Meet Alexandremix - LegionFarm PRO in Warzone


It looks like Portugal is famous not only for its soccer legends but for young and talented professional gamers too! So, here’s one more aspiring Portuguese esports athlete for you – Alexandremix, our brilliant Warzone PRO!

Alexandre Calvario, aka Alexandremix, is a 26-year-old software developer and tech enthusiast. Always in tune with new technology trends and cutting-edge gadgets, Alexandre calls himself a geek and an avid festival fan. Outgoing and sociable, he never misses a fest in his home country and is always up for a little trip to visit his favorite Tomorrowland and Defqon.1. Also an amateur photographer, Alexandre is a man of many hobbies and talents, but there’s one thing that’s been a part of him for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve always played video games,” he says, talking about his greatest passion. “It is in my blood.”

A streamer with a growing following, Alexandre plays Warzone on high professional levels, with his killcount, wins, and score already in the Top 0.1%. His other stats are no less impressive:

  • 5,191 matches
  • 980 wins
  • 43,272 kills
  • 3.22 K/D
  • 43,096,744 score
  • 18.9% win rate

With LegionFarm for only 2 months, Alexandremix is already one of our customers’ favorite pros and a proud owner of the elite VIP status. 65 orders on the platform is just the beginning, and that 4.99-star rating turning into a full-fledged 5 is only a matter of time.


At LegionFarm, Alexandre easily unites his social side and love for communication with his gamer self to be a great coach and fantastic game buddy. “I love it! I made a lot of friends in LF and everyone is so great,” he shares.

Apart from pro gaming career opportunities, LF actually helped Alexandre get a pay rise at his job as a software developer. Afraid that they might lose him for good to streaming and gaming, the company he works at prompted a promotion and changed his schedule to part-time, giving him more time to dedicate to video games and his LegionFarm clients.

“Now I can play whenever I want and stream whenever I want. I can be more free with my life, so it means I am less stressed and more happy!”

Wanna play with Alexandremix? Sign up here at and book your session!

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