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Hello, guys!

It's been a while since we've posted some articles here, but we're finally breaking the silence. Today we're gonna tell you a bit about our Play with PRO (PwP) service in Apex Legends and our new subscriptions.

We've all been through this. We're always busy with real-life stuff and don't have that much time to spend on games. Time is one of the most valuable resources in our life and if you want to become a good player, you'll have to spend a lot of it. And sometimes being successful in a game doesn't depend just on your personal skill. That's just not enough. Now thanks to our PwP service you can raise your skill to unbelievable heights and even become the PRO player yourself! Yes, you'll be that good that we'll accept you to our team !

PwP is a kind of service that allows you to forget about having noobs on your team - our players are not only perfect teammates for any situation but also great mentors which will teach you how to become much stronger on your own. So, PwP is a mix of coaching and in-game assist in one piece, which is a great deal all-around. You can learn more about PwP service in our promo video below:

Here's the link for our Apex page:


And to spice it all up a bit, we'd like to mention 2 of our players with an interesting background behind them. The first one is NAVI_CYPH_1XBET , a professional Apex Legends coach in Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) and the Quake World Champion. Cypher is a #4041 Predator. I guess, there's no need to tell you how good he is. You'll be able to learn more about him in our interview that we'll post soon. The second one is pyromancers - this guy is a beast. He is top 0.1% Predator on a #26 rank with a 3.9 K/D ratio. He's been Predator since season 1, but the most interesting part is that this dominator is a simple 16-year-old guy from Kazakhstan. Can you even imagine that? This is nuts! And of course, we'll have an interview with him as well.

Recently we've thought about going further from selling just fixed hours with our PROs. That's how Subscriptions were born. There's one offer that rapidly grows in popularity - Master Unlimited Subscription , here's the link:


Let's break down what Master Unlimited Subscription provides:

  • Play with x2 Top Masters at any time any day with your personal schedule.
  • Personal schedule manager. Replay and stream analysis.
  • Once you get to the Master, you can use service for an unlimited amount of hours to play with squads of Pros and Subscribers.
  • Play any game modes with our players.

What else can you add here? Well, there's only 1 upgrade to this - the Predator Unlimited Subscription, but we'll cover that later. Why are we looking at Master rank then and not Predator? The thing is, once you've purchased this pack and reached the Master rank, you're getting our official budge that makes you a PRO player in our system just like your mentors! We're not joking around, you'll actually be able to work as a PRO on our system after this if you'll want to. So, in this case, Predator rank is something over the top. But it's always nice to have an opportunity for further growth, right?

Being good at Apex Legends can take a lot of time. Legionfarm is here to save a lot of your time and to help you to make the actual use of your skill if you'd like to do so. Make the right choice, champion.

Check our other subscription offers here :

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