Play with PRO in Call of Duty: Warzone!


Hey there! Foksey here!

So.. As many of you probably thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to Battle Royale types of games and the scene wouldn’t be changing anytime soon with games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex legends, which are definitely top tier Battle Royales. But all of a sudden, 2 weeks ago, Activision released a new “version” of their BR - Call of Duty Warzone. Only 2 weeks have passed yet the game already has over 30 million players. This is one not to miss.

Call of Duty Warzone is quite like your classical BR, with all standard mechanics in place, but with some new features, like playing with up to 150 people in a match. The main point I want to drive home here is that being good at other BR games doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in this one, Warzone is a bit different. But don’t worry, LegionFarm has just what you need to become great at the game with our CoD Warzone training services.

We’ve already whipped up a beta-version of our Play with PRO service for Warzone (it like a CoD Warzone LFG). Those who have used our service in Apex Legends will come to know that it's very familiar. What better way to master an awesome Battle Royale Like Warzone than with one of our PROs? Learn CoD warzone tricks, how to properly use various vehicles, which drop locations are good, how to be precise with your shooting and how to communicate with your team if you want to win. Trust me, all of this is much harder than it sounds, but not for our PROs :)

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on Warzone to see if it’ll remain popular or fade out like the previous Battle Royale from Activision. But hey, why not have some fun in-game while it's on a hype train? :)

See ya soon! Foksey out!

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