Meet SOKOLOV_GAMING - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


A very warm welcome to all of you guys from Lebanon once again, with our buddy Sokolov_Gaming here to show you how to fight and coach both in-game and in a real-life arena.

Dany Chamoun, aka Sokolov_Gaming, is a 26-year-old pro gamer and streamer from Beirut. Having 8 years worth of experience as a personal fitness trainer, Dany has a knack for coaching people, helping them improve and change their lifestyles for the better. An ex-professional fighter and Lebanese champion, he carried that competitive instinct to his esports career with a blast. Being into FPS games for over 10 years, Dany comes from a Counter Strike background, playing CS:GO competitively on FaceIt, then switching to Apex Legends and finally sticking to Call of Duty. He started streaming in March 2020 and pretty much made the headlines as the first Lebanese CoD streamer to partner with Facebook gaming.

“I wanted to prove that we can achieve everything if we work hard enough!” says Dany. “I try to inspire the younger generation.”

These Warzone stats, though, deserve special mention:

  • 5,345 matches
  • 1,435 wins (Top 0.1%)
  • 56,943 kills (Top 0.1%)
  • 5.32 K/D
  • 47,918,236 score (Top 0.1%)
  • 26.9% win rate

With his coaching passion transferred to the gaming scene, Dany has been a LegionFarm PRO since January. Despite having the looks of an action-movie hero and with his Warzone stats being intimidating enough for you to think twice before trying to mess with him on the battlefield. Dany never looks down on anyone and makes every person feel welcome, be it a customer at the gym or in-game. That’s the reason why he’s delivered 243 sessions with 370+ hours on the platform, and more and more LF customers come to play with him as regulars.


“What I like the most about LegionFarm is the professionalism of this company and the way they care about their players. I’ve worked multiple jobs in my life and I've never been in a company like LegionFarm! Let's call it a Family that cares about everyone from customers to players,” Dany told us when asked how he felt about being a part of LF. “LegionFarm helped me a lot with paying my debts to the bank and helping my family. Lebanon's economy is bad at the moment and working with Legion is helping me a lot with building a better future for me and my family.”

Wanna play with SOKOLOV? Sign up here at and book your session!

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