Rumors and Leaks on Call of Duty 2021


What role will 2021 play for the CoD series? This is the question we all are asking ourselves right now. There’s no official info at the moment, so it is hard to guess what will happen next. Still, we can try to do that. In this article, we’ve gathered all the rumors surrounding CoD 2021 and the next releases. Enjoy your read!

Will There Be Any More Surprises in Call of Duty?

The previous year wasn’t very kind to the gaming industry, and Call of Duty wasn’t spared either. Even though we had a couple of successful releases in 2020, those were far from being perfect. For that reason, many players felt like CoD games got worse and less engaging.

We will have to disagree with that. The last year was challenging in many terms, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t bring anything good. The same goes for the CoD devs. These guys worked pretty hard, even in moments of crisis. And as a result of their earnest commitment, players got to experience the next part of the series.

As much as we loved it, Cold War still requires some rework. But that’s not what we’ve come here to discuss, right? We’re all curious whether there is any Call of Duty news, leaks, and rumors that would tell us about the series’s future. Well, let’s find out.


Rumors on the New Call of Duty and Improvements of Previous Games

The new CoD game has received another update, so now most players are focused on adjusting to the recent changes. However, it doesn’t mean that we should forget about preparing ourselves for the game’s future. What might happen next and what will this year change? Let’s collect all the theories and guesses right here and take a look at the details we already have:


The new Call of Duty release date in 2021 depends mostly on the developer and on the pandemic. Usually, the next part of the series comes out in the fall, but things might be different this year.

And the main question is the following: who is the Call of Duty developer in 2021? Many devs and studios are working on the production of CoD. Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and SHG are the three studios that have been developing the game for many years. In 2020, SHG wasn’t a part of the team, which means that these guys might take the wheel in 2021. Does this mean that something big is going to happen? We’ll have to wait and see.


The mobile version has been a true success. Two seasons of CoD Mobile proved that people are excited to play Call of Duty on their phones. Both seasons include a variety of maps, missions, and BP challenges. What is more, the mobile version held the very first Championships, so more events of such kind might take place this year.


What this game needs for sure is a little more balance since now all three parts of the series are mixed. This is what is guaranteed to arrive this year. The game remains pretty popular despite the recent releases, which means that it will be updated and improved to keep the number of players growing.

Another map might debut sometime in 2021, and even though we are not sure about the launch date, it is possible, according to multiple rumors, that a big map might soon become a part of the game’s scene.

Black Ops

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to BO. The devs say that 2021 will be the biggest year for Black Ops so far, but we’ll have to see about that. More content will arrive during this time, including fresh updates such as maps and modes for Zombies. Most of the game’s elements will be free-to-play. However, the best perks, rewards, and other seasonal stuff will be only accessible for BP owners.

As you can see, there are a lot of expectations from the series. All that’s required from us at this point is just to wait and prepare ourselves for something bigger. And that’s what we’ll do, right?


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Call of Duty’s future seems unclear for now, but we are certain that many great things will arrive soon. If you don’t want to miss anything important, make sure to check our blog from time to time!

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