Legionfarm’s Guide to Plundering Naxxramas


World of Warcraft Classic’s story has reached its end and Blizzard has delivered Naxxramas in all its original challenge and glory. Read to learn about the game’s final raid, the bosses and their origins, and all the ways that Legionfarm is here to help you see your favorite MMO through to the end.


The Final Phase of WoW Classic

If you’ve been on the WoW Classic forums lately, you’ve already seen the buzz surrounding the game’s final phase. “How do you defeat the frost wyrm?” “Does my build look good to tank KT?” Or even “where is Naxxramas?” Well, Legionfarm, the #1 WoW Classic LFG site that lets you run raids with PROs, is here to deliver the info you need to level up your raiding game.

Of course, if you roll with us, you’ll know more than just the Naxxramas location. With our Play with Pro service, you can get real esports athletes to help you with quests, achievements, and more. Our professional coaching team can help you improve in PvE, no matter which WoW Classic classes you play. They’ll teach you which WoW Classic addons you need, how to optimize your DPS, healing, or tanking, and how to prepare for the true endgame, to ensure you’re always a reliable person to have around in the toughest WoW Classic raids. So, if you’re still not quite ready for Naxx, or you’d like more than just gear, keep that in mind while you read!

Naxx Bosses

The Early Dangers of Naxxramas

In the halls of the necropolis, just beyond the spire which bars adventurers from Naxxramas entrance, lie some of the most defiling evils to ever lurk in Azeroth’s bleakest depths. To reach them, you first need to be attuned to the teleportation spire by completing the Dread Citadel – Naxxramas quest. You can find the quest giver, Angela Dosantos, in Light’s Hope Chapel. Once you complete the quest and assemble your raiding team, it’s time to teleport up to the flying necropolis and get crushed by the horrors within.

The Spider Quarter

The Spider Quarter is up first. As you might expect from the name, it’s full of spiders and the people who love them. It is the easiest wing by far, but certain encounters can still wreck your raiding team if you players don’t understand their roles or, well, get impaled by Anub’Rekhan. Positioning is important! If you want to excel here, then there are three bosses you need to learn. Anub’Rekhan is mostly a tank’n’spank fight, but you’ll want to watch out for his Impale attack and kill his Crypt Guards first. For Faerlina, keep her happy by having a Mind Control priest sacrifice her own worshippers in her name. For Maexxna, bring lots of heal-over-time spells for her 8-second web attack.

The Plague Quarter

Up next are Noth and Heigan. They should be total pushovers, but require a lot of coordination from your entire raid squad. This is the point where you discover which members of your raid team can’t cooperate and should just go back to PvP.

The Construct Quarter

Now, here’s where your tank’s gear really becomes important. Patchwerk is a real son of a lich if your main tank isn’t fully-geared from Blackwing Lair and AQ40. He’ll make you wish you were farming WoW Classic PvP ranks. This is where most raids wipe for their first time. Thankfully, if you’re here, that means you’re just a click away from getting one of Legionfarm’s special Naxxramas carry offers. Our pro players can easily help you slay Patchwerk, so you can get past him to that sweet Grobbulus loot!

WoW Classic Endgame

World of Warcraft Endgame Challenge

The Death Knight Quarter

We finally reach the toughest of WoW Classic dungeon levels. The Death Knight wing holds the most teeth-gritting challenges that any adventurers ever saw in the original game. Gothik and The Four Horseman all hit like a mana bomb and require flawless coordination from your entire raiding team. This is where even more of your team will end up out the door, farming WoW Classic PvP ranks (alongside one of our pros, maybe?). Then, once you finally get through all of that, you’re met by two of the most iconic encounters in MMO history, Kel’Thuzad, and Sapphiron, the frost wyrm. The written word can’t do them justice, so you’re best off learning these bosses by running them first-hand with Legionfarm PROs!

Earn Mad Loot

Legionfarm PROs are Masters of World of Warcraft Classic

Whatever your path through the flying necropolis, you’re going to have one heck of a time clearing it. But you have to beat it if you want the best loot in the game, so why not do it with real pro players? Go to Legionfarm.com to run this raid with real professional players. Our PROs are esports athletes who know everything there is to know about clearing Naxx. They’ll coach you through every encounter and ensure you get the loot you need fast! Try us out today!

How do you think you’ll do in Naxx? Do you have a guild that’s ready to go? Let us know in the comments! Best of luck and we’ll see you in the necropolis!

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