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Do you like Christmas? Cookies? Getting rewards? Then we have great news for you! All these three things make a bombshell combo in The Dawning 2020 Event, and you have a great chance to take in that holiday spirit, treating yourself to a bunch of Christmas gifts in your favorite Destiny 2. And Legionfarm will teach you how.

One of the Most Fan-Favorite Destiny 2 Events Is Back

So, Guardians, have you been naughty or nice? We’re sure you are on top of Santa’s nice list, but if you feel like you need to earn more points, you can do some good by spreading joy across the Destiny universe. The Dawning Event is back! Our favorite granny Eva Levante has returned once again with her baking kit and a bunch of bounties for us to complete.

Are you guys still googling “Destiny 2 when does the Dawning end” or searching for those Dawning recipes Destiny 2 rolls out every year? No need to. In our complete Destiny 2 Dawning guide we’ll break down all ins and outs for you to celebrate to the fullest. So how about we do some baking, guys?


The Destiny 2 News You’ve Been Waiting to Hear

So, how does the Destiny 2 Christmas event work? If it’s not your first rodeo, you probably already know the drill, but if you’re new to the Dawning, let us break it down to you right away.

We may well call the Dawning a space cooking contest ‘cause the basic mechanic behind it involves collecting ingredients, baking some goodies and presenting them to certain NPCs. The main thing here is that you don’t just mix those ingredients any way you want. You have Destiny 2 recipes that basically tell you what you need to have in order to bake a particular cookie.

Then you have your Holiday Oven—that very household appliance Eva has brought to the Tower for you to use. The Oven, by the way, can be masterworked by learning all Destiny 2 Dawning recipes, and that in turn will help you spend fewer resources on those baking masterpieces of yours.

Once a cookie is fresh-out-of-oven ready, you just travel to the vendor and make a delivery. Of course, it’s not a one-way transaction. For your nice sweet treats you will be rewarded with a small gift Destiny 2 vendors have stashed to praise you for your efforts, and that wraps up pretty much the main point of the Dawning event. But of course, there’s much more than just baking and making deliveries, and we’re gonna give you all the details right about now.


Destiny 2 Dawning Essentials

As we’ve told you before, the essence of the Dawning is delivering specially prepared treats to the familiar NPCs. How to make cookies? Well, you just stock up on the ingredients, follow the Dawning recipes, and get ready to brighten up a vendor’s day with your tiny little gift. However, keep in mind that you’ll have some serious farming to do, but luckily for you, your buddies from Legionfarm are ready to help.First off, here’s the full list of all recipes you’ll be using during this year’s event:


You must have noticed the ingredients, and well, truth be told, some of them are really hard to come by. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the necessary drops and places to farm them. No Destiny tracker needed, it’s all here!


Looks like shooting things is Bungie’s definition of having holiday fun, but we honestly don’t mind. Just be sure to equip your best loadout and be patient, as killing one enemy does not guarantee an immediate drop from them. From what we know, PvP activities drop little to no materials, so there’s no point in bringing your best PvP weapons Destiny 2 has given you once before, as the surest source of those ingredients appears to be PvE activities and Strikes in particular. You can still do the Crucible (those Glory ranks won’t increase themselves, right?) to farm the Dawning Essence, though. Other sources for this material are Legendary Lost Sectors, dungeons, Strikes, and Hunts.


The Dawning Tasks You’ll Need to Handle

The Dawning quests are nothing compared to Destiny 2 dungeon runs or raids, but they will definitely send you places, so let’s just get things straight on what exactly you’ll have to handle to get your share of rewards (more on that later).

This year’s bounties are a bit different from what we used to have in the previous events. Instead of simply delivering cookies to all the folks waiting for them, you’ll need to land kills to complete bounties now. A number of kills done in a particular manner or with a particular weapon, that’s the gist. To feel more confident while handling this part, you might wanna reach that max Light Level Destiny 2 has right now.

The quests vary in length and difficulty, but once again, they’re nothing a Guardian cannot manage. One quest will have you simply get the ship, another one is about upgrading it, and for the rest Eva will just task you with farming Dawning Spirit or run errands for her across the universe. Well, at least you won’t have to sweat in Destiny 2 PvP matches.

The Triumphs are rather straightforward as well, and the only more or less tricky one is to complete a Community quest to generate as much of that Dawning Spirit as you can to contribute to the total community-wide goal of 1,000,000,000. For an active player who deals with all the daily and weekly bounties, as well as focuses on the event’s main quest, farming that 1223 Spirit is quite an attainable goal. But if you happen to have troubles with that or any other part of your Dawning experience, feel free to shout out to Legionfarm.


The Dawning Rewards For You to Reap

Now when we all figured out how the Dawning works and what we are usually tasked with during the event, let’s get to the juiciest part: rewards. So, what goodies will our Guardians earn for their holiday adventures?

Handing in Eva’s bounties and completing quests won’t grant you any Destiny 2 Glory ranks, but it’ll drop a bunch of other pretty outstanding rewards that you really might wanna chase after. This year’s new festive weapon is the Glacioclasm fusion rifle with incredible damage output. High-impact but a bit slow-firing, it’s a very good tool to have in your weapon list. Another notable title is the Avalanche machine gun, which is an oldie, but it can rightfully be called the best MG in the game right now, and it drops from Zavala once you deliver him the first cookie, so getting it is basically as easy as pie (or should we say cookie?). The Cold Front SMG is one more goodie on the pool, and good news doesn’t stop on that.

We have the upgradable Starfarer 7M ship, new shells for your Ghost, themed Destiny 2 skins, and tons of additional resources for your future baking business. The Eververse store also offers superb-looking armor pieces for all Destiny 2 classes. That’s what we call celebrating the Christmas spirit!


A Very Merry Xmas in Destiny 2

If you wanna make this time of the year a bit merrier and tick off some of the titles on your Destiny bucket list, then Legionfarm is ready to play Santa for you and let a bunch of presents from that big bag of Christmas stuff. Team up with a pro player to learn every single one on that Destiny 2 Dawning recipe list, stock up on the Essence, run through Eva’s quests, and loot the best weapons and items on the Dawning rewards pool with ease. Destiny 2 LFG will provide you with the most reliable teammates and the most expert guides to make this year’s Dawning celebration the one to remember. Use our Destiny 2 team finder or book a coaching session to play with pro gamers, but hurry up! Those cookies won’t bake themselves, you know.

So tell us guys, how’s your Dawning progress going? Have you spread some cheer across the Destiny-verse? What’s your least favorite cookie to deliver? Have you earned the new Exotic ship yet? Speak your mind in the comments, and don’t forget to have a look at

Happy holidays to all of you, and see you in the next one!

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