Shadowlands News Digest: Players’ Achievements, Recent Hotfixes & Upcoming Class Tuning


Tons of new content and many newcomers are invading Shadowlands these days. Three weeks since the launch, and Blizzard's fan-favorite brainchild is at its peak popularity, but there’s no time for us to relax as the devs are not done with tweaks and releases yet. Read our Shadowlands News digest to be kept in the loop!

What’s Going On In Shadowlands?

The Shadowlands WoW expansion continues to deliver on the top-notch player experience, rolling its challenges and hotfixes to give fans new milestones to aim for. While the hordes of newcomers are figuring out what class to play in Shadowlands and what Covenant to join, the game vets are already raiding Castle Nathria, crafting their legendary goodies, running through Torghast, and getting ready for the Mythic Nathria to arrive.

Today we’re gonna give you a brief overview of what’s going on in Shadowlands and what’s yet to come, covering the recent fixes, players’ achievements, the upcoming class tuning, and all the hottest things discussed on World of Warcraft forums. Get yourself a nice little snack, and let’s get into it!


Let's Clap For WoW Shadowlands Champs

With such an intense non-stop onslaught of content, WoW Shadowlands is always on everyone’s lips these days. December 8 marked the arrival of one of the most sought-after endgame parts of the expansion, which is the Castle Nathria raid. While the Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder are still scheduled to drop on December 15, players have already got their hands on Normal and Heroic, and there even are a couple of names to enter Warcraft’s history book.

World First Glory of the Nathria Raider was aced last Thursday by a team of European players. It took them nearly 30 hours after the EU release to get done with the achievement, which is outstanding, especially considering that most group members did not have any Shadowlands WoW legendary gear or Mythic+ loot. Way to go, guys. That’s an outstanding job! Speaking of other World Firsts, we already have a group of US server players to complete the Mythic Keystone Shadowlands Master by timing every dungeon at 15+. For more info on their run, check and streams.

Another WoW player TracerFPS made his name by getting the De Other Side Mythic dungeon soloed with no weapon equipped. That was truly a rough ride as the lack of weapon narrowed the range of abilities and the damage output for his Protection Paladin a lot, but Tracer made an exemplary run, so let’s hear it for him. By the way, you can check out the whole completion and preparations in the Tracer’s video here.

Back to other achievements, we have the first guild to get Appreciative with Ve'nari. Two Nerd Crew guild’s members have already maxed out their Ve'nari rep, and others are on their way.

Those are some real things to be proud of, but we’re sure that your Shadowlands progress is the one to brag about as well. Be sure to share your achievements in the comments, and we’re moving to the next hunk of news: hotfixes.


What’s Been Fixed In World of Warcraft So Far?

The Shadowlands beta and the Shadowlands we have now are like chalk and cheese: A lot has been changed, and Blizzard does not intend to stop tuning the content.

The Kyrian and Venthyr Shadowlands Covenants got some minor fixes with their quests and scenarios. Captured Forgehands are now reported to be more reliable, and despawning and disconnecting bugs are no longer present.

NPCs are now not so annoyingly vocal when you pick a Covenant, and Sanngror the Torturer experiences occasional freezes no more.

The Castle Nathria loot fest stops as bosses do not drop additional items. Those of you who had the chance to use this bug for extra farming are the lucky ones, but now everyone’s back to the good old ways. What’s more, raid bosses now scale up their HP and damage just fine, and lots of boss stats and abilities were buffs as well, so raiding in Warcraft Shadowlands will become a lot more challenging than it used to. Item-related fixes were also implemented, and Torghast received its share of tweaks along the way. If you want a detailed hotfix notes breakdown, be sure to visit Blizzard’s official website. To learn more about the World of Warcraft classes changes, please read the section down below.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands Upcoming Fixes

If your WoW character seems to be relatively underpowered as of late, don’t be quick to switch, as the devs are ready to roll one more portion of class tuning coming on December 15. They point out that the process is still “in progress,” so we may see more changes before the reset hits. Now it looks that Unholy DK and Restoration Shaman will get nerfed while DH, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior will receive some hefty buffs during the weekly maintenance. For more details, check the table below.


And what class do you main in World of Warcraft Shadowlands? Are you happy with the upcoming buffs and nerfs? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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