Legionfarm’s Guide on Umbral Engrams and How to Focus Them


The newest season in D2 brought back many things, and one of them is Umbral Engrams. These are what many players have been looking forward to, and they can finally check out the new feature. How does it work and what should you do to get access to it? Learn more details here.

The Newest Season in Destiny 2 Brought Back Some Old Activities!

The Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 is going well so far, don’t you agree? Since the release of Beyond Light, the game has gone through multiple changes, but the new season is definitely a new kind of experience for many players. It brought in not only some interesting Destiny 2 exotics and peculiar weapons but also a few other vital updates. We are talking about Umbral Engrams. If you missed Season of Arrivals, you might not remember these features, but trust us, it’s worth the try for sure.

The comeback of EUs resulted in many questions and discussions on the Destiny 2 forums since using the Engrams has often been a bit confusing. So what does it take to focus one? This article has all the answers you need, so let’s jump right into the fresh guide!


Umbral Engrams Are Back to Destiny 2 Beyond Light

UEs first appeared in S11, and they finally came back in Destiny 2 new season. To get Destiny 2 Umbral Engrams, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary: just play the game and participate in events. For completion of all kinds of tasks, you will be rewarded with UE and eliminate your enemies.

To get the most out of the feature, you’ll need to use such devices as Umbral Decoder and Prismatic Recaster. Those are available in the H.E.L.M., but you won’t be able to access them just yet. To do that, you will have to complete two missions first: Challenger’s Proving and A Challenger Rises. Right after finishing these quests, you’ll get full access to the devices. You can use them for decoding and focusing your UEs. This is how you’ll be able to unlock some Destiny 2 weapons and gear sets faster than usual.

However, there are a few tricks you need to know before getting started with focusing. Coming up next, our quick guide on how to focus your UEs in the right way.


Learn More Destiny 2 News and Updates with Our Focusing Guide

After obtaining the UE, rush to the Tower and begin your interaction with PR. You will have to complete a few missions first. These aren’t the actual missions: more like simple tasks. For example, you will be tasked with getting kills with certain weapons or opening Tribute Chests. You can see all tasks in the Umbral Focusing tab in the menu.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about focusing. Everything you have to do is just choose the engram and start working on unlocking the Destiny 2 best PvP weapons and gear sets that are available as a reward. To make a Focused Engram, you might also need some items, such as Hammer of Proving or Legendary Chards. You can obtain those from Battlegrounds, which is another new activity from Season 13.

There are three levels of Tiers for Engrams. All of them differ mostly because of the difficulty of specific focusing options and certain requirements. Whenever picking a tier and quest, make sure you understand what you have to do and how to avoid wasting your time.

Almost anything can become unlockable if you learn how to use the UEs. From Destiny 2 pinnacle gear to the rarest exotics, you will get access to any goodies if you focus your engrams correctly. And here at Legionfarm, we are ready to show you how it’s done.


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That’s all we’ve got for you for today, but we’ll return soon with even more guides on the latest news, freshest exotics, and newest quests. Stay tuned, and see you later!

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