Legionfarm’s Guide to Unlocking the RAI K-84 in CoD


Have you already seen the newest wonder weapon? It sure looks pretty impressive! In today's guide, we will tell you everything about the RAI K-84, why it is so special, and how to get it in just a few hours. Enjoy your read, and make sure to follow each step of the guide to get the desired weapon!

You Should Get This New Call of Duty Weapon Right Now

If you are here, this means that you’ve already heard about the recent Call of Duty Cold War update and are curious about the best way to get your hands on the brand-new assault rifle. The quest will take place on the CoD Cold War Zombies Firebase Z map that was also part of the update. And even though the quest isn’t very hard itself, it might take some time for you to find the rifle and solve a couple of mysteries. Today’s Cold War CoD guide is here to ease this challenge for you and share a few secrets about the fastest route to obtaining the WW. All that and more coming up next!


Our Quick Guide on the Newest Rifle in Call of Duty Cold War

The collection of CoD Zombies Wonder Weapons keeps expanding! The newest rifle that has recently appeared in the series is a fantastic opportunity for Zombie fans to play with an unusual firearm type that comes with abilities unseen before.

RAI K-84 is not just a fancy name for a rifle. This is an abbreviation for Reactor Automatic Radiator Kuhlklay-84, which is an automatic rifle that can be obtained only in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode. It’s pretty accurate, has a very impressive damage rate and is capable of taking down hordes of enemies within just a few seconds. And these are not the only features that make it stand out.

The rifle comes with two modes: you’ll be able to shoot with large purple orbs or plasma that will make zombies explode and kill everyone who was unlucky enough to stand nearby.

To access the rifle from the latest Call of Duty update, you can follow two paths. If you choose an easier way, you’ll have to get ready to spend cash. The rifle can be unlocked by opening the Mystery boxes, which is a great path to follow only if you are a lucky one. For those who are out of luck, it might be too expensive to get enough MBs to finally unlock the new CoD rifle.

The second way to get the rifle is a bit more complicated; however, it’s not going to be challenging if you use our guide. It will take only seven steps to unlock the firearm, and if you follow our instructions carefully, you will do it in just 60 minutes!


7 Steps to Unlock the RAI K-84 in Black Ops Cold War

The CoD game keeps tasking us with new challenges and quests. As much as we love them, sometimes treasure hunt feels too tiring. Luckily for you, we have just the guide you need to handle the mission. Here’s the best free way to unlock the new firearm in just seven steps:


Getting the gun isn’t exactly a shoot-and-loot type of thing, but it’s definitely worth it, even though it will require some running around the Black Ops Zombie map. Certainly, this AR is among the finest Call of Duty Cold War weapons that will soon become a part of many loadouts. Do you plan on acquiring it? Answer “No” is not accepted! However, if both of the above-mentioned ways of getting the gun are not good enough for you, we’ve got something else in mind, and we are ready to share the details.


Here Is How to Unlock Any Weapon in CoD Cold War

There are so many Call of Duty weapons that it is often hard to find time for all the quests and challenges. In this case, it’s important to learn how to prioritize tasks and finish them in the shortest amount of time. Every assignment in CoD can take much less time if you know how to complete it right. And if you think it is impossible to do, our Call of Duty LFG & coaching service is about to prove the opposite.

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