Meet Nigel046TTV - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


Buckle up readers, because we’re about to take you on a journey going at nearly five-hundred points per minute. It’s the kind of trip you can only take with LegionFarm PROs.

Nigel046TTV is a 27-year old former professional footballer from The Netherlands. During the day, he captains his local football club, serving as a vital sport role model in his community. When he’s not on the pitch, he straps up as an operator in Call of Duty: Warzone, destroying the competition that dared to make the mistake of parachuting into Verdansk alongside him.

Gaming for more than sixteen years, it became clear from an early age that Nigel had talent.

“My friends always told me I had a special gift,” Nigel told us. “Almost every game I play I'm pretty good at.”

That’s more than just talk, too. Though he grew up on PC games, he first got into competitive Call of Duty on PS4, where he established himself as a talent with few rivals. To step up his game and further his collaboration with LegionFarm, he invested in a new gaming PC that he’s been using to launch a streaming career on Twitch.

How’s the switch to keyboard and mouse treating him? Well, his statistics speak for themselves. With more than 76 days of play time logged in Warzone, Nigel046TTV is in the Top 0.1% of players by almost every measurable metric. He’s also won multiple Call of Duty tournaments in his home country, but we think that’s just the beginning. Look at these numbers!

  • 46,824 kills
  • 1,733 wins
  • 51,851,032 score
  • 38.2% win rate
  • 5.18 KDA

Nigel046TTV has been a LegionFarm PRO for eight months now, and completed over 330 sessions with customers. In that time, he’s maintained an astounding 4.99-star rating! He has one of the finest records out of any of our legionnaires, thanks to his gameplay talent, coaching skills, all rounded out with a bit of Dutch charm.


What’s it all mean to him? Well, LegionFarm customers are good people. “Some of the people I met are my friends now and we have contact with each other outside of gaming,” shares Nigel. But LegionFarm has provided him with more than just friends.

“I can finally do what I like to do. My dream has always been to make a living out of gaming. LegionFarm is giving me a chance now, but I'm not there yet,” he says. “I will have to grow as a streamer as well.”

So, you know what that means, readers. Go follow Nigel046TTV on Twitch and go to right now and book your coaching session with one of the best in the business!

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