Legionfarm’s Guide to Gearing Up in Shadowlands


So, how’s Shadowlands going for you? Have you already geared up your character? Even if you still have no clue about the best ways to find the right gear and new armor, no worries. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about gear and the best ways to acquire it. Enjoy the guide!

Get Your Gear in Shadowlands with This Guide

In Shadowlands WoW, you get numerous opportunities to improve your gear and armor collection by completing multiple raids, dungeons, and other activities. But since the newest expansion has been released not a long time ago, it is still hard for us to get used to such a variety of WoW raids, dungeons, and missions that it becomes difficult to understand what kind of activity you need to take care to get a piece of gear you want.Today, we’ve prepared for you a quick guide that will tell you where you should go next to unlock some proper gear for your WoW character. How to get all the best Shadowlands legendaries? Learn more details here.


WoW Shadowlands Has Many Opportunities to Offer

In Warcraft Shadowlands, you have a lot of stuff to choose from when it comes to gearing and leveling up. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways that are always available in the game:


Arenas and battlegrounds are a good way to gear up and get a couple of nice rewards and serve as a way to farm reputation coins that you can later use for purchasing gear. You can also spend these tokens on upgrading gear you’ve obtained from WoW PvP wins.


You can enter Normal and Heroic dungeons as many times as you’d like, while Mythic dungeons can be completed only once. In both cases, queuing mythic keystone and dungeons is a good idea since those are filled with great loot and other treasures.


This is something all World of Warcraft classes must take care of to improve their gear collection. The crafting system went through a couple of changes and revamps, so now, you have to pay a little more attention to what you’re doing.

World Quests

Those become available only after you reach level 60 and complete the introductory quest for your covenant. What you will get depends on your ilvl.


These offer a lot more control and power than any other piece of gear in the game. However, crafting and farming those takes some time. The best way for obtaining a set of legendaries is to go into Torghast.

These are the ultimate ways to gear up your character. A few more were introduced at the beginning of Season 1, and we’ll go over them right now.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands Gear in Season 1

Season 1 has a lot to offer in terms of fresh loot and new activities for players of all skill levels. Here is what you can do in Season 1 to get access to the finest gear and recipes:

World Bosses

There are four bosses overall, and each of them can drop not only a few pieces of gear but also a couple of Legendary recipes. Those will be shown on a map whenever they’ll be available, and you will have only one week to defeat them. ~~ Castle Nathria

This is the first raid that was introduced in the game after the release of the expansion. Not all rewards and raid tasks appeared initially; some of them are still being released. It contains many boss encounters, so if you want to get done with the raid without any worries, you’ll have to prepare for it first.

~~ Mythic+

Mythic + Keystone is a whole different system of additional challenges, which can help you increase your item level and acquire new gear. You can also complete WoW Mythic dungeons runs to unlock rare items.

Great Vault

GV is a weekly chest that will provide you with additional loot such as WoW gear, armor pieces, and recipes for completing certain tasks in PvP and PvE or other activities. Rewards change every week, and you can complete up to 9 different assignments to be rewarded with better loot.

It seems like a bit of an overwhelming list of activities, but in reality, it is not as hard to complete as it looks. And if you are in search of more ways to do that, we’ve got a couple of tips and details on Castle Nathria carry services waiting for you.


Get Your Goodies in Shadowlands WoW with Us

All the mentioned activities are time-consuming and will require a lot of effort from you. Many players keep sharing their struggles, saying that there is not always enough time and opportunities to keep up with the changes and continue working on all activities simultaneously. Here at Legionfarm, we decided to come up with a solution that would help all players.

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So, guys, did you find anything useful here? Share your best ways to get some new gear in the comments below, and come back sometime this week for more guides and useful tips. Stay safe!

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