Meet PrinceRaso - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Meet our buddy PrinceRaso sending y'all a warm hello from the Netherlands! We hope you’re excited to read about another talented Warzone PRO who we’re sure you’d like to team up with by the time you're done with this piece! Let's roll!

Rasan Gafaf, aka PrinceRaso, is a 26-year-old gamer based in the Netherlands, streaming and coaching full-time on a daily basis. Keen on playing competitively ever since a child, Rasan has always wanted to pursue a gaming career.

“When I was a teenager I always wanted to become a streamer,” he shares. “The reason behind this is because I always wanted to show my skills and my personality to the people that are watching me. I couldn’t stream because of my school and my parents never let me start. Once I graduated, I told myself I was gonna start streaming for at least a year and give my all to this.”

A man of his word, Rasan is living proof of how far dreams and hard work can take you. A full-on streamer for 1.5 years now, he’s playing and competing in Warzone, getting the most of his 5+ years of battle royale experience, which so far, has served him well:

  • #1 in the world in multiplayer in Kills & Score
  • a proud member of the Esports & Content Team Devour organization
  • a wagers and tournaments regular with multiple local wins

And that wouldn’t be a complete picture of how badass of a player PrinceRaso is without these killer stats:

  • 5,912 matches
  • 1,433 wins
  • 60,451 kills
  • 5.48 K/D
  • 59,919,392 score
  • 24.2% win rate

During the 8 months of his time here at LegionFarm, Rasan is an absolute slayer, with his 212 sessions and a 4.99-star rating on the platform. He’s seen LF grow and improve and is doing his best to help us keep keeping on!


“Working for LegionFarm has not only made me meet new people but also made me learn how to coach even better for clients and be more professional. On top of that, streaming & coaching in Warzone is my hobby and my job at the same time and I am blessed for this opportunity.”

Wanna play with PrinceRaso? Sign up here at and book your session!

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