Apex crossplay, Div2 Title Update 10, and LoL item system


Hello everyone!

This is the second LegionFarm Weekly Game News. If you’ve missed the first one, here’s the link - click! You can also get an idea of what we’re doing there :)

Without further ado, let’s get started!


This week Apex news that I’ve found are not official yet again. The first one is about Crypto hosting the next Town Takeover event. It’s the event when you will see some new location on the map related to a single legend, as a Mirage Voyage, for example. And also people are speaking about the possible upcoming Crypto buff, so if you’re maining him - keep your eye on it :)

And the second one for today is that Apex will probably get a proper crossplay feature. That’s a rumor that tells that this will be announced at the EA Play 2020 event. By the way, this event will happen today, so we all soon know if it’s true or not.


Destiny 2 is quite silent this week in terms of the news. Everyone is grinding that power level cap, finding the best weapons after the sandbox changes and all that. And if you go on Reddit you’ll see how tons of players are trying to reach out to Bungie with “fix the game” requests, since a lot of stuff is bugged in different ways atm.


The Escape from Tarkov has dropped a new patch this week and launched an official merch store.


It’s Title Update 10! A lot of things are going to change in The Division 2, including adding new exotics and the new Raid called Operation Iron Horse which will be available on the 30th of June. Well, finally something huge for this game! If you are playing The Division 2 you HAVE to check this out!


The Season 4 has started! Obviously, there’s a lot of changes coming with this. And also there’s a rumor that soon we’ll see a 200-player mode… This is nuts!


Riot Games are starting to preparing themselves (and us) for the pre-season changes! They’ve shown the reimagination of the item system in the game with some old icons being re-done! Well, the whole item shop interface is going to be re-done as well :)


Rocket League has rolled out a patch notes for the V1.78 patch, preparing the game for the future updates. RL will soon celebrate it’s 5th birthday, so… Something BIG is coming!

That’s all I have for you today, friends :) If you think that I can add something more and this will be interesting for you - feel free to leave a comment below our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post of this article. I’ll be happy to read your suggestions :) See you next time!

Foksey out.

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