Let’s Get Spooked: Hallow's End Event Is Here!


WoW Classic Offers the Best Events

World of Warcraft is not a game that will ever let its players be inactive since there are always plenty of activities to do. And when it comes to the Spooky season, WoW is ready to provide its players with the treats they want.

This year's WoW Hallow's End event is going to bring a lot of new loot and bonuses for players who are not afraid to sweat a bit to obtain some rare reward or a costume. We highly recommend all players check out this event at least once: WoW Classic dungeons can wait, and such an opportunity to follow some new questlines and get exceptional loot is a very rare occasion.

You might say: “What about the WoW Classic raids? There are too many of those that can’t be ignored!” Well, we will tell you how to handle any raids and quests shortly. But now, let’s get into the discussion of the best part: Hallow’s End event and what it has to offer.


World of Warcraft Classic Hallow’s End Activities

WoW Classic Hallow's End is truly a collection of all the best quests and tasks. You will get lost while wandering around the locations and looking for an interesting activity to check out. And trust us, there will be a lot you’ll want to check out! Here, we’ve gathered all the activities you should definitely play:

  • Hallow's End Orphan Treats. This one is very fun to complete. Your task will be to travel around the map, visit cities, get candy from the NPCs, and then deliver it to orphans.
  • Apple Bobbing. There won’t be much action required from you for this one: just simple clicking. To obtain a Bobbing Apple, you simply have to click on the pool. These apples will give your character a Wickerman buff and help you regain health faster.
  • Trick or Treating. During every hour, you will get a chance to speak to Innkeepers. If you are tricked, you’ll be able to get a new costume with a few interesting features, and if you are treated and the odds are in your favor, you might get a bag full of rare items.
  • Wickerman Festival Quests. This festival will be organized by the Forsaken, and players from both factions will be able to follow the questlines and complete tasks during the celebration.

And there will be a lot more stuff to work on during the event. You might even want to consider using WoW Classic services to get such a great variety of tasks done. And we’ve got a few ideas for you about the best ways to finish quests of any complexity quickly. If you would like to both level up and reward yourself with some nice loot, keep on reading to find out more!


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