Meet Darkin - LegionFarm PRO in Apex Legends


Today, readers, LegionFarm is going to tell you a very human story of the hardship and pain that comes from living in the pandemic. Don’t worry, though. Thanks to LegionFarm, this story has a very happy ending!

Georgi Titov, aka Darkin, is a twenty-three-year-old from London who works as a professional Apex Legends coach here at LegionFarm. An esports athlete of unrivaled talent, he has reached the absolute top tiers of Counter-Strike 1.6, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and many other titles.

Gaming since his hands were big enough to click on buttons at barely 3 years old, baby Darkin cut his teeth on Nintendo titles like Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario on an old NES gamestation. At seven years old, he got his first PC and that woke a serious competitive spirit in him. Since then, he’s won or placed in a wide variety of tournaments and premier leagues across several games. Here are just some of his best shots:

  • The Puck Cup (#1)
  • Go4Overwatch #116 (#1)
  • ALGS Online - Europe
  • ALGS Summer Circuit - EMEA
  • Esports Arena: Europe

Sadly, none of it ever paid the bills; there were many times that looked like he would go pro, but his moment never came. Darkin waited tables to make ends meet. Then the pandemic hit. Restaurants closed, and he was jobless in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world. With no other jobs available, he worked in an Amazon warehouse at a blistering pace and with a blustering supervisor; then he suffered a grievous back injury that left him in agony for weeks.

No longer able to do his job, he was forced to quit. That’s when things started to look really hopeless. Then his friend told him about LegionFarm. When we saw his stats, we knew we had a spot for him on our team.

Darkin has only been with us since March, but he’s already completed 148 sessions with our customers and has a 5-star rating. “As soon as I started, I began working solid hours,” Darkin tells us. “My first week I had 40+ hours, and I’ve had 50+ ever since.” It’s easy to see why LegionFarm customers love him. He’s not just friendly and grateful for the work; he’s an Apex Predator with 17,603 kills and 1,301 wins to his name. His customers speak even more highly than his stats, though.


The gratitude goes both ways.

“I'd probably either be homeless today or having to shrink every penny to cover my living expenses,” Darkin says. “LegionFarm has saved my life from poverty or homelessness in times where there is literally NO other job. This is the closest thing to a dream come true.”

We’re all lucky to have Darkin. Talent like this doesn’t belong on a warehouse floor.

Wanna play with Darkin? Sign up at and book your session today!

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