Legionfarm’s Guide on How to Conquer Torghast with Ease


Torghast is live, and most of the community is already trying to complete the dungeon and fight off the hordes of mobs. If you’re still not doing that, our guide will help you figure out how to start your journey. Learn all the details about Torghast and beat this challenge without even a single drop of sweat!

How to Reach and Unlock Torghast in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW has prepared another quest for its players, and this time, we got an endless dungeon to work on. Torghast is located in the Maw, so finding it won’t be hard for you. However, it will take some to unlock the mode. After entering the zone, you will have to start the quest that will tell you a little bit about the Tower and introduce you to Broker Ve'nari, who trades some stuff here and there.

After the introductory quest, you’ll have two paths to follow: either complete the broker’s quests and jump into a portal that leads to the Tower or stay a little longer and befriend Ve'nari. If you complete the rest of the quests given by Ve'nari, you will become friends with her and get a chance to purchase some upgrades that will help you later.

Of course, it is up to you. We recommend doing Ve'nari quests since the loot she’ll give you will make the dungeon less dangerous and a lot easier for you. All players on the World of Warcraft forums say the same thing, so at least consider this option before rushing to the next WoW Shadowlands dungeon.


Bosses, Quests, and Drops in WoW Shadowlands Torghast

Such kind of WoW Shadowlands activity is always getting harder with every level, so you should not expect some easy loot in this case. What you can do to make the dungeon go easier on you is to learn what it is hiding in advance. Here is what you should be prepared for once you enter the dungeon:


Your main goal is to kill as many enemies as you can, clearing out the floors and taking down bosses. There will be an extra challenge on each floor that you can take part in for extra rewards or Anima Power.

Torghast’s Layout

The floors’ layout is randomized, which means that you can’t be entirely sure about what’s waiting for you next. There are six wings, in all of which you can find legendary drops. Twisting Corridors are also a great place to explore: they are full of cosmetics that you might want to add to your collection.


You will encounter a few groups of elites and rare elites during your wanderings. Those will not be hard to kill, but you should be cautious whenever making a final hit: mobs might explode and even buff you!


The higher you climb, the worse the traps will get. Cauldrons, pendulums, and spike pits are just a few of the traps that will be spread around the Torghast, so watch out!


You will encounter one boss on every level. There will be a few mini-bosses as well. Rotation happens once per week, so you will not fight the same bosses over and over again.


We mentioned events in the first few paragraphs. Well, this is one of them! Floor events often involve chests that will sometimes substitute the floor objectives. Your task will be to find a way to open those chests with the help of runes and Anima Powers.

Anima Powers

If you see an orb in the air, this is your chance to get some badass abilities and buffs just by clicking on the orb. What you’ll get is always random.


On the 3rd and 6th floors, you will find traders who can sell you Anima Powers and Cells that will provide you with a buff and a bunch of useful abilities.

Warcraft Shadowlands has many activities to offer, and all of them are worth your attention. Torghast may not be the hardest one, but it is still very complex and exciting, so all World of Warcraft classes will be able to enjoy its challenges and loot.


The Rewards You Can Get in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

As usual, every WoW character will get a reward for completing the dungeon or at least a couple of its levels. If you focus on Twisting Corridors, you will receive such cosmetics as mounts, toys, and even battle pets. Every layer has a different reward to offer, so if you want to get something specific, you should first study all layers to see what kind of rewards are available there.

Another reward you can get from the dungeon is Soul Ash. In case you didn’t know, it is a widely used currency in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, so getting as much of it as possible is crucial as it’s a must for crafting legendaries. Of course, the Tower of the Damned is not the only way to earn some goodies: you can also do it by participating in events like Death Rising Feat of Strength or for doing the Mythic keystone Shadowlands dungeon runs. There are multiple paths you can follow; however, we still recommend at least trying to complete the dungeon: for every WoW level, you will obtain a lot of epic gear, Legendary recipes, loads of new equipment, as well as many other useful items.


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With that in mind, how do you guys feel about the recent quests? Do you find it quite challenging, or is it just easy-peasy for you? Tell us more details about Tower experience in the comments, and come back to our blog for more guides and tips!

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