Legionfarm’s Definitive Apex Legends Characters' Overview


Before we proceed to talk about each Legend, it’s worth noting that not all Legends are available from the get-go. All new players start with the original roster of 9 characters. Unless they bought some special edition of the game that grants access to more Legends, unlocking each new Legend will cost either 12,000 Legend Tokens (the in-game currency earned by playing the game) or 750 Apex coins (real-money currency).
The following guide should help you find your favorite Legend, the one that corresponds to your playstyle most.



Apex Legends Season 10 features a very unique new legend. Obi Edolasim's birth was associated with a prophecy of the doom bringer. When he came into this world, a huge comet hit the planet's moon, many, if not all believed in the legends. The boy with the blue eyes was to bring destruction and pain to the world of Boreas, as was foretold. The only people who didn't believe the stories were Obi's parents. They loved their child no matter what people said or thought. As a young lad, Obi showed interest in taking part and competing in the Arenas, demonstrating great interest in the theatrical aspect of it. At first, people didn't cheer for him. But with every win Seer kept winning their hearts, until one point when the rejects and underdogs among the public begun to see themselves in Seer. That created a new legend, far greater than the doom-guy prophecy. The new legend is about being true self and expressing oneself no matter what anyone says. So, when Seer joined Apex Games, everyone already knew his name.


Tactical: Focus of Attention - you deploy a swarm of little drones that make a blast after a short delay that goes through walls and highlights enemies while also staggering them. The blast has a travel distance of 75 meters and a diameter of 8 meters.

  • Duration - immediate ( with a 1-second delay)
  • Cooldown - 30 seconds

Ultimate: Exhibit - using the device that sits on his chest, Seer throws it to create a dome. Enemies that run or fire inside the dome will get highlighted.

  • Duration - 30 seconds
  • Cooldown - 90 seconds

Passive: Heart Seeker - when ADS, you're able to see the heartbeats of your enemies within 75 meters radius. Works kind of like a radar.




The new Legend for Apex Legends Season 9 has been added to the game. Kairi Imahara (今原カイリ) is a daughter of a fierce pilot that went by the name of Viper. Kairi was so fond of her father's lifestyle, she wanted to follow in his exact footsteps. To do that she even managed to hijack his Northstar titan! Kairi was still a child when Viper got sent on a mission by Kuben Blisk from which he never returned. Because of that Kairi had a rough childhood as a smuggler and mercenary, trying to make enough money just to make it through each day. But her main goal was tracking down Blisk and having him pay for sending her father to such a difficult mission which killed him. But when she finally met Blisk, he spoke about Viper with respect. That made Kairi realise that Blisk wasn't really the one responsible for her father's demise. In return, Blisk challenged young Valkyrie to join the Apex Games and now she soars the skies using her father's titan's working flight module, making her enemies afraid to look up.


Tactical: Missile Swarm - launches 12 rockets that will land on the ground in a 4 by 3 square rectangle shape. They will deal 25 DMG with the first rocket and 3 more for each following rocket that comes into contact with the enemies. The rockets also stun enemies. This ability can only be used outside of structures but won't work if Valkyrie is too close to a wall or another obstacle.

  • Duration - immediate
  • Cooldown - 30 seconds

Ultimate: Skyward Dive - launch into the air and then skydive to relocate. Both teammates can hook to you and go up in the air together. Works similar to the Jump Towers in the game. When airborne, Valkyrie's jetpack system's highlight nearby enemies, marking them with green triangles.

  • Duration - casting takes 2 seconds
  • Cooldown - 3 minutes. If Valkyrie takes damage while preparing to take off (during casting time) it will cancel the ultimate while refunding 75% of the ultimate's charge.

Passive: VTOL Jets - Valkyrie can use her jetpack to fly around in the sky. It uses a limited fuel reserve, that replenishes over time. There's a special Jet-Fighter HUD that turns on for all Valkyrie's players that features a fuel gauge that provides information about fuel consumption. While using her jetpacks, Valkyrie cannot use any weapons except for her Missile Swarm. Upon landing, it's going to take 1 second (supplied by a little hands animation) before you can use your weapons again.

  • Duration - The maximum amount of time you can spend airborne is 7 seconds. The refuelling will begin 8 seconds after the jetpacks aren't being used. Refuelling completely empty tank takes 10 seconds.
  • valkab

    Offensive Legends – Born to Harass

    The Offensive class of Legends is based on the idea of being the main threat in any firefight. However, as the developers admitted themselves, in reality this class features the Legends that don’t fit in any other category.



    Apex Legends Wraith is one of the most iconic characters in the game. A science project that went wrong, she’s now turned into a being with mysterious powers. Young Renee Hope Blasey (her real name) woke up in the IMC Detention Facility remembering nothing of her past life. She started to hear voices that’d whisper in her head driving her to the edge of sanity. One day the facility was breached by a person called Wraith. It was revealed that it was Renee herself from another dimension seeking revenge on those who experimented on her. Wraith taught the young Renee to trust the voices in her head as they were the whispers of all Wraiths from the infinite number of parallel dimensions that warned her about the dangers that would occur in the future. Renee was also given a device allowing her to enter the Void - an interdimensional rift that lets her manipulate spacetime. And now, the newly formed Wraith has joined the Apex Game with the sole purpose of uncovering the truth about her past.


    Tactical: Into the Void - makes Wraith invincible and almost invisible for a short period of time, allowing her to reposition herself safely and quickly.

    • Duration - 4 seconds + 1.25 cast time
    • Cooldown - 25 seconds

    Ultimate: Dimensional Rift - create an entry and exit points of a portal that allows you and your teammates to quickly travel great distances.

    • Duration - portals last 60 seconds
    • Cooldown - 210 seconds

    Passive: Voices from the Void - a Wraith player hears a voiceline giving the info, which they can then share with the team by pressing a single button.

    There are several situations when this ability will work:

    • An enemy is aiming at you
    • An enemy with an Sniper Rifle is aiming at you
    • Traps are near your position
    • A lot of enemies near your position
    • A lot of enemies died near your position



    Apex Legends Bangalore is another character from the original roster. Anita Williams was born into a family with strong military traditions, so to her, becoming an exceptional soldier was all she ever wanted. During one of the missions, she and her team got attacked by unknown forces, and her ship crashed on a lawless planet. Her brother Jackson died saving her life. Anita joined the Apex Games in hopes to gather enough money to make the long trip back home.


    Tactical: Smoke Launcher - quickly deploy several smoke grenades to break the line of sight.

    • Duration - 23 seconds, 2 charges
    • Cooldown - 33 seconds

    Ultimate: Rolling Thunder - throws a flare and calls an artillery strike. Missiles land on the ground and explode after a brief delay, dealing 40 DMG per missile and slowing all enemies caught in the 6 by 6 square, with a maximum distance of 70 meters from the flare.

    • Duration - 6 seconds before explosion
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds

    Passive: Double Time - taking fire while sprinting gives a 30% movement speed boost for 2 seconds.




    Apex Legends Mirage, or Elliot R. Witt, is a pro at goofing around and getting attention. He’s got four older brothers, and the only thing that he treats seriously is the Holo-Pilot technology that allows its users to create holographic copies of themselves, which Mirage utilizes in battles. Those who pick Mirage must use their wits to defeat their enemies as none of Mirage’s abilities do damage.


    Tactical: Psyche Out - deploy a holographic clone that runs forward. Activating the ability while the decoy is deployed will make it copy all your movements.

    • Duration - 60 seconds
    • Cooldown - 15 seconds

    Ultimate: Life of the Party - turn invisible for 1 second and deploy 5 decoys simultaneously that mimic all of your movements.

    • Duration - unknown
    • Cooldown - 60 seconds

    Passive: Now You See Me… - makes you invisible and creates a decoy when Mirage is downed. Plus, goes invisible when using the Respawn Beacons and reviving squadmates.

  • Duration - when downed, the invisibility lasts 5 seconds
  • mirab



    Our next hero, Apex Legends Octane, was the first-ever additional character that joined the roster in Season 1. He’s called a High-Speed Daredevil for a reason. Octavio Silva got bored one day and decided to beat the record in the Gauntlet. To do that, he decided to use the grenades’ explosive wave to give himself a boost in speed. That’s how his best day in life went, and that’s also how he lost his legs. This guy though can’t be stopped by such a problem, so he asked one of his friends, Ajay Che, another Legend which we’ll talk about later, to help him. That’s how he got his mechanical legs. Octane joined the Apex games as he believes it to be the best playground to show off his new death-defying moves. Anything to keep him from getting bored again.


    Tactical: Stim - inject yourself with a dose of serum to increase walking speed by 30% and sprinting speed by 40%. Costs 12 HP.

    • Duration - 6 seconds.
    • Cooldown - 2 seconds.

    Ultimate: Launch Pad - deploy a platform on the ground that launches everyone who steps on it up in the air. The platform has 200 HP. After being launched in the air by the pad, press the jump button again to perform a mid-air jump.

    • Duration - Persistent. No more than 4 pads can be placed on the ground at the same time.
    • Cooldown - 60 seconds

    Passive: Swift Mend - restores 1.5 HP while not taking damage.




    Apex Legends Revenant, the Synthetic Nightmare, is a robot that used to be a human - a professional hitman named Kaleb Cross. The Legend has it that Kaleb never noticed when he died and became the lifeless shell that he is now. Although, his current lifestyle isn’t much different from the one he had when he was a human.


    • Tactical: Silence - throw a grenade-like orb that deals 10 DMG and creates a cloud that disables enemies’ abilities.
    • Duration - the cloud lasts 20 seconds
    • Cooldown - 2 charges, 25 seconds

    Ultimate: Death Totem - deploy a totem that turns you and allies into Shadows upon interaction. The Totem has 100 HP. When a Shadow player is killed, they return back to the totem with 50 HP. Shadows receive damage to HP through all shields.

    • Duration - totem is active for 30 seconds. Shadows can extend its duration by downing or killing enemies.
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds.

    Passive: Stalker - crouching has the same speed as regular running and you can climb vertical walls x2 as high as normal walls.




    Dr Mary Somers, or Apex Legends Horizon, is a completely opposite character compared to Revenant. She’s a space scientist who was tasked with exploring and researching a newly discovered element that was believed to be a source of infinite energy. This element could only be found near black holes, but instead of retrieving the element, Dr Somers got betrayed by a former colleague. She is now looking for a way to go back in time and reunite with her son Newton to whom she promised to return safely. Her cheerful attitude helped her find a place among contestants of Apex Games that she joined in hopes to earn funds for her project.


    Tactical: Gravity Lift - deploy a device that reverses the gravitational flow, allowing you and other players to use it to levitate themselves up 30 meters in the air and hover.

    • Duration - 10 seconds.
    • Cooldown - 15 seconds.

    Ultimate: Black Hole - deploy a device that creates a micro version of a black hole that pulls all players (including those that are behind cover) towards the dives. The device has got 175 HP.

    • Duration - 12 seconds + 2 seconds to activate.
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds.

    Passive: Spacewalk - provides improved mid-air control. Allows easier turns in mid-air and faster recovery after falling from a high position.




    The latest addition to the roster that arrived in Apex Legends Season 8 is an explosives enthusiast with an Australian accent called Fuse. Real name’s Walter Fitzroy, and he was born on the planet where the civil war never ends, so he and his friend Maggie grew up together into a duo with truly anarchic tendencies. As the story goes, the two always compete with each other, and constant betrayal is just part of that competition. But it all changed when Apex Legends Fuse lost his hand in one of those arguments when he expressed the desire to leave the homeworld and join the Apex Games. That made Maggie super pissed, and it is believed she is still pissed to this very day.


    Tactical: Knuckle Cluster - throws a cluster bomb that explodes multiple times in the air. Can be attached to players, dealing 10 DMG. Deals 50 DMG per explosion.

    • Duration - takes 1.5 seconds before explosions are set off
    • Cooldown - 25 seconds

    Ultimate: The Motherlode - use Fuse’s extra gun to bombard the area and create a ring of fire. Can be shot at up to 200 meters distance. Going through fire deals 35 DMG and applies a dot effect with 8-12 DMG every second.

    • Duration - 17 seconds
    • Cooldown - 120 seconds

    Passive: Grenadier - throw grenades at greater distances and with increased precision. Plus, stack 2 grenades of the same type into one inventory slot.


    Defensive Legends – Fortify or Die

    All Legends that belong in the Defensive category have one overarching theme in common – they all provide some form of protection for the team.



    Let’s talk about the most classic example of a defensive hero – Apex Legends Gibraltar.

    He’s literally described as the Shielded Fortress. Gibraltar is actually his real surname; his first name is Makoa. He was born in a family of two members of the Search and Rescue Association volunteers. From an early age, Makoa loved and knew how to help people out of dangerous situations. His passion didn’t wither away when he joined the Apex Games either. While everyone fights for glory or money, Gibraltar fights to save and protect others. Weird, isn’t it?


    Tactical: Dome of Protection - deploy a device that creates a dome of impenetrable shield with a 6-meter radius. It will stop all incoming and outgoing projectiles like bullets and grenades, but allows all players to move in and out of it.

    • Duration - 12 seconds
    • Cooldown - 30 seconds

    Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment - throw a smoke grenade and call a mortar strike that covers a 24-meter radius of ground around the smoke grenade. Deals 40 DMG per hit while also slowing down enemies.

    • Duration - 6 seconds
    • Cooldown - 270 seconds

    Passive: Gun Shield - when going ADS, turns on a mini shield with 50 HP that covers the torso area from incoming bullets. Can be turned off and on manually. If broken, gets a 9-seconds cooldown.




    Our next defensive hero is the complete opposite of the previous one.
    Dr Alexander Maxwell Nox, also known as Apex Legends Caustic, is a mad scientist who is obsessed with his research of death. He is responsible for the creation of a lethal, toxic gas which he uses for his “experiments,” as he calls them, which in reality are simply murders. He believes that Apex Games are the perfect testing grounds for his projects.


    Tactical: Nox Gas Trap - deploy up to 6 barrels of toxic gas that detonate when an enemy comes near. One barrel of gas deals 5 DMG per second and slows down enemies disabling their ability to sprint. You can pick up and replace unused barrels, but you’re only allowed to carry up to 3 barrels on you at any given time.

    • Duration - Persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 25 seconds to get one barrel

    Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade - throw a gas grenade that covers a large area in gas. Has the same damage values as the gas from the barrels.

    • Duration - 20 seconds
    • Cooldown - 210 seconds

    Passive: Nox Vision - you are immune to the effects of your own and enemy Caustic’s gas. You’re also able to see through the gas clearly, unlike any other Legend.




    Up next, we have Apex Legends Wattson. She defines the defensive archetype because everything in her toolkit is for setting up all sorts of defences. She’s been added to the game in Season 2, meaning she’s the second character to appear in Apex after its release.

    Natalie Paquette is the daughter of the man who engineered the electrical grid used in Apex Games. Natalie herself has followed her father's footsteps, becoming quite proficient with everything that involves electricity. After her father passed away, she joined the games she helped him build. Now Wattson fights side by side with friends helping them to stay alive.


    Tactical: Perimeter Security - deploy nodes (poles) that connect with each other and create an electrified fence. You can place up to 12 nodes (25 HP each) within no more than 20 meters apart from each other. But you can only carry 4 nodes at any given time. The effects of passing through the electrified fence are:

    1. Slowed down movement speed
    2. 15 DMG per passing
    3. Breached nodes get highlighted on the screen despite your distance from them
    • Duration - persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 30 seconds to get one new node

    Ultimate: Interception Pylon - deploy a device with 150 HP that destroys incoming ordnance including all types of grenades and Bangalore's, Gibraltar’s, and Fuse’s ultimates. Restores damaged shields for you and your teammates when nearby.

    • Duration - 90 seconds
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds

    Passive: Spark of Genius - passively recharge 1 shield every 2 seconds after not taking damage for 6 seconds. Ultimate Accelerants charge Wattson’s ultimate completely. You can also stack x2 Ultimate Accelerants into one inventory slot.




    Our last defensive Legend is Ramya Parekh, also known as Apex Legends Rampart. Ramya owns a private business of selling custom guns to anyone in the Outlands who can pay. Her incredible weapon mechanics skills gave her such a toolkit no other Legend could have.


    Tactical: Amped Cover - deploy a waist high cover upper part of which increases the damage by 20% of the bullets on one side and provides protection from them from the other side. The upper part has 175 HP while the lower part has 400 HP. You can carry a total of 3 charges of this ability.

    • Duration - persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 20 seconds to get one charge

    Ultimate: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila” - deploy a mountable minigun that can be used by anyone. It’s got 350 HP, a mag size of 150 rounds, and unlimited ammo reserve. Its fire rate is 20 RPM and a 1-3x magnification sight that activates when going ADS. Picking the minigun up reduces the cooldown by half.

    • Duration - takes 1.5 seconds to spin the barrels before being able to shoot. Otherwise, persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 120 seconds

    Passive: Modded Loader - increases the magazine capacity for all LMGs by 15% and decreases reloading time by 25%.


    Support Legends – To Serve and Protect

    Now, we’ve only got 2 Support Legends, but both of them are more than enough to make the rest of the squad feel safe and cosy.



    Apex Legends Lifeline is the OG Legend that’s available to all players no matter which edition of the game they own.

    Ajay Che was the one who gave Octane his mechanical legs, which should tell you a lot about her character. She’s sympathetic to all those who are in need, even such reckless souls such as Octavio Silva. That’s why it’s strange that Ajay is actually taking part in Apex Games. She’s the daughter of a wealthy family who made their profits from all kinds of wars. Once Ajay learned that her family’s fortune is based on the suffering of others, she joined the games so she could fund the Frontier Corps – a volunteer program that provides social, medical, and economic support to the victims of wars. Lifeline has no problem with taking part in such a bloodthirsty sport as long as her wins help others regain hope.Her entire toolkit is so significant and defining that it’s impossible to imagine Lifeline without her tools of the trade.


    Tactical: D.O.C. Heal Drone - deploy a stationary drone that heals everyone who stands within 3 meters from it. Heals 7.5 HP each second but can heal no more than 150 HP per use.

    • Duration - 20 seconds
    • Cooldown - 45 seconds

    Ultimate: Care Package - mark the ground and call the care package that will include 3 items:

    1. a random healing item,
    2. a random level 3 protection gear (knockdown shield, Evo shield or helmet), and
    3. a random level 3 weapon attachment including possible level 4 scope.
    • Duration - takes 15 seconds to land
    • Cooldown - 360 seconds

    Passive: Combat Revive - deploys a revival drone to act in Lifeline’s stead when picking up teammates; the drone even sports a shield that protects from bullets coming from one direction. Secondly, Lifeline can open the secret compartment of the blue supply bins for extra loot.




    Our second Support hero is Apex Legends Loba, and she likes to support her squadmates in different ways. She’s not a medic. She’s a provider.

    Her real name is Loba Andare, and her parents worked for Hammond Robotics but were murdered by Revenant. She grew up rich but alone, and the goal of her entire life is to track down Revenant and the place where he was made and put an end to him.
    The Translocating Thief has such a unique set of abilities that sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s in the game.


    Tactical: Burglar’s Best Friend - throw a bracelet up to 20 meters ahead and teleport to its location instantly. The effective range that can be travelled using the bracelet is 71 meters on a horizontal surface and more than 100 meters if thrown from high ground.

    • Duration - defined by the distance of the throw. Otherwise, instant.
    • Cooldown - 30 seconds

    Ultimate: Black Market Boutique - deploy a can that turns into a shop with the content of all items in the 112.5-meter area around it. Items that are in range start to levitate in the air. Anyone can use the “shop” to retrieve up to 2 available items which will be teleported from their position straight into the hands or the inventory of the buyer. There’s no limit on the amount of ammo that can be picked up, however, one type of ammo counts as one item in the shop, therefore you can’t pick up more than 2 different ammo types. The shop has 100 HP and can be destroyed.

    • Duration - takes 4.5 seconds after deployment before the “shop” can be used. Otherwise persistent until destroyed.
    • Cooldown - 90 seconds. Loba starts every match with a 45 second cooldown on it (half charged).

    Passive: Eye For Quality - Loba is able to see all Level 3 and 4 items at 112.5-meter range through walls and other obstacles.


    Recon Legends – Knowledge is Power

    The Recon class is for Legends who focus on intel gathering and providing extra mobility for the team.



    One of two OG Recon heroes is Apex Legends Bloodhound. Her name is unknown, but she has been raised in a tribe of hunters by her uncle Arthur. He taught Bloodhound the ways of the old – respecting nature, rejecting technology, and finding glory in the hunt. So, now Bloodhound hunts her prey in Apex Games.


    Tactical: Eye of the Allfather - a 125-degree cone scan that detects enemies and traps through walls and other obstacles at a 75-meter distance.

    • Duration - takes 1.8 seconds to activate. Tracking lasts 4 seconds on players. Traps remain highlighted until destroyed.
    • Cooldown - 25 seconds

    Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt - increases your movement speed by 30% and turns your vision almost black and white while highlighting enemies in red and teammates in blue. Reduces the cooldown of the tactical ability making it 8 seconds and activation time 0.8 seconds.

    • Duration - lasts 35 seconds, but can be extended by 5-15 seconds for downing an enemy. The amount of additional seconds that can be added is determined by the remaining duration of the ability.
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds

    Passive: Allows Bloodhound to see clues left by enemy players. Every clue tells you what kind of action has been performed and how long ago. Bloodhound can ping the clues and say either one of two things:

    1. “Someone’s Been Here”
    2. “Recent Battle Here”

    Following the trail of clues Bloodhound will also see packs of ravens appear along the trail. The possible clues are listed below.


    • Footprints – enemies have been here
    • Mantled – enemies climbed a ledge here
    • Landed / Jumped Down – enemies dropped down from a ledge here
    • Ziplined / Left Zipline – someone used the zipline
    • Door Used / Destroyed – means that enemy has either opened, closed or destroyed a door here


    • Empty Shells – enemies fired weapons here
    • Grenade Pin – enemies threw grenades here
    • Weapon Reloaded – enemies reloaded their weapons here
    • Killed by *Weapon Name*
    • Killer with *Weapon Name*


    • Blood – enemy got wounded here
    • Wound Bandaged – enemy restored their health here
    • Severe Bleeding – a downed enemy crawled through here


    • Ability (Icon) – enemies deployed a non-trap ability here
    • Entered / Left Phase – signifies enemy’s Wraith using her Phase ability
    • Smoke Residue – Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher was used here
    • Gas Residue – Caustic’s Gas barrels or grenades have been used
    • Perimeter Security Destroyed – Wattson’s fence node was destroyed here
    • Interception Pylon Destroyed – Wattson’s Pylon was destroyed here


    • *Item Name* Picked Up, Discarded, Swapped – tells you of interaction with an item
    • Pod Opened – this Care Package was interacted with



    Our second OG Recon hero is Apex Legends Pathfinder. He represents what it felt like playing Titanfall, which is the previous game by the same developers, because, in that game, players could use the Grappling Hook to increase their mobility capabilities.Now according to the lore, Pathfinder is a version of an MRVN that stands for Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity that was modified into a reconnaissance specialist. Pathfinder doesn’t know who created him and how he came to be, so he joined the Apex Games in hopes to find his creator or get noticed by him.


    Tactical: Grappling Hook - throw a grappling hook that sticks to a surface allowing Pathfinder to swing himself or pull himself towards the grappled object. Works with enemies too. The max distance is 21 meters.

    • Duration - instant cast
    • Cooldown - 10-30 seconds

    Ultimate: Zipline Gun - deploy a zipline by selecting the target location for the line usable by you and your squadmates. The maximum length of the zipline is 100 meters.

    • Duration - instant cast, persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 120 seconds. Can be reduced by interacting with the Survey Beacon which reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds.

    Passive: Insider Knowledge - interacting with the Survey Beacon fully recharges your ultimate and permanently reduces its cooldown by 10 seconds.




    Our next Recon hero, who got added in Season 3, is called Crypto.Tae Joon Park is a former hacker who once went too far and uncovered something he shouldn’t have – the algorithm that predicts wins in Apex Games. This discovery led to a sequence of dark events, one of which involves the murder of his best friend and foster sister Mila. He’s been framed for killing her, and now he’s taken a new identity as Crypto and takes part in Apex Games to set things right.
    Honestly, when this Legend came out, nobody thought anything special about his toolkit. Previously you could tell right away how powerful a new Legend was going to be and see exactly what they will excel at. This wasn’t the case with Apex Legends Crypto, and you’re about to find out why.


    Tactical: Surveillance Drone - deploy a flying drone and switch to control it, leaving Crypto himself immovable. The drone can fly away up to 200 meters from Crypto, but after reaching the 240 meters mark it will be recalled. Otherwise you can switch back to Crypto leaving the drone stationary in the air and return to controlling it without needing to redeploy it. It’s got 60 HP and therefore can be shot down by the enemy. The drone can open/close doors, open supply bins, and use respawn beacons instantly by being only 7 meters away from these objects. But most importantly, the drone can be used to highlight the enemies making them visible for you and your team.

    • Duration - persistent until destroyed
    • Cooldown - 40 seconds if destroyed. Otherwise no cooldown for redeployment.

    Ultimate: Drone EMP - the drone (which needs to be deployed beforehand) creates an EMP wave that deals 50 DMG to enemy shields and slows them down for 1-2 seconds, while also disabling traps in the 30 meters radius. Effective even against enemies and traps behind cover.

    • Duration - needs 3 seconds to activate
    • Cooldown - 180 seconds

    Passive: Neurolink - enemies highlighted by the drone are displayed on your squadmates’ screens as well.


    Meta and the Most Current Tier List

    Each season all Legends get a usual balance pass when developers address their most pressing issues. They often look at the current Apex Legends tier list and try to make every hero equally useful. Nonetheless, the Apex Legends meta always shifts and changes.So, here’s what the current tier list looks like.

    • S-Tier: Bloodhound, Horizon, Wraith
    • A-Tier: Bangalore, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Octane, Pathfinder
    • B-Tier: Caustic, Loba, Rampart, Wattson
    • C-Tier: Crypto, Fuse, Mirage, Revenant

    If you want to learn how to play as any of these characters like a real pro, you can book a private session with our pros by filling out this form and providing your contact details. Our pros will teach you how to dominate every lobby by playing as your chosen Legend. Alternatively, visit our website legionfarm.com where you’ll find a multitude of offers for you to choose from. Last, but not least we have a bunch more outstanding articles about the game that we think you should check out after this one. Do not miss our overview of Stat Trackers if you like to keep track of your performance. Furthermore, check out our list of best attachments for S8 and don't miss an in-depth look at the Anvil Receiver. Stay safe and we'll see you soon!

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