Legionfarm’s Guide to Looking For Groups. Do it Right or Suffer the Consequences


Are you still relying on matchmaking in games, hoping it’ll put you in a team with skilled and mature gamers? You need a reality check and a more effective way for finding good players. This is your lucky day, as in this article we’ll be talking about all things LFG and in the end we’re going to let you in on a secret.

Apex Legends is No Fun When Played with Randoms

We can spend this entire article talking about how crappy it is to play a match of Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone with a squad of random players. Everybody knows what it feels like. So, instead, we will talk about where you can go and what you can do to find a few fellow gamers to play with.

The first and most obvious choice is to ask your friends. In ideal worlds, all of your friends love to play the same games that you do, and they also love to play them with you and nobody else. But we’re not living in an ideal world, so our next most obvious choice is finding people to play with online. There’s a reason we mentioned those two games in the beginning. They’re both very different when compared to each other. One thing they do share in common is the absolute necessity of teamwork. And there won’t be any teamwork unless everyone in your squad is at least able to communicate. There’s no way the in-game LFG system can hook you up with players that are focused on team play and cooperation. The chances of that are the same as winning a lottery. It’s pure gambling! So, instead of relying on the gods of random, most gamers go online and use the sources that they trust the most to find a party for themselves.


Where to Look for People to Play Warzone With?

Some may say that Warzone game mechanics are more accessible and easier to get into than Apex, which makes it generally easier to find a party. Unlike in the MMORPG genre, where people sometimes visit the official forums to see if they can find a party, for most BR games, social media is usually the answer. There are lots of communities where you can find and join a squad of any skill level. The easiest place to look is Discord. Having millions of servers, this app serves as the best place to not only group up with players but also spend time with them. It’s like this cool social network with chat rooms, voice channels, and stuff like that. You probably know what this is anyway. So, typically a person joins the server for, say, an Apex Legends game and goes to a specific channel to ask if anyone wants to play. The only problem here is that even though you do find people to play with like that, there's still no guarantee what these people are like when you play with them. What we mean is that it’ll still feel like playing with randoms. Yes, you’ll be in constant contact with them, so you will actually be able to make your call-outs and apply some basic tactics.

However, you can never guess if the guy or guys you joined with aren’t some trolls who, despite all your efforts to play smart, still do nothing else but piss you off by constantly getting into trouble and ignoring basic logic. Now, a lesser-known but still effective way of looking for people to play with are these dedicated websites like GameTree, GamerLink, or Reddit (GamerPals subreddit). The first two are your mobile apps. They’re kind of like Tinder but for players. If that sounds weird or awkward, embrace it! Remember, you’re desperate to find decent gamers to play with! You won’t find any pro gamers in there, but you might find one or two people who are in the same situation as you are.


The In-Game LFG Systems Are Unreliable at Best

Believe it or not, but Respawn actually tried to address this question their own way. Meaning they’ve added something extra besides your standard matchmaking. We’re talking about clubs. Clubs are like very basic versions of clans in MMO games. Essentially, clubs are this social function that allows gamers to bundle up in groups. Every club has a name, a banner (or a logo), some description, and of course, a roster of members. Being in a club means that you have higher chances of playing with the same people you’ve already played. There’s no need to go to Apex Legends forums or use any external apps. It’s an in-game system, which is super handy.

But, what happens if you want to play with someone who’s way better than you? Say you want to get more wins, and you don’t rely on your own skills. Or you wish to learn some tips and tricks from someone who’s way more experienced than you are? How in the world do you find players like that? Certainly not by using the default Apex Legends LFG system, that’s for sure. Even clubs won’t help you here. Any club’s description that says “we’ve got only professional players here” is either a lie, or you will have a hard time joining such a club. Either way, when it comes to getting an average gamer with Apex Legends pros in the same squad is a tough task. Especially if you’re that average gamer trying to find pros to play with.


Learn Warzone Tips and Have Fun – Yes, it’s Possible!

There aren’t a lot of options to achieve something like that in any game. Call of Duty pros are just as hard to come by as the Apex’s, and most often, when you search for them yourself, you’ll encounter lots of dishonest gamers. Let’s call them that, dishonest gamers.If coaching is really something that you’re looking into right now, then we have for you possibly the only possible solution out there. The solution is – Legionfarm LFG services. Our play with pro services, as we call them, is exactly what you are looking for. Our pros are always looking forward to playing with someone and spread their knowledge among the fans and communities of different games. Forget about the unreliable Warzone LFG. Finding a real pro in public matchmaking is like finding a needle in space.

Just imagine the moment when you do group up with a real pro. The next match you’ll play will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Don’t expect to get the silent treatment either. All of our pros are super friendly. A lot of times, when you get a somewhat experienced player in your squad, they usually tend to go away and play their own game since they believe that it’s easier to just pretend like they’re playing solo than trying to teach the squadmates anything. This won’t be the case with our pros. If you look at how the real pro Call of Duty teams approach communication, that’s what you’ll experience. Proper call-outs, cover fire, proper flanking, clearing, adequate use of tactical equipment like flash and stun grenades. The whole match will turn into one beautiful symphony with you in the center of it all. Who can say no to that?

That said, if that’s something you might be interested in trying out, head out to legionfarm.com, choose the game, and finally, select the service that’s right for you. If you have any questions, do use the online chat, and our experienced support team will help you out.

Finding good teammates can be a daunting task, but once you know where to look – the problem turns into an opportunity. Thank you for staying with us today, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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