Bunkers in Apex, next 3 years of D2, and Twitch drops for EFT!


What’s up, guys! Foksey, the Community Manager of LegionFarm Group is here!

Today we’re trying something new. We’ll post this kind of articles every week. They’ll contain the most important news from the games that are mentioned on legionfarm.com since most of you are playing at least one of them. Not everybody is following the news of the gaming world, so these articles should be useful to you because I’ll try to keep it as short and as informative as possible. If you won’t see some games from our site here, it means that I haven’t found anything interesting to share with you this week.

I also would like to mention that I see no fun in copy-pasting the patch notes, hotfixes, weekly resets, and other minor changes or updates. Yes, it can be useful for some players, but it’s not that interesting and exciting for the majority of players and our customers.

So, let’s get it started!


The most interesting thing that I’ve found about Apex Legends this week is that we’ve finally received some info about the bunkers on the King’s Canyon map. Well, it’s not official yet, since all of the info was data-mined. The main thing is that bunkers will open one by one each week. At the beginning of the week, the bunker starts to open, and at the end of the week, it’s ready to enter. One of these bunkers will contain a golden knockdown shield, and three others will have one of the golden fully-equipped weapons: Sentinel, Prowler, or Havoc. The first bunker will start to open on the 16th of June.


This game really popped off this week! In my opinion, we have to start with the fall of the Almighty. If you didn’t know, the Almighty, massive Cabal ship that has an ability to absorb planets and blowing up the stars, was set on the course on Earth to violently ram our planet. But Guardians have found the solution! Our old friendly Warmind called Rasputin shot a massive volley of rockets at the Almighty to destroy it or at least change its course. As a result, Guardians have seen probably the most massive fire show in the history of Earth! The Almighty was partially blown up and have fallen on Earth quite close to the Tower and the Last City without some serious consequences. Well, now we have one new "hole" (one of the bits from the Almighty did it) in the Tower near Zavala. By going into it and interacting with it you can get a free emblem!

And then… Bungie has announced what they’ll be doing for the next 3 years of Destiny 2. And let me tell you, that’s A LOT. There’s so much info that it will probably be very wasteful to mention all of it here. Instead, I’ll point out the most interesting bits. There will be no Destiny 3 or 4. All content that was probably meant to be a new game in the Destiny franchise will be added to the Destiny 2. And to keep Destiny 2 from becoming a very large game, Bungie will remove some older content and will replace it with the new one. Whole planets will become unavailable soon! And we’re also be getting a lot of D1 stuff… Even a D1 raid Vault of Glass. Really, check this info yourself, there’s a lot of interesting stuff!


EFT is bringing the Twitch drops back! They’ll be available from 11th to the 22nd of June. Well, that’s it :D

The amount of info in this kind of article will vary week-to-week, because not every week may be rich for the news. If you think that I can add something more and this will be interesting for you - feel free to leave a comment below our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post of this article. I’ll be happy to read your suggestions :)

I hope this was interesting for you, guys! See you next week, stay safe!

Foksey out!

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