Our First Impressions and 5 Things You Need to Know About Season of the Chosen


It’s been one week since the launch of the new season, which means that there is a huge pile of things that should be discussed. What’s the new launching area? What happened to the old guns? How do players feel about Season of the Chosen? All these details are right here in our blog today, so let’s dive into the fresh update right off the bat!

Season 13 in Destiny 2: How’s It Going So Far?

Here we are, coming face to face with the old foes in the new season of Destiny 2. The first week is always the most important: seven days is often enough to determine all the season’s good and bad sides. This time around, players received a massive update that includes a large collection of Destiny 2 exotics and many other interesting features. So how did the start of Destiny 2 new season go? Are these new Destiny 2 weapons worth a shot?

We’ve collected all the feedback, as well as many other insights and news, in today's blog article, so if you were looking for a fresh overview of the new season and some additional details on the updates, you came here right on time. Let’s roll!


What Do Players Think About the New Season After Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

How did you like the beginning of the new season? This is a pretty impressive start, and it seems like Season 13 is going to go as smoothly as possible without any questionable situations and unexpected turns. Still, this is just the beginning, so we’ll see what will happen next.

While most players have enjoyed the first week of Season of the Chosen, some part of the community still has grounds for complaint. Let’s start our discussion and see what players think about the new chapter of our favorite cosmic shooter.

The new leader of Destiny 2 Cabal, Caiatl, was hinted at for a long time, but this is the first time she has ever appeared in action. The minute you enter the game, the cutscene starts. We learn a few details about the Empress, and right after the short clip ends, players dive into the new activity, Battlegrounds. What a rollercoaster! This is a fantastic way to start the new season, and the community really enjoyed this engaging approach.

Another important change that resulted in many discussions is the H.E.L.M. This is a brand-new location that’s basically about to become a new place for you to come back to many times. Some players noted that it lacks a bit of convenience since you can’t access bounties from the H.E.L.M., but all in all, the War Table is quite rich in features as it displays all the major events and challenges right in front of you. What’s more, by playing such activities as Destiny 2 Crucible, Gambit, Battlegrounds, and many others, you’ll gain access to new missions and rewards and rank up your new reputation.

What’s also great about the new season is the changes made to Destiny 2 Stasis. The subclass got a bit updated, so now you can improve your character’s abilities by using special modifiers. Known as Aspects, these new ways of adding variety to the subclasses’ powers seem like the next step towards customization.

To sum it up, it’s important to note that Bungie did hear us and did their best to provide players with all kinds of new activities such as Destiny 2 strikes and Battlegrounds, so everyone would enjoy the game to the fullest.

This season is filled with tons of Destiny 2 pinnacle gear sets, amazing rewards, and brand-new firearms, and we are really excited to finally jump into the game and start working on the quests to get these goodies. However, before we do that, why not quickly review all the main updates that were introduced at the beginning of the season? Find out more about all the news and patch notes down below.


A Quick Guide on the Latest Destiny 2 News and Season 13 Updates

As the war with the Darkness continues, Bungie keeps adding new content. Since the start of the season, players have already got to explore the new area and some fresh features. So, what happened in Season of the Chosen? Let's briefly review the season's patch notes and newest additions right here:

New launching area

It is called H.E.L.M., and that’s where you can speak to the season’s key characters like Zavala and the Crow. Here, you can also find the War Table, where you can get seasonal challenges, obtain seasonal engrams, and do many other things. It seems like this area will be updated soon since there are many closed doors down the hallways that can’t be opened just yet.

The new Battlegrounds activity

Fighting off NPCs’ armies, destroying the Cabal’s technologies, and battling against powerful bosses is just what this game needed. This recently added activity is already becoming one of the community’s biggest favorites, and we are positive that it will stay this way.

Old strikes are back

The Devil's Lair, which is the first strike for most Destiny players, along with the Fallen SABER, are the returning strikes from the original Destiny. We are really enjoying this “Let’s bring the old content back” trend so far!

The new exotic: A real gem or just a regular bow?

Well, this is a hard question. The secret to activating the bow’s magic features lies in its perks. By using those properly, you will beat anyone who is standing in your way. You will even be able to take down three enemies simultaneously if you remember to use these perks at the right time. The new exotic bow will definitely become a part of the current Destiny 2 meta, along with many other fantastic weapons.

Sunsetting is annoying

We know that you're going to miss all these guns (not all of them, though), but let's not get too upset about that. Remember that Bungie promised us tons of new loot and weapons, so let's hope they'll keep their promise.

And a lot more is coming…**

This is only the beginning. Season 12 wasn't very dazzling or game-changing, but it still brought some crucial changes and necessary feedback from players that pointed the devs to the right direction. There are still many updates that are only about to happen, and we are super excited to see them coming!

And while we are waiting for more content updates to drop, let’s see what we can do about the most recent one. How to get all the latest Destiny 2 armor and upgrades for all those new weapons? We know a couple of secrets that the game doesn’t want to tell you, and we are ready to share them all!


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That’s all we’ve got for you today, but as the season progresses, we’ll be preparing even more guides for you to read and enjoy. Remember to visit our blog from time to time, so you would not miss anything important. Stay safe, and see you soon!

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