Legionfarm’s Guide to Cold War’s Outbreak Mode


The Legionfarm PROs are back with the latest on everyone’s favorite FPS series! The next season of BOCW contains a massive, writhing horde of undead to slay, on bigger maps than ever before. Read on to learn how to keep the grasping hands of the ravenous dead away for just a little longer than your friends.

The Next Wave of Call of Duty Content is Here

The dev teams behind Call of Duty have been spoiling us zombies fans of late, with Firebase Z so fresh in everyone’s minds and now a new set of vast, beautiful maps follow right up with the brand new Outbreak mode. We’ve had our hands on it for a bit and, while very different from the typical fare, these battles against the Aetherium do not disappoint; in fact, we’d go so far as to say this is an exciting and fun new direction for the series, and we welcome it.

Even so, with Call of Duty Cold War switching things up, we thought it more important than ever to give you guys some tips so you can perform your best. So, in our continued coverage of Season 2, let’s dig into the meat of this game mode and get into our brief guide for the latest in Call of Duty Zombies action.


Slay the Dead Like a Pro in Call of Duty Cold War

The most vital part of this Black Ops Cold War zombies mode is farming points. This is core to the gameplay. The best ways to do this are looting, shooting up Dark Aether orbs, collecting vials of zombie essence, and completing trials. Essentially, you just wander around killing and looting as much as you can. Headshots and melee kills earn you additional score. You’re going to need these points in order to upgrade your weapons in the Pack-A-Punch machine.

With the new CoD Cold War Warzone integration, this mode may very well be a love letter to not just Zed killers, but WZ fans as well, with these large, open regions for us to explore while undertaking challenges and completing our field upgrades. This, of course, means that the variety of weapons you can use really increases with the long sight lines available. Rifles and sniper rifles are big favorites, especially for some of the boss monsters. You’d be surprised what gear you can make viable in CoD Outbreak with the right perks.


The Boss Zeds of Black Ops Cold War

Speaking of boss monsters, the variety of foes you’ll face in Call of Duty Zombies Cold War just grew by a significant margin. These guys will rip and tear their way right through your squad if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, we know their weaknesses and are happy to provide you with some info that we learned with our fair share of deaths.

The new roster of painbringers is going to demand your best CoD loadouts. The Mangler’s weak spots are its arms and it’s vulnerable to Napalm ammo. The Megaton’s bane is the Dead Wire ammunition, which you can get at the PaP machine. Mimics go down fast to Brain Rot. The Tempest is especially troublesome, so do your best to take them down first. The Krasny Soldat, a brand new pain for your party, can be taken down with some well-placed Shatter Blast rounds. With all these painful foes, make sure you’re only bringing the finest Call of Duty weapons in your arsenal to bear against them.


Play CoD Cold War with Pros and Destroy Those Zed

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