Not One But Two Newly-Discovered Hidden Locations In Destiny 2


Who doesn’t like to assume the role of Indiana Jones and be among the first to uncover the mysteries of the never-before-seen places? Join us in this article as we’ll tell you what a fantastic discovery was made merely a couple of days ago in Destiny 2. Learn everything you need to know about how to visit those places and see everything for yourself!

An Unexpected Discovery in Destiny 2

The last reset marked the beginning of the final month of Season 12. Something rather peculiar happened after that reset, and we’ll talk about it here today. Without going around it for too long – players have found and been able to get to a new hidden area in the EDZ. They say there’s been news of a ship being hidden away in the area next to where we acquire the Hawkmoon. Strangely enough, the door leading to that room has become possible to interact with. It’s located in the boss room, in the reservoir, in EDZ. What you’ll hear after going through that door is a dialog between the Crow and our Ghost about how this is a different ship with the same look. And that’s pretty much it. No additional quest steps have been found yet. There could be something hidden in there, or it could be just a teaser to the fact that we’ll be able to get our hands on that ship in the future or something along those lines.

Some things in Destiny 2 don’t change. The developers know well what we players like – a sense of adventure and discovery. So they like to treat us and tease us every time they get the chance. Whatever your opinion of Beyond Light may be, you definitely can’t accuse the devs of losing their way in terms of understanding what the game stands on and what makes us play it every day.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light Surprises Us with Layered Missions

But let’s go back to Hawkmoon Destiny 2 and give you some more context to what the players have found exactly. As you may know, it’s one of the new quests for a particularly good specimen of the hand cannon variety of Destiny 2 weapons. You have to have the Season Pass 12 for this quest to be available to you. On top of that, you will have needed to do some of the seasonal content, specifically the first mission and the first hunt. The Spider offers you this Destiny 2 Hawkmoon quest, and at the end, you receive this cool new gun, which is actually one of the throwback exotics from the first game.

Although, it’s nothing like it was back then. It only has 8 shots in the magazine, plus it’s the only exotic that features random rolls. One of the last missions of that quest can be rerun – that one that takes place on the dam where you fight the Taken. It’s the Crow’s hideout, and it contains a room with a couple of closed-off doors that are sealed by the Taken energy. As of the last reset, one of the doors can be opened. If you come to it, there’ll be an interactive option that says “Commune with the Traveler,” and this will break the seal so you can get in. That room will lead to two hallways, one of which ends up with debris and the other one leads to the hangar with the aforementioned ship. And we thought there’s not much to this planet other than a few starting EDZ Lost Sectors. What a surprise!


There are More Destiny 2 News Than We All Thought!

But it’s not all! Destiny 2 ships do have meaning, but there’s more than one hidden place!

Shortly after the news about that hidden room flew across the community, someone discovered a tunnel behind the EDZ fireplace that will only open if you shoot a brick with nothing other but Destiny 2 Hawkmoon. If you do that, it will create a little hole you can crawl into. Inside there will be a very narrow series of hallways that exist between the walls of the structures. And it’s longer than anyone would expect! It leads to two places: one is a dead end with a chair and what seems to be a wooden crate with a lamp and a laptop on it. The other one is more of a noticeable dead end with a larger room that is sealed by the door with a reed switch next to it. The whole composition looks like it’s a puzzle or a start of one. However, so far, it seems like the community hasn’t uncovered how one can interact with the switch or with the entire tunnel, for that matter. Interestingly, this whole zone is very detailed that clearly has a purpose that we just don’t know yet. How’s that for Destiny 2 secrets? What fans are doing now is basically coming up with theories for these two places and what they could mean.


Beyond Light Leaves a Mystery After Itself

Some say that these two places could hint us towards yet another exotic. It could also point towards the Zero Hour secret quest, which has been anticipated for about a year now. The ship is something we probably will be able to get in the future since we’ve already got a copy or a model of every NPCs personal crafts, so why would this one be an exception? There hasn’t been any proof of any new upcoming missions from the data mining perspective. However, those that scramble info by any means necessary have been trying to get outside of those two secret places’ bounds, and they have found something.

hey found a lot of additional kinds of blocks that’d stop data miners from going too far outside of the boundaries if that makes any sense. That is highly unusual. It means that if there was a new mission to be patched in, then its data would have been found somewhere in the databases, but man, these additional roadblocks... They say it’s emblematic of a bigger mission. All these Destiny 2 hidden messages could be hinting that we might start rebuilding the original Tower, which has been discussed in the community for a while now. What this all really means – only the time will tell.

But if you wish to visit those places on your own, you could use our Destiny 2 LFG coaching and carry services. As usual, our pros are always up to date with all things happening in the game, so they have already been to these two newly uncovered sites. So, why don’t you grab yourself a Play with a Pro service and go see everything for yourself this time? It’s really a special kind of feeling when you find yourself somewhere you’re not supposed to be! If you want to know more about how you can get there, visit, and our staff will take care of you!

That’s all the beans we wanted to spill to you today. Thank you for staying with Legionfarm. We hope you found this article informative and interesting. Speaking of, why don’t we continue the discussion in the comments section below? To Legionfarm Destiny 2 is a special game, and we do love uncovering secrets with the rest of you. Why don’t you tell us what was the biggest secret you got to uncover in the game? We can’t wait to read your stories. And while you are trying to remember them, we are writing the next blog entry. So, see you there!

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