The Division 2’s endgame is the best thing that’s ever happened to looter-shooters


It goes without saying that the story-based campaign is a big deal, but we strongly believe that the proverbial “endgame” is the main thing to be considered when you try to figure a looter-shooter out in the first place. In this article, we will elaborate on what’s waiting for you when you are done with the basic storyline and a bunch of Strongholds and eventually reach Level 30.


Strange to say, but The Division 2’s endgame is where the real fun starts, unlike, for instance, Destiny, which can give you nothing but quite a dull grind in the same place. In Tom Clancy’s brainchild, we have something altogether different. Once the White House residents start popping champagne to celebrate the end of the marauder bands in Washington D.C., the city gets completely taken by the new enemy, which goes by the name of Black Tusk. It is a full-fledged group that hasn’t been involved in the main story at all. Can you name any other gaming project which can boast of such a thing?

Fighting Black Tusk is pretty exciting. They revive their fallen comrades using medical drones, send kamikaze-quadcopters your way and make greater use of EMP-grenades. Also, they are sometimes accompanied by an evil WALL-E mounted with a machine gun and that Boston Dynamics dog from funny YouTube vids. This whole kit and boodle are trying to outflank you, suppress you by heavy gunfire and beat you more tactically rather than by endless health bars (though you still can come across a classy empty-all-your-ammo-on-my-armor type of enemies).

You don’t only have to fight them on the streets in a whole pile of both new and already familiar events, but also deal with the old missions, which now, involving the Tusks, seem completely different. New dialogs, new battles, new hostile locations and more of the stuff we’ve never encountered before are waiting for us. Once you clean out a Stronghold, you access a higher World Tier, and the whole in-game world changes, leveling your enemies up and raising the quality of the loot. As a result, fighting a new foe we seem to go through the game once again moving from Tier 1 to Tier 5.


The best thing about this game is that instead of a fairly monotonous grind we have quite interesting and tactically challenging shooting tasks. Leveling up and grinding for gear is really entertaining, especially when this process is brightened up by new plot details, which are skillfully integrated into well-explored locations. Apart from all the abovementioned activities, there is no lack of classical gaming modes as well. For example, we have increased difficulty levels for story campaign, pretty hardcore Bounties, resource-farming and Dark Zone exploring missions and many, many more.

Every week Washington D.C. is under the “Invasion”, which involves clean-up operations, dealing with a new threat, and running through a certain set of updated missions. For a classy weekly routine it’s rather impressive, don’t you think? And even if that’s not enough, you can take on seasonal events: for their completion, Ubisoft is ready to grant you emotes, skins, and cosmetic rewards.

It’s also worth noting that after dealing with the main storyline, you are allowed to continue powering your character up. Endgame offers you four specs with a set of special skills, uniforms, and unique weapons: a bow, a grenade launcher, a minigun, and a large caliber sniper rifle. This gives you extra power and provides some build variability.


All of it is just the tip of an iceberg. A new World Tier 5 has kicked off a little while ago, and getting loot has become even more challenging. On the bright side, there is a huge chance of Emerald drops, which means you can obtain the coolest set parts. Heroic difficulty is also at your disposal, but unfortunately, difficulty levels differ only in the durability and firepower of your enemies. New Strongholds, on the contrary, are an entirely different matter. Alongside World Tier 5, another one of them is introduced. It’s the Tidal Basin, where you face the Black Tusk leaders in D.C. Some of the mechanics are quite interesting: for instance, disabling the turrets for a while to stop the enemy attacks. It is rather cool but still overshadowed by the “Invasions” from the previous The Division part.

Operation Dark Hours is a hell of a challenge but you will certainly dig it if you like playing hardcore. The raid offers a unique experience with four boss encounters, each one requiring specific builds and strategy, not to mention a high level of coordination with your team members. And even when you think it is impossible to add more uncommon content, The Division 2 keeps surprising you with its free DLCs and updates. The Expeditions, despite the recent unpleasant news, still offer an exceptional, one-of-a-kind experience of the typical shooter features mixed with treasure-hunting and riddle-solving.


As a result, The Division 2 turned out to be such a proficient and well-thought-out development of the initial concept, that we cannot but wish the devs to keep going and recommend the players, who only looked through the main campaign, to get acquainted with its endgame, ‘cause it alone is the game’s real gem.

The Division 2 is the best specimen of its genre for one simple reason: the way it entertains you after the storyline campaign completion is a true masterpiece, no other looter-shooter developer is capable of creating. What do you think, Agents?

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