Is Royal Entry the New Meta?


As excited as we are about all the new titles, there is a particular one that might make us forget about the rest of the freshest additions to a large collection of D2 weapons. Its name is Royal Entry, and it seems like it’s on the way to being the Top 1 D2 rocket launcher. Learn more about this beast in our today’s guide.

Is This New Destiny 2 Rocket Launcher Worth the Hype?

As promised, Destiny 2 devs added plenty of new weapons to the game to substitute the ones that were sunset or vaulted. Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is full of interesting discoveries, and today, we’ll talk about one of them. It seems like one new title has appeared on the list of Destiny 2 best weapons, and its name is Royal Entry. Well, this bad boy has a proper name for its status, since it’s if not the best rocket launcher available right now but definitely among the top three of the class.

Our guide will tell you all the details you should know about the new meta launcher, as well as Destiny 2 god rolls that might drop with it. Enjoy your read, and remember to come back for more!


All Destiny 2 News on Royal Entry You Were Looking For

The devs are doing a good job trying to add as many excellent weapons to the game as possible. One of Season 13’s additions is Royal Entry, and we are eager to finally break down why it’s so good and why you should at least try to grind it out.

This new RL has one outstanding feature that makes this weapon so popular. It’s capable of tracking your enemies and locking the missiles onto them. If you pair it with Clown Cartridge or All for One, you’ll get a launcher that’s capable of landing high-damage hits and firing fast enough to get a record number of kills.

It seems like the only problem with this weapon is handling. However, this is a typical downside for this Destiny 2 weapons class, so there is nothing to worry about. Royal Entry is among the best PvE weapons Destiny 2 can currently offer, so if you want to do good in raids and Nightfalls, you should get this launcher for sure!

Well, now that you know why it is so unique, it is time to check out the god rolls. Here are some perks you should aim for to make your weapon even better:

Frame 23

By now, you are probably 99% sure that you need this Destiny 2 best rocket launcher that beats any other weapon from the class. How do you unlock it? Follow the instructions to find out.


Best Tips on How to Get Royal Entry from Our Destiny 2 LFG Service

Royal Entry is a playlist weapon, as well as many other Destiny 2 meta weapons. You will have to run either strikes or Nightfalls to get it. Farming will take some time because this is one of the rarest Destiny 2 power weapons that you can get your hands on right now.

Persistence is key in this case. The chance of getting Royal is pretty low, but it still exists. If you don’t want to get bored or tired from constantly playing Nightfalls, just take short breaks and don’t spend too much time on the activity. It is better to come back later, feeling refreshed and ready to rock.

There are a few things you can do to make your experience with the said activities go smoother. Keep your movements in mind. Good team coordination will also help you get more kills and lead you to a win, so you will have to communicate and pay attention to teamwork.

Being careful is also crucial. The closer you get to Champions, the easier it will be for them to kill you. Keep your distance and watch closely the next steps your enemies take.

Well, what about mods, then? As you know, whenever you are running Destiny 2 Nightfalls, mod properties for your weapons should be taken into account. Argent Ordnance is the best pick for RLs since it gives the class up to 20% buff.

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There Is No Destiny 2 Update That You Won’t Be Ready For

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