Meet Varayn - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Who said late millennials can’t game? Our buddy Varayn will give lots of those Gen Z gamers a run for their money! Strap up guys, we’re taking you for an Apex Legends dive-in!

Tolga Cinar, aka Varayn, is 32 but a solid gamer, with “solid” actually being a huge understatement. Gaming his whole life, he’s been through the early console era and witnessed the rise of PlayStation, with many game genres still in their crib. Years passed as Tolga’s mastery was gaining ground, and the moment he would go pro was only a matter of time. And that time came when Apex Legends was released.

Over the past two years, Tolga grinded day and night and took part in almost every Apex Middle-East tourney, and his dedication and skill have borne some real fruit along the way. These big shot titles below are only a tiny part of the man’s achievements:

  • two-time winner of the B-Tier Middle East & Africa ALGS Online
  • #2, #3 & #4 on the same tourney
  • #3 in the B-Tier Middle East & Africa ALGS Autumn Circuit
  • #5 in Legion Royale: EMEA Weekly
  • #5 in the B-Tier Middle East & Africa PGL Showdown

With his name well-known in the esports circles far beyond his home country and tournament earnings estimated at four-to-five-digit numbers, Tolga is now happy to pursue a career he’s been aiming for a very long time. “It was my dream all along but I never had the chance to do it because in my times it wasn't really a profession you could consider. It was risky,” he shares.

Now ranked at the very top of the Turkish Apex Legends leaderboards, Varayn’s esports performance is picking up speed with every tournament he drops into, and his Apex stats are a masterpiece of their own:

  • 2,350 wins
  • 53,803 kills
  • 3.13 KDA
  • seasoned Apex Predator

With LegionFarm for 5 months, Varayn is already a proud VIP pro on the platform, having 470 sessions and 15 regulars.


“I love every second of it. LegionFarm has given me chances I didn't know I could have. Thanks to LegionFarm I now live on my own with the best internet I can get in my country. All I can say is, it's a great opportunity for everyone.”

You too guys have a great opportunity to up your Apex skills and rank up with Tolga as your coach and teammate. Wanna get those wins and kills? Sign up here at and book your session with Varayn!

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