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It’s Foksey, LegionFarm Group’s community manager here with you today and I’ve got some really exciting news for everyone. As many of you already know, we’re the only company in the world that is integrating directly with games for in-game coaching and assistance services. And now, we’re proud to announce that LegionFarm Group is now being integrated with one of the most iconic MMORPGs of all time! Lineage II. A lot of you readers probably know how absolutely hardcore and punishing this game can be sometimes. You’ve got to have nerves of steel and patience of a Zen monk to find a proper clan and team to succeed in high-level activities.

This is an absolutely ultra-massive step forward for the entire gaming world, from gaming companies to pro players and casual gamers. Now, through our services, gamers can hire pro players for much needed in-game assistance or build rewarding and fun careers (officially) as pro players in Lineage II themselves. Let's check out how this is all going to work:


We know just how time-consuming it can be to really develop your in-game character, fine-tune your skills, and find high skilled players to combine your forces with. Add the grind of killing high-level mobs or occasionally facing irritating PK’ers to the mix, and one can easily blow a fuse. LegionFarm can help save your precious time and keep you from tilting by hooking you up with highly skilled pro players, who will coach and assist you. We can even match you with a guide that will accompany you on your journey.


A perfect, well-functioning clan needs to work like a finely-tuned and well-oiled machine. Typically, clans that can tackle high-level game content are quite complicated organizations. Clan leaders need to devote a lot of time to managing clan roles, searching for new and right members and so on. Have you ever felt that your clan just doesn’t have enough power to obliterate that boss and collect that sweet loot? Wouldn’t it be great to hire some pro players for different clan jobs and in-game activities? LegionFarm Group makes that possible.


With us, you don’t even have to build a clan from scratch: skip the queue, focus on your true goals! Join in and enjoy your time by taking down some bosses with your new-found army. There is nothing in the world of Lineage II that our top-ranked clans can't handle


One of our core philosophies at LegionFarm is that being a gamer is awesome, we see being a gamer as a job of the future! We believe that pro players should be able to monetize their skill. And guess what, gaming companies are on the same page with us. We’re on a mission to create a future where professional gamers are rewarded not just with kudos from their peers, but economically too. At the same time, our efforts help new players stick with the game, experience more pleasure than pain, and gaming companies better cater to their communities, unlocking massive growth opportunities. LegionFarm is a “win-win” for everyone, on a global scale.

Did we manage to please you? Well, that's not all! Our team is building partnerships with more gaming companies that have hundreds of millions of users and kick-ass titles. Hold on, because we’re about to snowball.

Stay tuned for our latest news and see how we’re changing the gaming industry by subscribing to LegionFarm Group's social media pages.

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