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Are you guys up for another blog about one of our Apex Legends stars? Here’s VolcanFPS_TV and his incredible story for you. This is a read you definitely don’t wanna miss out on.

Volkan Özaltın, aka VolcanFPS_TV, was born in Antalya, Turkey, to a Bulgarian father and a Macedonian mother. An honor, hard-working student at school, praised by both teachers and parents, always taking his education seriously – first at a science-focused boarding school and later on at the Mediterranean Law School, where he got his law degree. A licensed lawyer, Volkan started his own company and worked as a prosecutor for a short time, then switching to criminal law practice. In the field for 5 years, he had solved over 50 criminal cases before the pandemic hit, forcing him to shut down his office and start working from home.

Quitting his criminal lawyer career came as a relief in some way to Volkan. Having seen the dark side of the world first-hand with things that were really hard to stomach, he just couldn’t take it any more.

“At some point I couldn't handle it mentally,” Volkan shares. “As a lawyer, you should be like a wall. But I am a nice and kind person with a soft heart, and evil things drain me so much. I am humble and I love helping other people, but as a lawyer, you can't do that, you can’t be humble. You need to be at the top of everything. I am also very emotional and sometimes reckless and I like having fun. But in my job, there is no room for fun.”

Abiding by strict rules in everything, from how he looked to how he behaved, Volkan saw room for a much-needed change in his routine with a home-based office and a different career path. With so much free time on his hands, he started to focus on video games more, Apex Legends in particular. However, his gaming life deserves a whole story of its own.

Volkan was first introduced to video games at the age of 6. With Sega Sonic, Mario, and Atari games as his first titles, the switch to Playstation was huge. Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Rayman series, then God of War, Indiana Jones, and Uncharted – this guy sure knows his way around adventure games. Stepping into the competitive level with Dota 2, Volkan played for 8,000+ hours and won a couple of local tournaments with his Divine rank. Limited by the lack of Dota tourneys in Turkey and unable to travel due to his uni studies, his interest in the game slowly faded. But it all changed when Apex Legends was released.

“After Dota 2, Apex felt very fast-paced. At the start, I didn't even know how to aim and how to shoot. I was just hanging around and trying to explore the game,” Volkan recalls.

Taking it slow, he managed to hit the Predator rank by the end of Season 3. 22 years worth of gaming experience is no joke, so even after taking a long work-related break till Season 6, Volkan easily climbed his way up to Predator again in the Ranked Split Two, and shortly after that was invited to join the LegionFarm family. With stats his these, it comes as no surprise at all:

  • Currently ranked Master/Predator
  • #67 Season 7 Master/Predator
  • 2,173 wins
  • 27,715 kills

An MnK turned controller player, Volkan has been with LF for around 4 months. 317 sessions played, and does 200-250+ hours monthly as a pro teammate and coach, helping our customers improve their gameplay and learn a few tricks along the way. How’s that going? Well, those reviews and a 4.99-star rating certainly speak volumes.


“I am the guy that always aims for the top and ‘just good’ is not enough for me. When you always try to improve, at some point you will be a professional,” says Volkan.

Honest and always helpful, VolcanFPS_TV will not only carry you for wins and kills, sharing his vast in-game knowledge and giving you the most unforgettable Apex experience ever, but he’ll also make you laugh to tears with his jokes, all that while keeping a conversation going on literally any topic, from astrophysics and medicine to psychology and nature. Smart, sociable, professional – if that doesn’t make a perfect Apex teammate, we don’t know what does.

Wanna play with VolcanFPS_TV? Sign up here at and book your session!

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