Lost Treasure in Apex, IB in D2, and S2 for The Division 2


Hello, guys!

This is the third LegionFarm Weekly Game News. If you’ve missed the last one, here’s the link - click! This article is the short version of what happened in your favorite games last week.

Let’s get started!


The Lost Treasure Collection Event has started! It includes tons of new cosmetics for a lot of legends, limited-time game mode, Crypto’s Map Room zone on the map (Town Takeover), skins for weapons, and if you’ll unlock all 24 Lost Treasures cosmetics, you’ll get a… Mirage Heirloom set!

And the last one! Now official: Apex Legends is going to get a crossplay feature and will be released on the Nintendo Switch!


The Iron Banner is coming! It starts on the 30th of June. And we’re going to get 2 new IB weapons - an Auto Rifle and the Sidearm! Also, some of the weapons will be reforged for a higher light level. Also, we’ll be getting 2 new exclusive perks for IB weapons - one is increasing the stability at the cost of reload speed and another is increasing aim assistance at the cost of stability.


Season 2 - Kenner’s Legacy is now live and will be going for 12 weeks! If you’re an active player, check out what can you get in this season!


Nexus Blitz game mode will be soon back to the game for a limited time!


Rocket League’s fifth anniversary will start the celebrations on June 30th, so it’s time to get ready!

That’s it for today, guys! If you think that I can add something more and this will be interesting for you - feel free to leave a comment below our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post of this article. I’ll be happy to read your suggestions :) The next news will be in a video format… :D

See you soon!

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