Listing The Best Builds In Destiny 2


If you’re feeling like your adventures are getting dull, it could be because your current loadout lacks some spunk. With less gear to equip and unlock, it’s difficult to come up with a really fun combo. Join us today as we list the most entertaining builds that will make you say goodbye to boring farming.

About Destiny 2 Builds

In ongoing mayhem where all of the game’s community is dissecting the content and arguing with each other if they like it or not, it’s about time we talked about the class builds. There’s a list of viable builds that many players use, and we thought we’d share some of the best ones with you.

Yes, nobody’s happy about reduced customization for the subclasses, but you have to give it to Bungie. They did an excellent job of leaving us with enough gear to make very balanced and quintessentially different builds. Once again, these builds might be known to you already, but we thought it would be a good idea to put them on one list to help those that may be looking for it. Just keep in mind that if you liked a particular build but you lack the pieces to make it, Legionfarm offers excellent Destiny 2 services to help you with that problem.

As for the builds, they’re so good that you can equip them to deal with almost anything, from rising through the Destiny 2 glory ranks to doing all Destiny 2 raids. Of course, the core of any build is the right choice of Destiny 2 exotics. Don’t worry, though. We’ll describe everything in great detail and won’t leave anything out. So, let us begin!


Make Destiny 2 Raids Fun Again

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind the subclass/gear synergy. Armor and weapons work better when they’re used in combination with a subclass. With that in mind, let us proceed to our collection of builds for each of the three class archetypes.


The first of these Destiny 2 titan builds is very good. The throwables are the centerpiece of it. Striker gives you two throwables, and your CQC helps you recharge them faster. The helm enables your slaps to heal you. Plus, in your path, your slap becomes a shoulder bash that does AOE on impact. Just one or two kills with it will give you back one grenade; three or four is going to provide you with all two of them. It’s perfect in PvE. Look at the fight with Calus as an example. During the damage phase, you use both throwables to deal huge DPS, proceed to the following platform and kill the bog beasties with your shoulder charges on your way. So by the time you get there, you’ll have your throwables ready to use. You can do so up to four times, which means it’s eight grenades. The amount of DPS you’ll deal will be preposterous.

The alternative build is also fun to use because of how absurdly good it gets. It does require both exotics to work, though. Sweet Business reloads when you pick up the ammo, while Actium War Rig reloads your ARs as you fire them. Rally Barricade increases the reload speed, and your slap hits automatically reload your weapon and increase stability. The sole purpose of this combo is to stop reloading your weapon. Just put the finger on the trigger until your target is dead and don’t think about anything else. You also can see this build being talked about on the official Destiny 2 forums.

The third build is about making a support character out of your Titan. Long gone are the times when this was possible, but this build really lets you do it. It doesn’t require you to have Destiny 2 best weapons – you can use the Destiny 2 weapons that you’re most comfortable with. You have your big barricade, and your slaps make your teammates grow a shield. You have a suppressor grenade for the enemies with pesky abilities, and, on top of it all, you’ve got your bubble for when things go wrong and Plan B is required. The exotic helmet helps you take damage, which fits your “tankinness” pretty well.


Hunt Like Artemis in Destiny 2 Beyond Light


Why don’t we start with one of Destiny 2 hunter builds that is completely bunkers? Test-drive it in open-world events, specifically the ones that spawn large quantities of enemies, and sow as much chaos as you can handle. Then go to Destiny 2 stat tracker and be amazed. It’s all because of how Orpheus Rigs work. A small percentage of your Super’s CD is going to be refreshed when you tether a mob. To recharge it completely, you’re going to need to take care of about 8-10 enemies. When Wardcliff Coil and its barrage of missiles wipes out a bunch of mobs, you tether. Then, Way of the Trapper makes tethering even better by further increasing its reach and longevity. You just won’t run out of your ult, ever, which is a big thing in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Next stop, we have a build for those who like to shoot stuff. The Six Shooter Super, the exotic armor, and any of the best weapons in Destiny 2 are all going to affect how good you are with using your guns and switching between them. This is for those who like to run and gun.

Unlike the first couple of loadouts, the Arcstrider one concentrates on the running part. This combination is about helping you increase the movement speed. High Mobility stat is also advised as it increases many kinds of mobility options with the exception of sprinting. If you’re fixing to cosplay Flash, this one's for you.

No Destiny 2 Weapons Required


If you strive in the middle of the fray, tanking better than Titans themselves, the first build is for you. Winter’s Guile makes your punches so absurdly strong that you can three-slap the Lost Sector boss to death. Plus, every kill like that heals you. The weapon choice gives you even more healing when your teammates fall to their demise (which must happen a lot).

Build numero dos is going to make you spend more time levitating. When you kill while being in the air, it’s going to make your CDs on the throwable and the ultimate tick faster. Your chest piece allows you to freeze in the air when you ADS. Using one of the Destiny 2 exotic weapons of the hand cannon type is best in this case because in ADS you retain a great deal of peripheral vision which helps your spatial awareness. Having a Scout in the other slot is also a viable option, while Sunshot lets you manage your airborne kills better.

The third one is for those who want to be the best supporter for their team. Your rifts do a lot of useful things like faster reloading for everybody standing in it, acting as a healing point, and adding to DMG output by providing arc souls. When you’re close to allies, the rift’s cooldown ticks faster, which is what you will be doing anyway with this build. Now, it might be a bit trickier to get Destiny 2 valor ranks with it, but in PvE, this build really shines. Your teammates will thank you for it, no doubt.


Fixing Beyond Light On Our Own

All these builds aren’t hard to get by definition. Since there’s actually not a lot of loot overall, all the things we listed should be pretty easy to come around. And even if not, it wouldn’t hurt to use our professional Destiny 2 carries service. We don’t just offer a helping hand in obtaining those Deep Stone Crypt weapons that our competitors often promise you. We specialize in the best coaching services on the market. It’s very reliable – anything you need you can get yourself, just have to know how to get it. Therefore, our so-called “play with pro” program is there to make a better Guardian out of you. There are still many things you can farm out on top of all these builds – items like Thousand Wings, the Rat King catalyst, or the Hard Light catalyst, to name a few. We can help you with the quests too. You don’t have to go through the Luna’s Howl quest steps on your own. Destiny farming is always such a chore, all those Gambit ranks, Infamy ranks, Glory ranks, and whatnot. Sometimes it all gives us a headache. We start to procrastinate, search for something less important like the Destiny 2 exotic ship codes or something. With, your time in this game will be reimagined to become far more entertaining and just plainly fun.

We hope this article has been useful to you. If you have a worthy build that we haven’t put on this list, share it with us in the comments section below. That’s it from us. Stay safe and game on!

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