Season 13 Meta Weapons: Top 7 Guns & Season of the Chosen Predictions


We all know that number 13 is always either lucky or cursed, so the game’s thirteenth season will definitely be an important one. We all want to finally take a look at what’s hidden behind the curtain and find out what Season 13 will look like. So, shall we get started on our D2 meta discussion today?

What Are the Most Powerful Weapons in Destiny 2 Right Now?

How are you enjoying Destiny 2 Beyond Light so far? Let’s agree that this expansion took some unexpected turns and led us to new places. Still, it wasn’t perfect. This is why every Destiny 2 update is so important: the game keeps getting better. Each next season is supposed to introduce new activities and improve the player’s experience. Will there be any new Destiny 2 exotics? Is there any news on the future meta so far? Let’s dive into the latest updates together and take a look at the possible next meta for Season 13.


Top 7 Destiny 2 Beyond Light Meta Weapons

There are tons of new meta discussions on Destiny 2 forums, even though there still has been no update or patch notes on the new titles that will debut next season. There are a couple of guesses and theories regarding the old weapons that might become a part of the next meta, so why don’t we review them? Here is a quick look at all weapons that you might want to have in your collection in time for the next update:

Eyes of Tomorrow

EoT is one of the Destiny 2 best weapons and most powerful exotics to ever exist in the game. The drop chance for this one isn’t very high, and you can get this gun only in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. It shines in both PvP and PvE activities since its ability to take down many enemies with a couple of shots is just incredible and too rare to ignore.

Ace of Spades

Originally, there was a quest for this hand cannon in Forsaken, but it’s not available anymore. You can still get it, though: it’s available in the Tower, in the Exotic Archive. The fact that it is so perk-packed makes AoS absolutely worth it.

The Chaperone

If you are looking for a good shotgun for PvP encounters, you have just found one. This one won’t be easy to unlock, though, since the only way to do that is to complete a quest that randomly drops at the end of a Crucible match.


Finding a good sniper rifle is not an easy task. Beyond Light introduced many wonderful weapons, and Adored is definitely among them. This is an all-ground sniper rifle capable of fantastic records if used properly.


This is another hand cannon you should get your hands on. It can be obtained from a quest that actually takes some time to finish, but it is overall quite easy since you won’t have to do a lot of fighting. Hawkmoon’s stats are very promising, so you can use this hand cannon in activities of all difficulties.


Divinity is truly a unique weapon that’s a perfect pick for your energy slot. It’s capable of not only dealing a lot of damage but creating damaging energy fields around your foes as well. You can get this trace rifle by completing the Garden of Salvation raid.


This one was disabled in November due to some bugs, and it still hasn’t come back to the game. It might return to D2 in the next season and become its new meta thanks to its damage-over-time features that are perfect for taking down bosses.

Okay, so we’ve just talked about the weapons that have every chance to become the next meta in S13, but how about the completely new weapons? Let’s see what the Destiny 2 new season might bring us.


Is There Any Destiny 2 News on The New Guns?

There hasn’t been that much news on what’s coming to the game in S13, but we still pulled out a couple of confirmed S13 details from the ton of theories. So, what’s going to happen in Season of the Chosen?

It is hard to predict how things will go when we’re still almost two weeks away from the new massive content update. There is always at least one new weapon that’s added to the loot pool along with a couple of perks, but is one weapon really enough for Season 13? As you remember, 21 titles are about to be removed from the game, so we would like to see something that would fill that void. However, it’s unlikely that instead of 21 old weapons, we will get the same number of new Destiny 2 exotic weapons.

Different in-game challenges and modes, such as Gambit and Crucible, will get six brand-new guns, two for each. Many players would agree that there are not that many titles among the best PvE weapons Destiny 2, so more are expected to arrive soon. This is an especially exciting update since these activities haven’t received many new weapons in a while. Nightfall Ordeals were not left out either: a couple of guns from Destiny 1, such as The Swarm and The Palindrome, are also making their way back to D2, so a few fresh titles are also expected to be released at the same time.

And last but not least. Dreaming City and the Moon will face some tweaks and changes that will result in better rewards. Does this mean that Bungie considers adding even more titles to the loot pool? We are not 100% sure, but it seems like it’s true.

There is not much time left till the finale of S12, so you better start grinding the last section of your SP while you still have a chance to do so!


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Thank you guys for reading, and see you in the next one!

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