Hire professional Guardians in Destiny 2!


Hello, Guardians!

Foksey here, the LegionFarm Group Community Manager. As some of you may have already noticed, our Play with PRO applies very well to any competitive game, but guess what? Our PwP service can fit into more MMO like games such as Destiny 2 just as well.

Destiny 2, isn’t actually a very competitive game, I think it's better to call it an MMO with competitive elements. For example, like Crucible with its Glory Rank. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of activities that’ll require skilled teammates to succeed. Below are some examples of how our PwP service can be used in-game.


Crucible's Glory Rank system is probably the most competitive element in the game. Really, it's almost like an additional game inside Destiny 2 itself, since everything works differently here and it's the most competitive part of Destiny. So, naturally, our PwP service fits in quite well.

Use #1:

Our PwP service can be used as a Destiny 2 Crucible coaching so one of our PROs will show you everything you need to know if you plan on playing Crucible. After that, he will work with you on raising your personal skill so you’ll be able to reach that sweet 5500 Glory spot. But there's only so far you can get with personal skill, having a proper team is also a major winning factor. Sometimes reading Destiny 2 guides is just not enough.

Use #2:

I know how frustrating it can be to play with random teammates. It's way more difficult to execute proper players, everyone's true skill is up to question, and synergy is hard to build. But once you try out Destiny 2 with our PROs as teammates, you’ll never want to go back to playing with randoms again.


The main problem with raids in Destiny 2 is that they come with no Destiny 2 raid lfg. Players are left with having to find a party for themselves. And once you’re in, your party will expect you to KWTD (Know What To Do). Sure, you can watch some guides here and there to learn some tactics, but a safe raid isn’t guaranteed with doing just that. But, hiring our PRO team can. They’ll not only assist you with completing raids, but provide insight on tactics, hints, shortcuts, and some PVE tricks related to your class. Destiny 2 is a very complicated game, there's always something new to learn. After playing with our PROs, you won’t have issues with joining random parties for raid runs and getting awesome loot.

Our PwP service potential is limitless. If you want, you can even hire one of our PROs for help with the main storyline. This will help you learn a ton of useful information about the game and have more fun. Our PROs always maximize the usefulness of every single minute you spend with them in-game.

That’s it for today, friends! I’ll be back soon with more news and short reviews on our services, stay tuned.

Foksey out!

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