The Division 2 Hunter masks full guide


What are Division 2 Hunter masks?

Are you up to chasing some serious challenge and a legit reward that’s gonna proof your mastery? Then obtaining Division 2 masks is just the right quest for you to take. In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, Hunter masks are special pieces of clothing perfect for customizing your character’s look. They are hidden somewhere in the city but finding them is only half of your trouble: to loot the mask it’s necessary to summon and strike dead its owner – an elite, highly-trained enemy called the Hunter.

If you’re up for this challenge, we are glad to share our detailed guide. We will dwell upon how to get masks in the Division 2, explain their location intricacies, how to invoke the notorious Hunters and what tactic moves are better used for taking each of them down. But we are warning you, that dealing with Hunters is extremely hard, so be sure to power up well enough.

Are you ready, Agent? You’d better be, ‘cause we are about to embark on our perilous journey through Washington D.C., starting with presenting you Division 2 all masks list.


Division 2 masks list

Twelve masks are available for being obtained. Here we’ve compiled the full list of them, grouped by the place they’re located in:

  • Division 2 Specter mask;
  • Crimson Hunter mask;
  • Ghoul Hunter mask;
  • Demon Hunter mask;
  • Ghost Hunter mask;
  • Wraith Hunter mask;
  • Midas and Revenant masks;
  • Diamond mask, Phantom mask, Death mask, and Cross Hunter mask.

You cannot just start collecting masks right away, because Hunters are not yet present in the world, and their appearance needs to be triggered by completing a small side quest. Responding to a distress signal sent by Agent Edwards, you will find yourself (and poor Edwards, but sadly, he’ll turn out to be very dead) near the Demolition Site control point. After you spend some time exploring the building and following the waypoint, our first Hunter will make its appearance. A fight will break out but there is no need in wasting your ammo – you cannot win anyway. However, there is a chance this fight ends in your death, so be extra careful and try not to kick the bucket before the Hunter knocks you down by electrocution. Congratulations, the side quest is officially under your belt now!

Once you recover from this unpleasant encounter, get back to the building, specifically to the lobby, then turn east. It’s hard to notice them at first, but there is a bunch of targets placed in the windows. Now it’s time for some shooting practice. Fire at the objects in descending order, and it will invoke the same Hunter, however, this time your fight won’t end so soon. This bastard has the Division 2 Demon mask, and you can win it over only by putting him down. We advise you to turn to extra equipment like a drone or a turret, because the Hunter’s gonna be armed to the teeth.

When you deal with him, loot your first reward. Now you can set off on the further adventure of locating other trophies.


Division 2 masks guide: location quests and strategy recommendations

Just before we get down to business, keep in mind that the remaining eleven Hunters (except for the Demon) need to be summoned at night. It’s creepy as hell and is most likely done to make these missions even harder. Or the Hunters just don’t want to get sunburnt, who knows.

Okay then, how about we roll?

Death, Cross, Diamond, and Phantom Hunter masks

We kinda feel like trying a non-trivial approach and at first, we will introduce you to the hardest quest that requires a simultaneous fight with four Hunters. Survive this battle, defeat all the adversaries, and you will be granted four masks at once: Phantom mask Division 2 cosmetic trophy, Diamond, Cross, and Death masks.

Division 2 Diamond mask looks like a spooky harlequin face, Phantom is pretty fugly with those ginormous teeth, Division 2 Cross mask has, well, a red cross on it and some weird-looking goggles, and Death mask in Division 2 has a distinctive skull-like print on it. Judging by the quest’s notoriety, these pieces are the coolest and the hardest to obtain from our list, so if you make it out alive after battling this murderous squad of Hunters, other missions will seem a piece of cake to you.

Have you still not changed your mind about this? Okay then, check the quest out:

  1. There must be a small cafe somewhere around East Mall.
  2. Enter this cafe. Locate the counter with a lever. Make an interaction with it.
  3. Look around you. Is there a big Christmas tree? Run a couple of laps around it.
  4. Immediately take cover as four Hunters will emerge and start firing.
  5. Be ready to die multiple times.
  6. Win and collect the trophies.

Dealing with these enemies on your own is close to impossible, so seek your friends’ support and bring the drone and the turret with you. One more tip: try to lure the bastards to the territory near Sinkhole Control Point. They will be caught in the crossfire between some rival factions and military men and get distracted. When they do, make your move.

Midas and Revenant masks

How are you holding up, Agent? Alright? Good, ‘cause we have more trophies to collect. This couple of masks is not so scary, unlike the ones we’ve mentioned earlier but do not think they are easy to obtain. They are not.

  1. Move in a north-west direction from Potomac Event Center.
  2. The green staircase must be here somewhere. Climb it.
  3. A swimming pool has to be right there. See it? Alrighty, go in and keep walking until you are in the exact middle.
  4. Choose the Jumping Jack from your emote wheel and use it.
  5. Two Hunters will emerge. Here it goes.

Once again we recommend not to do it solo, as this time no NPC is gonna assist you. Anyway, use Skills and grenades and try not to die. No, we mean it, ‘cause if you turn up your toes, you’ll have to return when both Hunters are waiting for you inside, so yep, better stay alive.

Division 2 Crimson mask

Okay then, killer-bundles are over, now it’s gonna be strictly one-on-one combats.

Crimson mask has a handprint on it (guess what color is it) and is quite a challenge as well ‘cause this Hunter loves explosives and you, unfortunately, won’t have too many hiding spots as you will confront him out in the open.

  1. Go to Downtown East. Locate a Stronghold. South of it there has to be a building.
  2. Once you enter, move south.
  3. Locate a reception desk and a radio. Make an interaction.
  4. Turn back and run to the north side.
  5. Go in, locate a phone, make an interaction.
  6. Oh, here comes the Hunter.

Beware of seeker mines and Hunter’s drone. Once again, don’t die – getting back is a hell of a job. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to stumble across a patrol that’s passing by, so use it to your advantage.

Division 2 Ghoul mask

This piece of clothing is black, splashed with some green paint all over its the surface. It is hiding in the West Potomac area.

  1. Go to Lincoln Memorial.
  2. Locate the underground. Taking the south entrance is the right way to go.
  3. After taking the tunnel, move north. There must be an Echo and a laptop somewhere. Make an interaction with the latter.
  4. Your actions will make the map that’s hanging above light up. Explore it.
  5. Following the map coordinates, return to Lincoln Memorial. There must be a water reservoir somewhere near.
  6. Look for a small construction that looks like a watchtower with a shelter and a light bulb hanging from it. Fire at the bulb.
  7. The Hunter is already here, so watch out!

Again, we recommend not to try this alone. This encounter is very aggressive and very fast. However, there are lotta enemy patrols in the neighborhood, so set them against the Hunter – it should give you an opening.

Division 2 Ghost mask

This item is white with some nasty scratches on it. The spawning quest has made a lot of fuss among fans, so it was fixed and now seems not so hard at all, especially compared to the abovementioned ones.

  1. Washington Monument has to be safe territory. Take it under your control, if it’s still hostile.
  2. Get to the storeroom where the supplies are kept.
  3. There has to be a TV and the interactable button. Push it.
  4. Explore the map. There are three marks in the graveyard.
  5. Locate each grave, Standing in such a way that your face is turned to the Washington Monument, salute it, using the proper emote. If it doesn’t work, try moving a bit and experimenting with your position. You’ll know when you succeed by a little buzzing effect in your UI.
  6. Get back to the storeroom. Push the button one more time.
  7. The TV will switch showing you an orange circle-shaped logo. Locate the same circle outside. It’s much larger and actually glowing from the light projected to the ground.
  8. Step inside. The Hunter’s emergence will be triggered immediately.

Specter mask

Specter mask’s color is black, and there are two Aces on its lower half. It is located near the DZ South, to its right, to be specific.

  1. Move south from Metro Ruins Control Point.
  2. There must be a huge building, and it must have a yellow tarp hanging from its walls.
  3. One part is not tarped. There are have to be two rows of windows and the inscription saying “Department of the United States”.
  4. Fire at the windows starting from the left one in the bottom row and moving right. Don’t miss the eighth one which is partially covered by the tarp. Once you finish the first row, move to the top one and start with the left window, again moving right. Don’t forget about the one that is already a bit broken. Shoot only intact windows (13 of them in total) and shoot accurately. You will fail with even one missed shot, and your next try will be possible only next night.
  5. After you land your last shot, the Hunter will emerge.

Division 2 Wraith mask

This one is pitch-black and heavily scratched. The unlocking quest takes place near the war memorial.

  1. Second Street Southwest (2nd St SW) is your primary destination.
  2. Locate a small pool.
  3. Enter it, fire at the light (if the memorial – that wall covered in names – is behind you, the light is gonna be on your right).
  4. Get out now, stand not too far from the water, choose the Salute emote and perform it while looking directly at the wall.
  5. The Hunter will emerge very close to you, so take your chance to finish him ASAP while he hasn’t run for cover.

That’s it, buddy! You nailed it! All the trophies – all twelve of them – are yours now. This is quite an accomplishment, so feel free to wear your trophies with pride, ‘cause you’ve got a lot to be proud of.


It’s high time you buy a Division 2 carry

Hunters are a level 35 type of enemies, which means you must reach the level cap, get through at least World Tier 1, and get yourself a Specialization. Simply put, you must gear up and gain as much firepower as you can, ‘cause otherwise, you won’t stand the slightest chance against even one Hunter, not to mention two or even four of them. If you haven’t progressed enough, don’t worry – we have perfect powering-up offers on World Tiers completions, farming Spec points or even obtaining the Hunter masks themselves. If you have already got one or two masks, the initial price will be obviously reduced, so try taking a bunch of Hunters on your own, and if it seems too much, don’t be shy to turn to us for help.

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