Legionfarm’s Overview of Fan Made Stat Trackers for Apex Legends


Ever wished you could compare the results of your last 5 matches or see which of your legends gets the most kills every game? You can do that and find lots more useful info on so-called stat tracker sites online. In this article, we’re going to go over why stat trackers are such useful tools to those seeking to upgrade their skills.

Your Performance in Apex Legends

Today we’re going to talk about a very interesting and somewhat unusual topic of how to check Apex Legends stats to measure in-game performance. Now, all of you know that the game itself has a more or less informative statistics screen, and what’s even more interesting is that you are actually able to present your personal achievements on your banner. One type of such are counters that track and display your current progress for each of the legends. There are trackers for:

  • Kills
  • Winning kills – the kind of kills that end a match with your victory
  • Damage done
  • Revives
  • Finishers – the amount of “fatalities” you performed
  • Weapon kills – separate trackers for each weapon type

These are just a few examples, but there are many more. What are they for? Well, as we said earlier, you can put them on your banner to show off something that you’re proud of. But generally speaking, if we look at the Apex Legends stat trackers as a concept, they’re used to monitor your own performance. Therefore, if you’re serious about your game skill and performance, this is the best tool to track how well you’re doing each match.

The only thing though – you’d need more advanced tools that offer more extensive statistics for you. And sadly, you won’t find such a tool in the game. This is what we’re going to talk about today. While Apex is a fun game, the game mechanics have a lot of depth, and if you’re interested, you can really dig deep into the Apex game systems.


Who Records Your Apex Legends Gameplay?

To find the most detailed Apex Legends tracker, you’re going to have to look for it online. One of the most advanced of the existing ones is the TRN tracker. If we take a look at this site, we’ll immediately see how much info we can get from it. The first thing that you might notice is that this site seems to provide stats not only for Apex but also for a few other popular titles. Now, in order to look at your personal statistics, you’re going to have to register or login. Obviously, this is needed to connect to your EA or Origin account so that the site can draw information from it and then display it for you. Now, once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your Apex Legends ranks history and the stats that you currently have. You can then go to the Legends tab to see the stats for each of the Legends separately. There’s also a match history, but be aware that matches older than 2 months won’t display. And you can check all that on all platforms.

The most popular tracker made by TRN

If you’re dead serious about your Apex Legends stats, you’ll find lots more useful info. For instance, you can go to the current leaderboards and then inspect each player’s profile to see what they’re good at and how their performance changed over time. As they say – you watch, you learn. Now, if we go to the Insights tab, you’ll be able to see the Legends Usage – a list of legends and how often they’re getting picked each match. You can draw a lot from this list. Moreover, on the right, you can see the KPM (Kills Per Match) for each Legend. For instance, currently, the highest KPM of 2.6 belongs to Wraith.


Apex Legends Tracker – Your Tool for Improvement

If you want, you can also get the premium subscription which is going to remove all the ads from the site and give you more profile customization options. Most importantly, all the stats are there to see for free.

Tabstars Tracker

For those looking for an alternative Apex Legends ranking list source, you may want to check out the Tabstats or the Overwolf’s Apex Tracker – the external desktop app that enhances the in-game menus unlocking additional information such as the enemy’s ranks and match’s player list. Plus, there’re lots of less-known stat trackers. All of them use the open information about player’s profiles that are stored in some EA’s databases. The same databases are used by other sites that display the number of concurrent players for each game and other miscellaneous info like information of games price changes etc.

Overwolf’s App Tracker

Anyway, if you plan to use any Apex Legends stat tracker to monitor your personal performance then, you’re most certainly going to benefit from using these websites. Then all that will be left to do is test them. It might take time to see a big change in your performance the first time you’ll start using the trackers. However, there’s a faster way to improve. By the way, if you want to learn what other stat trackers are out there, it might be worth asking around on Apex legends forums.


The Best Source of Apex Legends Tips

To make it to a desirable place in the Apex Legends leaderboards is going to take a lot of determination and even more practice. This goes double for those who aim to get into the pro scene. Gamers with such a dream must aim higher than the rest. But, luckily for everyone looking to improve their skills, Legionfarm is offering amazing coaching services. We have a roster of pro players whom you can hire to play with and learn from. Using the Apex Legends LFG won’t do you any service – you need to have a constant group, so you can practice different tactics, find legend synergies, and much more. So, forget about the default LFG and use our services to play with pro gamers. You’ll learn lots of tips and tricks that will make a huge and positive impact on your personal performance, which you will no doubt see in your chosen stat tracker.

That’s all from us for today. We hope you found this article to your liking. If you wish to learn more about the kind of services we offer here, stay tuned to our future blog articles or come visit us at legionfarm.com. Keep your shields charged, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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