plethora of new firearms and activities, so you will eventually forget about those we miss so badly, and firearms like Destiny 2 Felwinter’s Lie that were supposed to be sunset will not undergo any further Infusion cap changes.

The end of sunsetting wasn’t the only update Bungie announced. There is a lot more on its way to the game. Let’s take a look at the rest of the news, shall we?


Old Destiny 2 Raids, The Witch Queen Release, and Other Notable Updates

Both PvP and PvE will face multiple changes, along with the transmog system and new power level cap. What’s on Bungie’s agenda? Let’s break down the latest TWAB in our quick news recap right here:

New transmog system

Its name is Armor Synthesis, and it seems a bit difficult at first. You will have to complete all kinds of bounties to unlock certain ornaments, and once you’ve acquired them, you’ll be able to customize your character’s appearance by using the unlocked ornaments in the character menu.

New Power level cap

As you know, every season used to raise the cap by 50. Not everyone enjoyed that system since it took more time and effort for some players to reach the Destiny 2 max Power level and enjoy the game. Starting Season 14, the PC will be raised only by 10. This will make things so much easier for most players and help them spend less time leveling up.

Will there be a Destiny 2 new raid?

In S14, the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid will return to the game in a new format, more challenging and harrowing to complete. There is enough time left till the beginning of the next season, so you can still ready yourself for such a big event.

The Witch Queen’s release date has changed

The good news is that WQ is in the works. The bad one isn’t really that upsetting, but anyway, here we are: the release of the next expansion has been pushed back to 2022. Bungie admits that this expansion will be the next step in D2’s story, and it is a big one. To make sure this release goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to avoid the rush and focus on making it flawless instead. Many in-game elements will be refined, polished, and perfected, and to make things work properly, it turned out that moving the release is unavoidable. We understand that, and as much as we are looking forward to the new expansion, it is better to give Bungie some time to deliver at the top of their game.

Both seasoned players and newcomers will get a chance to enjoy tons of updates in the next D2 season. And if you want to experience all the best stuff without anything standing in your way, our service has a few strategies in store for you.


The New Destiny 2 Update Won’t Let You Have Any Rest

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It seems like something big is coming to the game, and even though it feels like it’s very far from us, we are still very excited about the future seasons. We will keep you posted, so remember to come by our blog to get the freshest details on all the most recent updates!

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